【University Student Trip to Italy】Crossing Europe (2)(3)(Venice/Vatican City)

【University Student Trip to Italy】University Students' Unplanned Trip across Europe (2) (Venice Florence, Rome, Milan)

In the month of February 2019, we reworked the record of traveling without planning eight European countries at a later date.

(Germany→→ Italy→ Vatican city→ Switzerland→ France→ United Kingdom→ Spain→ Portugal)

This time, it is a state in Italy, the second country across Europe, and the third Vatican City! ↓The outline of the trip is in this article ↓

【University student trip to Europe】University students cross Europe for one month (cost, schedule, belongings, etc.)


Day 6: Venice

In the morning, I could see the sea, so it was almost like that, so I waited for arrival while drinking beer purchased at a German station.

Venice is also a city I've always wanted to go to.

  • It will sink into the sea in the future.
  • All boat exchanges without cars
  • Waterways are everywhere.

I was able to check the actual situation such as!

St. Mark's Basilica

We climbed the bell tower that overwhelmed other structures in Venice and was out of the sun. I learned at St. Peter's Temple the day before, so I checked if there was an elevator in advance.

As expected, it was a movement by elevator both going and going back at this height.

The scenery seen by each direction is greatly different.

Venice at night

I tried to book a return train, but the arrival time will be midnight.

Venice is said to be relatively safe because the police are looking around at night, so I decided to spend the night in Venice!

The night dawned as we feasted on a couple with a glass of wine at a bar with only Italians, dozed off on the roadside, and talked to a drunk who couldn't understand the language.

Board the morning train to your next destination.

Day 7: Florence

I got off at the station just before one mistake, but I saw a good one.

Graffiti is found in the underground space, but all of them look very high level and do not become uncomfortable. It is the city that raised Da Vinci!

Bongore and potatoes for dinner. delicious!


After eating dinner, I walked and went out to a place like a square. At that time, this was in front of me, but at that time I did not know the name.

I was able to meet a lot of music on this day, such as the accordion player playing in front of the merry-go-round, the ukulele player jumping into the band's performance, and the performance of "Titanic theme" on the cello.

Day 8: Da Vinci Museum

When I was depressed when I found out that the museum I was going to go to was closed, I found something that would be the "Da Vinci Museum", so I will go there.

What made me different from other Da Vinci museums was that I could actually touch and move many of the exhibits, so there were miniatures of da Vinci-style bridges and mirror character experiences, so it seemed to be fun with children!

A tank devised by Da Vinci. Attack in all directions is possible.
I like a lot of photos. on the way to the bus stop

Day 9: Rome

On the way to the Colosseum, we stopped by a restaurant and had carbonara and wine. I feel like Italy really drank wine every day…


The Colosseum was bigger than we expected. There was nothing in the inside, so it was more impressive to see it from the outside.

There were many people selling souvenirs around.

The square by the Colosseum.
The ruins next to the Colosseum. Ruins are everywhere in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

To be honest, it's just a spring. Too many people!

I was watching "Roman Holiday", so I went to Plaza de España and the mouth of truth that came out during the work, but I was not particularly impressed.

The famous place is too famous and, conversely, it has become "reality > the expectation value".

Day 10: Vatican City

Vatican City is in Rome, Italy, so I will write in "Italy Edition".

When it comes to Vatican City, I only have knowledge of "the smallest country in the world", so I examined it lightly.

The Vatican is the center of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church of The Oriental Liturgical Church governed by the Pope, so to speak, the "head temple". The Vatican's ruler is the Pope.

Being a religious state, nationality is given only while in the priesthood.

The official language is Latin and is used in official documents. However, Italian is spoken in normal business. French is also used as a diplomatic term. The common language of the Swiss guards who are guarded is German. In addition, Spanish, Portuguese and English are also used in daily work.

https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Vatican City

I've been too laid back lately.

I thought the day was too short to go around recently, but I noticed that the cause was the slow start.

So today I left the hostel at 7:30 and left for sightseeing in Rome!

Vatican City is located in Rome, Italy, but you need to go through the entrance gate to enter the country.

I heard that it would be a long line at lunch, so I visited early in the morning!

There was a simple luggage check at the entrance gate, and it was more like entering a theme park than an entry.

Today's main country is the smallest country in the world, the Vatican City. At 9:30 a.m., the Pope was televised!

The dome is open to €10 for the elevator and €8 for stairs.

It's a very painful staircase, so it might be better to think carefully and choose. I went by stairs.

The price is quite high, but I think it's worth climbing! You can get a glimpse of the Roman city and also see the beautiful decorations inside.

Once I left the gate, I noticed that the Sistine Chapel was inside…
There is a long line at the gate for lunch.

St. Peter's Basilica

European churches have high ceilings and elaborate paintings. It is majestic and beautiful, but the hardships of the person who makes it are immeasurable.

Once I went to the top of the cathedral and overlooked vatican city, I got down and looked inside the cathedral.

It was a nice smile because there was a group of elementary school students visiting social studies!

Vatican Museums

I came out of the cathedral around noon, but the congestion of the entrance gate was at its peak. I'm glad I walked in early in the morning…

I left the gate once and thought that I had to line up again to go to the museum, but I can enter the museum from another entrance.

I paid at a place like the tour reception, but I didn't check the amount of my credit card and I was paying for the tour instead of the entrance fee.

I tried negotiating once, but I would like to reflect on what I paid (especially if it is a card), so I would like to reflect on it from next time.

The result was not good, but I thought that it was a fee for "study fee, English listening, explanation of art work", and I was divided!

Could you hear 60 or 70%? The Vatican Museums have quite a few works of art, so it was good that I knew where to be careful!

We had a fateful encounter in the museum. The real thing of "Lao corn" seen in "Michelangelo exhibition" before the trip to Europe was exhibited. (It was a replica in Ueno)

This work is famous for having a great influence on many sculptors including Michelangelo who attended the excavation, and many sculptors use this "Lao Cone" as a reference.

What was in the Vatican was one smaller than the replica, but I felt that the expression of agony that the sculpture floated and the way the muscles of the body were attached were very beautiful.

The frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are smaller and slower than I thought.

I learned that there aren't many people making noises (laughs)

Did you know that there are only men on the hell side of "The Last Judgment"?

A late lunch with peperoncino and sparkling wine.

I was finally able to eat tiramisu …!

It's 3pm at this point, so I'll go around a few more.

Plaza de La Spain

Why is Plaza de España …?

P.S.: "Because the Spanish Embassy is close" seems to be a fairly cheap reason

Mouth of Truth

I thought I'd take a video of that scene from "Roman Holiday" I saw in Prime Video, but I gave up due to the crowd.

There were many Japanese, but how many people know about movies?

Caracalla Baths

I could not enter at sunset, but the light-up was beautiful!

Buy a ticket to Milan at the bus stop. It seems to arrive after 8:00 tomorrow morning by the departure after 23:00.

I'm going somewhere in Switzerland next to Milan (I hope I can take a mountain train from the east…)

Day 11: Milan

From Rome to Milan, you can also travel by night bus. I began to notice the convenience of the bus.

The goal of the day was the Da Vinci Museum and the "Last Supper", but the latter gave up because the reservation was filled up to two weeks ahead.

Something castle. The name of the building is not so important when traveling.

Da Vinci Museum

In conclusion, the museum that suits Ferenze was more interesting.

This model seems to have been created by a famous person, and the degree of completion is high, but it was disappointing because I could not touch it.

On the other hand, there were many exhibitions related to industry on the first floor, and I was able to fully enjoy it.

Italy to Switzerland

Well let's see… Are you selling fights to a certain company?

Travel to Naples to move to Switzerland. If you try to go to another country, you will naturally go to major cities, so it is nice to be visited to places that you did not plan to visit as a result.

From here, I took a train to Switzerland, but waiting was an unimaginable and harsh situation . . . (continued next time)

The next country is Switzerland!