【Recommended books for university students】Recommended list of science university students who like reading (chronological order)


I started reading books when I was in elementary school, and I read three books a day.

I read shosetsu a lot, but recently I've also touched on historical things that I was not good at.

I will introduce books recommended by science university students who still like reading every age when they were addicted!


Before elementary school

Ura Mokkira Doon-don

When Kanta sings a song, it is sucked into a mysterious world.

Waiting were "Shika", "Monmonbikko", and "Uta karamanchin".

It was a fun "kanta", but I missed my mother …

It is the picture book with the oldest memory I read, and I asked a relative who liked books to introduce me.

It is a work that often comes out to read aloud, and it is smile that children desperately try to memorize the song.

Two Islands

There was a small island where everyone lived together and a big island that increased wealth under the king.

People on large islands begin to carry soil from small islands to make their islands bigger.

The people of the small island resisted hard, but there was no thing they could do before them covered in greed…

It is a picture book that I inherited from my brother, and I liked it the most.

The characters are small and the story is a little difficult, but the picture is very beautiful, so it is fun just to look at it.

By looking at the two aspects of human beings from a bird's-eye view of the two islands, it was a work that children can think about.

Wesley Country

A little unusual boy Wesley comes up with the idea of making his own country by free research during the summer vacation.

Wesley and his friends make clothes and words that they think of themselves and create a country that no one knows.

When I noticed, plant seeds flew into the country of Wesley, and plants that had never been seen began to grow.

I don't remember much about the content, but I was very impressed at the time and answered immediately when asked for recommended picture books even now.

Elementary school students who just read this book were playing with secret bases and words in the neighborhood like Wesley.

It is an eternal dream for boys to create their own kingdom!

Elementary school students

And five are gone.

We decided to call the sunglasses man of the black which had moved to the next old Western-style building "Professor".

Professor Kiyoshiro Yumemizu's job is [Detective], and his job seems to be "to make everyone happy".

Professors with zero living ability also have mysterious incidents around us and a great detective … It does not become it.

It is safe to read from dealing with cases where people do not die, that it always ends with a happy ending.

In order for detectives to "make everyone happy", it is sometimes characterized by hiding or not solving the truth of the case.

The "Queen of Kaitou" series against "Detective Yume mizu Kiyoshiro" has also been published, and you can enjoy it from both.

The Black Witch Passes!

Chiyoko Kurotori, who should call Cupit-sama, summoned Gübid, a black witch, because of hay fever.

In order to return to a normal girl, you have to complete the promotion test and become a splendid black witch.

Can Chiyoko return to a normal girl with unusual classmates and visitors from makai coming …?

The heroine is an otaku who loves the Showa era and occult, and is set to devote her time to black witch training wearing black goth loli.

In addition, there are many hobby elements of the author, such as the decided lines "There or Maeda's Cracker!" and "Ronma Room".

Characters and spells were adopted from the letter from the reader, and the method such as collaboration with "Waka okami is elementary school!", etc. was fresh.

20,000 miles under the seabed

Professor Aronax climbs into a battleship to investigate mysterious giant marine life that will shake the world.

The ship sank due to the war with the giant creature, and the three men thrown into the sea were on top of the giant creature.

What a mysterious person Captain Nemo made up, it was a state-of-the-art submarine Nautilus …!

As far as I can remember, I became vaguely thinking that I wanted to be a scientist for the first time in this work.

There were no submarines at the time this work was written, and the science fiction novel predicted the future.

This led me to read science fiction, and I read "Underground Travel" and "The Lost World."

The bad people come at night.

With homework to write stories, Fawnby begins writing the story of the great villain Squirt Squirzy in his favorite notebook.

However, the great villain in the story disobeys Fawnby's orders and ignores him and begins to act arbitrarily.

What will happen to the story with the addition of a story rework and bullies by my sister …?

The target age is not very high, but I read it several times because it can be crispy and refreshing.

Because it is foreign literature, I did not know the jokes peculiar to English (inter "nat", etc.) at that time.

It's interesting that the story unfolds, but at the end it's fun to read with a happy ending.

Adventure Book

A primer that introduces the techniques and tricks to survive in the open air with easy-to-understand illustrations.

The contents range from how to use tools, how to secure food, clothing, clothing, and housing, and how to collect wild animals and plants.

One of the most useful books I've read during my year for survival.

There are a lot of contents which are excited only by reading how to catch the ear sewer and how to make the improvised hut.

Tom Sawyer in the City

Naito Naito Naito who is extremely "mediocre" and Soya Ryuo of the Ryuo group sergeant are the second graders of the junior high school of the learning.

Their dream is to create the world's best RRPG (real role-playing game) beyond the mysterious person "Eita Kurii"!

The incident that happens at school, the game of Eita Kurii, and even though they are rare in love, the two of them run for the realization of their dreams …

Make torches with milk cartons or make interpersonal traps with salad oil and wraps.

The survival skills of an inner man are that if you are in that situation … and inflates the boy's imagination.

If you recall the story (night man etc.) that elementary and junior high school students absolutely do not understand peculiar to Mr. Kaoru Hayami …

Phantom 20-Faced Aspect

The thief "Phantom 20-Faced Minister", which shook all over Japan, stole treasures all over Japan according to the monster thief notice issued in advance.

When I thought that no one was able to match, detective Akechi Kogoro and the boy detectives move!

After a trick, cheating, escape play that grips in your hand, which is the last victory …!

It was attracted to the title "Space phantom" in the state that Mr. Edogawa Ranpo was not known at all, it read, and it got stuck.

Secret weapons with dreams such as kohltal tracking, DB badges, and Kobayashi's all-purpose key.

When I learned about the existence of Edogawa Ranpo, I began to read it. (I like "human chair" as a short side)

The elegant daily life of a youkai apartment

Yushi Inaba, whose dormitory at the entrance was burned down by fire, asks the landlord to introduce a cheap property of translated ants.

However, the apartment was an apartment where humans and youkai live together!

In the relationship between youkai and schoolmates, the evenings grow while learning important things.

Same "YA as Tom & Sawyer in the city! Entertainment", I was worried, but I was shy from the cover.

Interacting with interesting youkai, humans, and friends who support the evenings makes me want to live in such a place.

As for the original author's work, "Me, Grandpa and the Tower of Magic", which was unfinished at that time, was the first.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

On his 10th birthday, Harry left his uncle's house after being informed that his dead parents were wizards.

He, along with his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding, begins his studies to become a magical world and wizard in a series of surprises.

On the other hand, Lord Voldemort, the evil wizard who killed Harry's parents, was ready for revival…

It is a solid work in solid that many book lovers will name, but it is interesting after all!

The detailed setting of the magic and the magic world enough to be able to write a commentary book sticks firmly to the kitchen two minds.

My goal is to read the English version someday. P.S.: I read the Philosopher's Stone in English!

Darren Shan

Darren is invited by a friend to go to see a circus [freak show] where mysterious creatures gather.

Darren silently brings up the poison spider Madame Otaku, which he fell in at first sight, but his friend is bitten.

In order to save the life of a friend, he became a disciple of Krepsley, a vampire, and said goodbye to the human world …

It was a work that was reputed to be interesting, but it was a work I read after Harry Potter because of the surprisedness of the cover.

Although it is a cruel description, I admire the ecology of vampires and hold my hands to fight against The Vampires.

It was very interesting to assemble the story after the friend, and I remember being very impressed by the collection of hints.

The Man Who Sells Wonders

On the day his parents ran an old tools shop, Eilsa, a mysterious man, MCC, appeared and stayed as it was.

He makes up a mysterious story related to the commodity sold in the tool shop, and draws in the visitor.

At first glance, Eilsa is distrustful, but gradually becomes interested in his story…

One of the works I met after being attracted by the title, stuck in the overseas books corner in the library when I was in elementary school.

Because it is a short story related to old tools, you can enjoy reading one work at a stretch or every day.

I didn't understand the end of the work well at first, so it's a book that I want to read again.

Space War

Even as we lived in peace, they had been observing and planning here for a long time.

One day a mysterious cylindrical shape crashes into London, and the Martian who appears from inside kills a stray horse who came to see it and begins to invade Earth.

It depicts their ecology, the actions of those cornered, and unexpected consequences from the perspective of a citizen who will not have skeletons.

Works found on the bookshelf of the upper grades while cleaning the elementary school (I liked the arrangement of bookshelves very much when I found new works)

I was strongly shocked by the scene of the title and the pastor's standing, and it was a work that I borrowed again in the library and even purchased it.

It is interesting to have a good sense of scale, a persuasive Martian's ecology, and a mediocre citizen's point of view.

Junior high school student

Flying Classroom

[Flying class] is the title of the play performed at Johann Sigismund dormitory school, the stage of this work.

Confrontation with senior students and interaction with smoking cessation,

Library War

In order to protect freedom of expression from censorship of books by the Media Improved Act, libraries should be armed and call themselves [library corps].

Iku Kasahara longs for the "prince" of the library corps who saved himself and the book from censorship in high school and volunteers for the library corps.

But what awaited her was the heavy reality of a blood-washing library with rigorous training…

Bushido Sixteen

Kaori Isoyama has been kendo just to win.

Sanae Komoto, who started kendo from Nihon Buyo, lost a local tournament.

The two, who are sometimes understood and polar, deepen their bonds.

Plant Pictorial Book

"Pick me up," his first word when we first met.

The living and the tree are familiar with the plant at random, and cook the wild grass of the field deliciously.

"There is no flower named weed," is his favorite word.

Hayabusa's Great Adventure

I want to eat your pancreas.

The main character "I" picks up "Co-disease pocket edition" of the girl "Sakura Yamauchi" of the class by chance in the hospital.

It was written that she had a pancreatic disease and that her life expectancy was not very long.

She begins to take me, who knows the secret, to fulfill her wishes.

A List of Prohibited Books of Certain Magic

Toma Kamijo is a boy with zero ability to live in a "school city" that nurtures psychics.

One morning he finds a pure white sister caught on the verandah.

She seems to have come from outside the school city, and was chased by the magic association.

Idiot, Test and Summoned Beast

Bunzuki Gakuen is the only school that can produce summoned beasts according to the student's academic ability.

Akihisa Yoshii of the lowest E class in the class class aims at the top of the school with his friends!

… I thought, it is not far with the Inquisition to peep in love!

High school students and university students

Olympic ransom

Before the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, the criminal claiming to be Jiro Soka demanded that the Olympics be canceled along with the bombing of the criminal superintendent's home.

There have been numerous bombings involving the Japanese people as hostages, and the incapable police and public safety have been missed many times while cornering the criminals.

The case proceeds from multiple perspectives, such as a student who lost his brother in construction, a young man on a TV station where his father's house was blown up, and a police officer who chases the culprit for his unborn child.

It's not just a police novel, it's focused on the harsh day laborers behind the Olympics.

The criminal is identified early on and the story proceeds from the criminal's point of view, and it tells us that there is no absolute justice.

This work is depicted with reality and fiction, so it's even more thrilling to know if the case will be solved!


One day, the killer's "green bean" enters "1Q84", which is not 1984, from a certain action.

On the other hand, "Tengo" begins work of writing the story of a certain girl "Fukaeri" as a novel.

The word "Little People" appears many times in the story that "Fupreeri" tells.

Guernica of the Dark

Late Night Express

Jukakukan's Murder

The murders that happen in the story are possible for everyone, and I felt reality that there are many timed things rather than planned murders.

The story is related to the past "Kakushima Quadruple Murder" and the current "Murder of Jukakunodate", and the criminal's prediction in yourself is shaken because the criminal can change depending on the situation.

It's a work that's conscious of Agatha Christie's "And no one's gone," but this is a great trick!

Fire Sword

Exile Moon

Please let me know if there are any other interesting works!

I will say if I read it, so I would be happy if you could introduce it more and more!

Murder on the Orient Express

Books I've been reading lately

It summarizes the books and impressions read in real time!

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