【Overseas travel app】Offline convenient! 5 Best Backpackers

【Offline app】University backpackers recommended 5 useful apps for overseas travel!

As a college backpacker, I spent my days offline without a SIM card when traveling abroad.

We will introduce each application and recommended points for the app that I found useful while traveling!

There is also a detailed how-to article on how to use the app, so if you want to know more about the app, please see there!

Global WiFi reputed for overseas travel map under corona on Twitter


Maps.me (Mapsmy)

Offline Map, GPS Navi: MAPS. ME
Offline Map, GPS Navi: MAPS. ME
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"maps.me" is a free map /navigation app that allows you to use maps from all over the world offline.

If you use a Japanese internet connection overseas, it will be expensive, so you can not use the map app unless you have WiFi.

With this app, if you download the map of the travel destination in advance, you can use the map and navigation even in places where there is no signal.

Among the offline map apps, there is a lot of information on roads and shops, and it is easy to use in that you can search / display local languages.


Google photo (Google Photos)

Google Photos
Google Photos
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"google photos" is an application that allows you to save / manage photos at your travel destination, and has functions such as translation.

Offline apps require download in advance, so you may need a lot of space on your smartphone.

If you give the photograph taken to the cloud in a place with a communication environment, it will not squeeze the smartphone capacity.

In addition, we recommend backing up because you will lose all the data taken when your smartphone is stolen while traveling.

This app not only saves photos, but also searches for photos by place name and building name and suggests archive candidates.

In addition, you can check the name of the building from the photo and translate the foreign language taken.


Booking.com (booking.com)

booking.com for travel bookings
booking.com for travel bookings
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"Booking.com" is an app that allows you to compare and search cheap hotels around the world and book easily.

Among the accommodation comparison sites, we mainly deal with hostels and have many members and accommodations around the world.

They suggest a fairly cheap amount of money on the comparison site, and you can personally trust the hostel's ratings and reviews.

It is easier to decide where to stay on the spot so that you can change the schedule while traveling abroad.

There are benefits such as welcome drinks and member-only rates by using it many times, and the more you use it, the more advantageous the app.


Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
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In the middle of traveling abroad, the time will come when you will miss Japanese content due to the tiredness and boredom of traveling.

In such a case, it is recommended to watch dramas, anime, movies downloaded in Japan in advance.

In addition, there are problems such as no WiFi, no work you want to see, and interruption of viewing on the announcement trip with cheap airlines.

It is an application that I want to put in to make a comfortable trip, such as when killing time at a station where there is no other WiFi



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It is an application that you can download articles that you like or want to see later and read them offline.

Download articles about the sightseeing spots you care about at the hostel where you stayed, and read them offline during the day.

It seems that there are many people who keep and use articles that they usually like, not only for overseas travel.

It may be a good idea to practice how to save and the extent of the articles to be saved in advance where there is a communication environment.

I'll put it in for the first time