【Travel Instagram】Do you care too much about Instagram? Memorable ways


Have you ever been crazy about photography when you travel and don't remember what you saw when you looked back?

This time, I will introduce how to take a photo that remains in "memory" that does not only shine on Instagram!

In conclusion, "enjoying traveling is the main thing and taking pictures is a bonus"!

Only really beautiful photos taken during the trip are being released together on pinterest!


What you feel while traveling


Do I have to be the subject of shooting?

It's a good idea to take a picture in line with a line of popular spots, but let's think about it for a moment.

"Do I have to be the subject?"

It is true that the photos are proof that you went to the place, but I think it would be good to take photos in line.

One of the ways to get permission to take pictures of children or take unattended spots with the aim of changing timings is also one of the methods.

Photography is just a reminder

It is a pity to see people who are taking photos for the number of "likes" on SNS rather than the contents of the trip.

For non-influencers whose followers lead to income, I think the main travel is experience.

Let's take a picture thinking that photography is only a means to remember them.

You can convey your emotions with only photos, but if you really recommend it, it is best to have them go!

Memorable Photography


I've written about how to take pictures while traveling.

Based on that, I will propose how to take such a picture.

I think that there are things that you are actually doing, but if you do it consciously, it will be more effective!

Split between seeing the scenery and taking photos

At first you will be remembered more strongly by enjoying the scenery slowly and then walking in search of a shooting location in the same place.

First of all, let's enjoy the scenery with the naked eye, not through the frame or screen, and even the smell and feel.

If you want to focus on inspiration on the spot or visit sightseeing spots quickly, the following method is the way.

Take a picture in an instant.

At the time of shooting, do not spend time on composition, etc., put the subject in the frame and shoot a couple of photos and close the smartphone.

You can make detailed adjustments later, so let's release the shutter with the feeling of "taking a record" for the time being.

This shooting method shows people who are actually doing it at the destination.

Looking back while processing photos

It is a photograph taken with Zack in the field, but let's process it beautifully after returning.

By doing this, you can look back on your trip and make your memories more entrenched in your memory.

If you keep both pre- and post-processing photos, you can compare the original photo with the processed memories.

"google photos" introduced in another article will automatically adjust and process the photos taken!

【google photos】There are many other useful functions of the photo storage app that is convenient for traveling!

Set episodes and photos

It is said that memory is faster to settle when remembered with the events at that time.

Especially if you want to forget the happy feeling after a hard time or hardship, it is hard to forget.

It's a good idea to take a photo that comes to mind when you look at the photo.

In my case, after a field inn at a station in Switzerland, it is a Matterhorn I saw while fighting hunger and drowsiness.

Have a person take a picture

It is also good to take a selfie, but it is also an ant to have others take a picture.

You can get communication with local people, compositions that you could not think of on your own.

Even if the person who asked for photography is somewhat poor, it is almost always possible to manage by processing.

If you are worried, you should take some pictures.

Leave the shooting itself to the other

If you go on a trip with more than one person, there is always someone who likes to take photos, so you leave the shooting to the person.

It's also a good idea to enjoy your trip and enjoy the photos you shared on SOCIAL MEDIA later.

In addition, it is also ant to record everything during the trip as a video instead of a photograph and process it as a photograph at a later date.

If it is GOpro etc., the scenery that you see is recorded as it is, so you do not have to think about shooting.

Recently, rentals have become much cheaper, so it is recommended to rent only during your trip!

DOCOMO's device rental service "kikito"

That photo, for whom?

During my trip to Europe in 2019, I wrote about what I felt about tourists as an article.

I think that it only has to reduce the number of people who make a trip that is not fun due to the approval desire by SNS.

This is why blog photos during your trip are shifted or dirty.

… Excuses, I'm sorry (blog post when I return home, I will rewrite it cleanly!) )

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