【University Student Trip to Switzerland】Crossing Europe (4) (Zermatt/Lausanne)

【University Student Trip to Switzerland】University Students' Unplanned Trip across Europe (3) (Zermatt Lausanne)

In the month of February 2019, we reworked the record of traveling without planning eight European countries at a later date.

(Germany→→ Italy→ Vatican city→ Switzerland→ France→ United Kingdom→ Spain→ Portugal)

This time, I will look back on the situation in Switzerland, the fourth country across Europe! ↓The outline of the trip is in this article ↓

【University student trip to Europe】University students cross Europe for one month (cost, schedule, belongings, etc.)


2/15 (Brigg)

At the train station that goes from Milan, Italy, to Zermatt, Switzerland, wait here for the train to Zermatt.

Outside is dark, but just explore around a little bit.

There are many watches in the show window. Some manufacturers have heard of it!

I bought sweets and juice in addition to the bread I had. "rivella" is famous in Switzerland for its carbonated drink with a mysterious taste, and I bought it because it was recommended by my uncle at the store.

The candy on the right is a sweet version of Japanese "Caramel Corn".

I misunderstood the expiration date indicated on the ticket as the departure time of the train, so the train for the day was gone.

I felt it was dangerous to go out into town and find an inn, so I went over the night in the glass waiting room (pictured above) at the home.

In addition to the fact that the lights at the home went out in the middle of the night, I can't sleep even if I put all my clothes on in the cold and put them in my sleeping bag. I opened 10 bags of Cairo, put it in a sleeping bag and slept.


I arrived in Zermatt around 7 o'clock by the first train in the morning, but there is no shop open.

I came to the conclusion that I was not working hard because of lack of sleep, or that I would walk up the mountain without getting on the train. (It was a pretty mysterious conclusion even if I reconsidered)

St. Mauricius Church

The photos are bright because they are processed, but in reality it was darker.

From the top of the bridge in front of the mountain climb. Fairytale views.

It is matterhorn that looks small in the back!

A sculpture made of fallen trees.

There was a ski resort above, and skiers skied along the road while climbing.

Lift Platform

A lift that starts from under the mountain that was originally planned to ride. It takes more than an hour to climb this far.

Climb the ski resort with all your luggage. The last one climbed as steep as the picture above!

I climbed the mountain for another hour from the lift platform, but at the end the slope was too steep to climb.

I finally return to sanity around here and go down the mountain by lift. On the way up, I was drowning my hunger only with the juice and sweets I bought at the station.

In hindsight, it may have been quite reckless …

Take more than 2 hours to get off the climb in 10 minutes. It's fast.

There were a lot of skiers at the lift below.

I went to see the church I saw again in the morning.

Matterhorn Museum

There was a museum that exhibited the lives of the people of matterhorn, but it was opened from 11 o'clock and this time was around 10 o'clock, so I did not go.

The shape is characteristic, and the main exhibition seems to be in the basement.

Zermatt and Fuji Crater Komachi are friendly cities.


It is a city between Geneva and Bern. By the way, the main swiss is Bern, but there are not many famous sightseeing spots.

Spend about an hour of transfer to see the cathedral.

It is the guy who can see in the back. It was quite far and time was just around the last …

Lausanne Cathedral

You can go inside for free in the large basilica that stands on the hill.

As with any association, when you go around noon, the light coming in from the stained glass is very beautiful!

From Switzerland to France

I was going to travel to France in one day because it didn't take long to go around, but I felt like I was spending a very long time in Switzerland.

I was hit by a happening at the station, but I am very happy to see a different world from other countries!

Next we will head to France, but first we will visit a certain place outside the center …

Next comes France.