Travel to the U.S. (as it was in the diary at that time)


The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January. On the first day of my trip to the U.S., I went to Beijing, China, and New York Queens! I was in peace and could not arrive in the U.S. in danger…

  1. Haneda to Beijing
  2. Tiananmen Square Time Attack
  3. Pseudo-time travel
  4. Do you want to go to New York!!
  5. Just a little bit before it gets dark.
  6. Wine and Jazz
  7. First impressions of New York
  8. The evil of gender lag
  9. New York Strolling
  10. MoMA's contemporary art is difficult
  11. Some of my favorite works
  12. Central park
  13. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  14. What do you really eat in America?
  15. Roosevelt Island
  16. Isamu Noguchi Museum
  17. MoMA's Gulf War
  18. The Statue of Liberty and many more
  19. World Trade Center
  20. View of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry
  21. Hostels of the Day
  22. Banksy's Hammer Boy
  23. Chelsea/Green Market
  24. Steak at a commoner's restaurant
  25. City Library of New York
  26. I don't know.
  27. Met Broiler
  28. Geddenheim Museum
  29. Times Square at night
  30. Sunday Mass
  31. Taco Bell in Times Square
  32. Ny to NJ by bus
  33. Late dinner
  34. There are crowded trains in the U.S.
  35. Arriving in Washington, D.C.
  36. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
  37. Hostels
  38. Breakfast at the hostel
  39. Today's Trip to Washington
  40. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  41. National Gallery of Art
  42. Is the pace too fast…?
  43. Take the bus to Boston
  44. Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
  45. MIT Museum
  46. MIT Main Building
  48. A spicy fellow with rice wrapped in dough
  49. Washing at the hostel
  50. Oatmeal challenges tomorrow
  51. Harvard University
  52. Harvard University Museum of Art
  53. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  54. Dinner is Windy's
  55. Life's First Oatmeal
  56. Freedom Trail
  57. Boston Public Library
  58. Boston Common
  59. Today's temperature in Boston
  60. Shopping mall
  61. New England Aquarium
  62. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Day 2
  63. Dunkin' Donuts
  64. Future Plans
  65. To the bus stop
  66. I also admire traveling in groups
  67. Hamburgers again
  68. I can't make it to the museum.
  69. All night → hostel
  70. Staying up all night is bad for your body.
  71. American Museum of Natural History
  72. There was a pumpkin on the roadside.
  73. Intrepid Marine, Air and Space Museum
  74. Goodbye USA
  75. established practice! Cross-border procedures
  76. Niagara Falls
  77. Niagara Falls
  78. Spirited Away
  79. Toronto
  80. Toronto Old City Hall
  81. Toronto City Hall
  82. It's better to stop marijuana◯
  83. St. Lawrence Market
  84. Royal Ontario Museum
  85. Pizza is cheap and convenient
  86. Casa Roma
  87. Art Gallery of Ontario
  88. Grilled salmon
  89. To the ferry stop
  90. To Words Island
  91. That man, on the Resistance
  92. Waiting for the bus
  93. To ottawa, the capital city
  94. I managed not to be kicked out.
  95. Canadian Parliament Building
  96. War Memorial
  97. Rido Canal Skating Rink
  98. Byward Market
  99. Notre Dame Cathedral
  100. Ottawa National Museum of Art
  101. Canadian Museum of History
  102. Canadian Traditional Cooking Pteen
  103. Ottawa bus terminals
  104. Qc
  105. More about Quebec
  106. There's nothing special about…
  107. Announcements
  108. French (Greeting)
  109. French (counting)
  110. French (day of the week)
  111. French (from Japanese)
  112. Old Quebec
  113. Quebec State Capitol
  114. Quebec Cuisine
  115. Chateau Frontenac
  116. Let's go again tomorrow.
  117. Citadel
  118. Abraham Plains
  119. I can hear Japanese.
  120. Montreal
  121. What should I eat?
  122. Auberge Bishop Downtown
  123. Industrial downtown
  124. Bridge to Saint-Terraine Island
  125. Biosphere
  126. Cathedral of Marie-Reine du Monde
  127. Maison olympique canadiMaisonenne
  128. Tapioca in Chinatown
  129. Olympic Stadium
  130. botanical garden
  131. Nanchara Market
  132. Dinner is a vegan specialty store
  133. Schwarz Smoked Meat
  134. Other diary originals

Haneda to Beijing

After preparing variously on the day, we will enter Haneda Airport and board the flight departing at 9 p.m. There were so few passengers that there were no people within a conversational distance. I was watching the Chinese anime "The Legend of Hei", but the drawings are beautiful and interesting!

Because it is midnight, the in-flight meal is only a sandwich of the snack, and the in-flight meal is always looking forward to it, so it is regrettable … I arrive at Beijing International Airport after 0:00 (the time difference is +1 hour in Japan), and I wake up at 6 o'clock and sleep on a bench.

Tiananmen Square Time Attack

I wanted to see Tiananmen Because I went to Beijing, but it was tough that it was not more than 6 hours on the blog etc. of the experienced person. For that reason, I got up early and challenged, but from the conclusion, I could not reach Tiananmen Square. When transferring home, I can not go because the time is shorter, but I analyze the cause of the defeat.

  • I don't know how to get out of the airport.
  • I made a mistake in changing trains.
  • I had too little cash on hand.

After all, even if you go around the banks all over the place and try to exchange money, there is no phone number or hotel address, so it will continue to be refused and you will not be able to return to the airport dangerously … In the end, I was able to return by having a Korean couple replace me, but after that I got off by bus by bus. I thought that it might not be in time at this time. However, we proceeded without any problems, so we can get on the plane at the right time.

Pseudo-time travel

The plane from Beijing to New York is full of people and will travel 13 hours (which is likely to be economy syndrome) And it will be a time travel-like flight of 13:10 on the same day to leave Beijing at 13:00. From another perspective, you can say that you are traveling by plane at 13:00 around the world. Somehow it feels strange … It's not long to write this article after watching three movies.

  • The Legend of Hei
  • Jumanji
  • Creshin Moretz! Adult Empire

I feel longer than in Europe because I don't have sleep time.

Almost in the Arctic Circle…?

Do you want to go to New York!!

By the time you eat your second in-flight meal, you won't know if it's day or night now.
There is a feeling closer to malaise than drowsiness. He ate three in-flight meals, watched three movies, and was tired of sleeping twice, and announced that he was arriving in New York. It's hard to think that the return is the same … Is it a little early because there is a jet stream? I took more time than I thought for immigration, but in the meantime I was able to get an inn with the Airport WiFi.

Just a little bit before it gets dark.

It was starting to get dark by the time I arrived at the hostel, so I only went to see the outside of the nearby museum.

MoMA is closed tomorrow today, so I'm going to go to the last day of the hostel.

The Noguchi Isam Museum of Art is closed. There was a real Costco nearby. At 5:30, the sun almost sets, so it is a problem that the action time is considerably limited …

Wine and Jazz

There doesn't seem to be much traditional food in the U.S., so I bought rice and chicken with bean soup for dinner ($6)

This time "The Local Hostel NYC" is 8,000 yen in 2 days, which is a great save in New York! A glass of wine was served at the hostel's bar, so people with guitars and saxophones came and started playing. There is a bar in the hostel, so there is no risk of going out.

First impressions of New York

America is said to be a melting pot of races, and it was characteristic that there were people of various races just looking around. Europe didn't have that many Asian or African people, so it was fresh! From the point of view of Japanese people who are basically only related to the same people, I can't imagine what the situation is to live in relation to another ethnicity every day.

I don't know why, but I was mistaken for a Chinese from Haneda for a long time. It is returned in Chinese though it hears it in English, and the document for submission is passed on the airplane. It is interesting what kind of place Chinese are. Tomorrow is Manhattan…?

  • Writing 2020/01/09

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the second day of my U.S. trip, I went to New York Upper East Side!

I overslept and visited two museums today!

The evil of gender lag

I woke up at 2 o'clock at night and couldn't sleep for a while, so I was messing with my smartphone, I overslept in the morning …

It jumps at 9:30 when the sun rises enough and leaves immediately.

I was wondering where to go, but first I went to the main building of MoMA that I wanted to go the most.

The location is really good because it takes less than 10 minutes from the station near the hostel to MoMA.

New York Strolling

Since the museum was open at 10:30 a.m., I wandered around and introduced what I was walking on.

St. Thomas' Church

The church is more than a power show, but rather than pure support money to some extent, so I feel strangely awkward.

Unlike Europe, there were no religious paintings on the ceiling. Why not?

From now on, let's run to the church if it is cold …!

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian Church church in New York City.

The church on Fifth Avenue at 7 West 55th Street in Midtown Manhattan has about 2,200 members and is one of PCUSA's larger congregations.

St. Patrick's Church

Catholic Church of The Archdiocese of New York and Parish Church.

The architectural style is decorative neo-Gothic and has become one of the main tourist destinations in New York City.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower, which appeared in the movie "Home Alone 2" and is also a building owned by President Trump.

I drew a little that all of the shops inside were attached to "Playing Cards" …

At the entrance, there were two soldiers with guns, and there was also a strict body check at the entrance.

Starbucks Trump Tower Store

MoMA's contemporary art is difficult

I was finally able to come to the Museum of Contemporary Art, commonly known as MoMA, which was on the list of things I wanted to do! ($14 student)

As the Receptionist In Japan taught me, this time of year passed its peak, so I was satisfied that I was able to see the work slowly!

From the 4th floor to the 1st floor, the production era is renewed, but after the 2nd floor, it is difficult to say that you like contemporary art or not I am not confident …


I like Munch better than Van Gogh at night, but it's also beautiful!

(I've always thought that reading was "Seigetsuya", I'm ashamed …! )

Memory Sticking: Salvador Dali

It is one of the reasons why I started to get addicted to contemporary art, and gunyagna watches are mostly understood works.

I didn't know that there was a "memory sticking" until I saw the real thing, and when I found it, I was happy and almost cried!

In fact, there is a continuation of this work, and "the collapse of the sticking of memory" seems to be in Florida, I want to go but it is tough …

Hey, it's been a year (I met him last time)

Some of my favorite works

Woman Dressing Her Hair: Pablo Picasso

A rare three-dimensional two-dimensional work by Picasso.

The Portrait: René Magritte

Me and the Village: Marc Chagall

You may like a little old work better.

I didn't know any recent works at all…

Central park

It is not much distance to the metropolitan art museum which is the next destination, and it walks.

I explored Central Park, where I would die when I went at night, but there were more squirrels than the number of dogs in the park.

skating rink

Statue of Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll has no direct relationship and was donated to children in New York in 1959.

Lewis Carroll is not only a writer but also a missionary, mathematician, photographer, etc. (he is also the nomenclature of the bagword).

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Unlike the Louvre Museum, it looks very large because it does not dive underground. ($14 student)

Remove the sticker from the ticketed ticket and paste it in a visible place.

It is European painting to come to the United States, and to go to the beginning. A famous work was rolling.

Water lilies: Claude Monet

Including the bridge and water lilies, there were four in total …

If you are here, you will lose your value w

Self-portrait: Pablo Picasso

The back side was also displayed so that it could be seen, and a picture of a woman was drawn on the back side.

I still have ears.

Mrs. Charpintier and Her Children: Auguste Renoir

This time I went to Australia and South America area where I don't always spend time.

These areas are so different that God's lineage is completely different, so it feels suspicious overall.

I'd like to go there, but I'm sure it can only be seen at the local museum, but globalization is a bit grudge.

What do you really eat in America?

Because it became cloudy, the surroundings became dark without waiting for 18 o'clock.

For crime prevention, I put my drawstring bag under the down and run to the subway station.

Buy bagels, snacks and juices at the supermarket on the way home ($5.38)

I was doing party-like things at the hostel and had dinner, so I'll turn bagels tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'd like to visit MoMA PS3, Isamu Noguchi Museum, and Times Square soon…

Update 2020/01/10

The Isamu Noguchi Museum in Queens offers a harmony of works and gardens (Travel to the United States (3)

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the third day of my U.S. trip, I went to New York Queens and Lower Manhattan!

The Isamu Noguchi Museum was worth the wait until 10:00!

Roosevelt Island

I get up at 7:00 in the morning and make a schedule for today with coffee. Go to MoMASP1 after isamnoguchi museum, then Manhattan side.

I misunderstood the opening of the Isamu Noguchi Museum for an hour, so I decided to go to Roosevelt Island, which I didn't originally plan!
It was a little far, but it became a good exercise.


When I asked the people who came out, it is a historical building, and it seems to be used as a house now.

When I crossed the bridge and went to the tip of the island, there was a lighthouse.

Isamu Noguchi Museum

When I came back from Roosevelt Island, it was exactly 10 o'clock, so I visited the Isamu Noguchi Museum. Students get half the price of $10 adult!

Inside there is his sculpture and the garden where it was placed. There are works that I saw in other museums, and you can see that I have made many similar works.

I was a little impressed by the prototype model of "Black Slide Mantra" in Sapporo. There were also sketches and models of the park that reminded me of "Moerenuma Park"

Surprisingly, there are many children, and I envy seeing good things from such a year …

MoMA's Gulf War

The theme was decided by the period in "MoMA SP1", a branch of MoMA, and at this time, a special exhibition about the Gulf War "Theater of Operations
The Gulf Wars 1991-2011" was being held. From the generation who did not know the war, who almost did not remember the Gulf War, this project felt quite painful.

The most shocking piece was touch the reality, which was just a video of a photo of a Gulf War victim flicking on a tablet to pick it or tap to enlarge it. I was shocked not only by the impact of photographs that are skipped by writing in letters, but also by the theme of manipulating them as a matter of course. Cruel photos can't be incompaffable, but I felt sick until just before the theme vomited heavily.

The Statue of Liberty and many more

New York has a fixed fee until your ticket exits the ticket gate, so if you go as far as possible, you'll get a good price. So I decided to go to the final point of World Trade Center Station and look around.

World Trade Center

If it collapses, you may make it a little lower? My neck hurts…


It seems to be a complex shopping center, but when viewed from the outside, it seems to come out in Monhan.

Red Cube

A red cube by Isamu Noguchi.

View of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry

I only had to see the Statue of Liberty, so I toured it from a free ferry to Staten Island!

Maybe it's because you've seen it from a distance, but it's smaller than the Tower of the Sun, right?

Hostels of the Day

It's much late with the New York Stock Exchange, but the train is safe because there are a lot of people.

Stay 3 nights at today's Hostel "Hi HOSTEL NY" and get around New York!

I went to McDonald's, but the juice and potatoes are just L size and the burger looks rather small…

Banksy's Hammer Boy

It was a busy street, so I saw Banksy's Hummer Boy!

We are planning Times Square near the Metropolitan Museum tomorrow!
Can you go to the Natural History Museum…?

Writing 2020/01/11

The theory that night in NY Times Square is not dangerous (Trip to the United States (4))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the fourth day of my trip to the U.S., I went to two museums near the West Side of New York!

It was good that I was finally able to see Times Square.

Chelsea/Green Market

I went to Chelsea Market as a place to go before the museum opened, but the price was too high to reach.

At the green market held nearby, a lot of homemade cheeses and vegetables were sold.

The apple cider ($1.5) was cinnamon worked well and it was like an apple pie to drink!

Steak at a commoner's restaurant

When I entered the restaurant on the way, it seemed to be a popular shop and it was crowded.

Wouldn't a huge salad, steak, or a small bread cost $28 + chips?

It is a theory, but when I go on a trip abroad, I think it is better not to stick too much to traditional cuisine.

Japanese people don't go to sushi and high-end restaurants that they don't usually go around, so it can be said that the feeling of going to conveyor belt sushi or Marugame seimen has felt more about the country.

City Library of New York

I saw banana fish in the anime, so I stopped by.

I don't know.

We will crush the famous places listed in the guidebook like a stamp rally.

Met Broiler

The Met Broiler has taken up the work of an artist.

Geddenheim Museum

The museum was the best of all the museums I've been on this trip.

Saturday admission is free, but can be donated optionally ($10)

We will look at contemporary art by theme as we go up the tower with Guru guru.

Times Square at night

Pay the latest attention to the suri, hold the backpack in front of it with the arm that clutches the smartphone from the top (of course, kara in the pocket)

I experienced shooting in New Jersey, but I have no particular impressions (Trip to the United States (5)) The station is interesting after all, such as playing guitar on the street at the subway platform and homeless people selling newspapers in the car.

I've shot in New Jersey, but I haven't had any particular impressions (Travel to the U.S. (5))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the fifth day of my trip to the U.S., I went to a church in New York and a shooting range in New Jersey!

It was my first time shooting a gun, but I didn't get excited or shocked, and I was like, "It's a gun."

Sunday Mass

I overslept in the morning for the second time during this trip because I live a more irregular life than the New Year's holidays.

I thought I would participate in a mass at a nearby church on Sunday, but there was a church that started at exactly 10 o'clock.

We couldn't see the gospel, but we all sang and said piece with you and hugged people around us.

It is interesting that wine, which is a liquor in Christianity, is not prohibited, and that water the baby's baptism!

Taco Bell in Times Square

Mass was over around 11:30.

I jumped out with nothing, so I packed up at the hostel and then went out.

Board a bus from Times Square to get to a gun experience facility in New Jersey.

In Manhattan, only New York citizens can use guns. Taco Bell is a chain store originated in the United States with its head office in California.

I think $5.44 for three tacos and juice is quite a good deal (it's delicious and I forgot to take a picture)

The types of tacos are all different, and the difference from Japan is to take the sauce yourself.

There are about 5 kinds of sauce depending on the hotness, and the hardest was Deiaboro?

Ny to NJ by bus

It takes about 30 minutes by bus to the highway and arrives at the big shopping mall. It took 10 minutes by car from here to the shooting range, so I walked and it took more than 30 minutes.

There was no detailed article about this facility, so I will summarize it later.

I don't have any impressions of shooting a gun.

I was planning a bus on the way back, but there is no phone number for app registration even if I try to call a taxi.

I took 20 minutes to go home by dashing down the night road. I'm glad I didn't have anything…

Late dinner

Buy a big, hamburger in Times Square.

I'm not good at the habit of tipping and I don't feel like entering a restaurant … There are a lot of nuts that I was worried about Recently, I often go out until night, so blog updates are suitable …

I'd like to head to Washington, D.C. tomorrow…

  • Writing 2020/01/12

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C(6))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the sixth day of my trip to the U.S., I traveled from New York to Washington, D.C. to the Smithsonian Museum.

The list of things you want to do in life is digested one after another, and I'm happy!

There are crowded trains in the U.S.

Megabus that was indebted in Europe was running in the United States, but I got up at 7 o'clock in the morning and headed directly because I could not make a reservation due to an error.

However, a water leak occurred on the route on the way, and the train stopped.

New York has several railroad tracks on the same street, so I took a crowded train on the next line.


Vessel is a structure and tourist attraction built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

The time I was originally trying to get on had passed, so I negotiated with the driver of the bus stop and got it on for $25.

It took about four hours to get to Washington, D.C., and the bus's WiFi was very weak and we were re-connecting dozens of times.

You will later notice that you do not have any food at all despite the lack of a break, and wait for your arrival while fighting hunger.

Arriving in Washington, D.C.

I arrived in Washington DC after 13:00 and visited and took a picture because there are splendid buildings around.

The useful thing about Googl Photos is that you can search for buildings by reading saved photos with a Google lens.

United States Capitol

Library of Congress

When you are visiting, you don't know the name of the building, and you don't need to know it because it's biased.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

There are too many places with "Smithsonian" in the name, and I do not know which museum is the favorite …

While buying a hot dog at a stall, I heard the location of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and it was right in front of the stall.

I thought the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum had a space shuttle, but it was a different place to have a space shuttle.

I was about to go outside after carefully looking at the museum, so I headed to today's hostel.

Capitol before, Washington Monument behind


※It is not a photograph of the hostel.

The hostel manager was not at the front desk, so I bought Koppepan and Potechi at the supermarket next door for dinner.

It is interesting because the manager likes anime, and the former kano is a japanese man, and it speaks alternately in English and Japanese (insanely good)!

Another person knew Beyblade and Captain Tsubasa and could speak a little Japanese.

At the hostel, my grandfather told me that he was majoring in materials engineering, and I was troubled by a difficult question.

When heating various ceramic containers, which are the most optimal of the group 4 elements applied to the inside of the container to overcome high temperature brittleness (is it?). )

Why limiting it to the four tribes was a very mysterious thing, but perhaps it has to do with the number of arms left over …

At first, I didn't understand the content of the story, and I struggled without confidence to explain the d-trajectory.

I was told I'd exchange emails and contact you later! (Somebody help me)

Tomorrow I'd like to go around the main parts of Washington DC and head to Boston by night bus!

Major tourist attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial and museums (Travel to the United States (7))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the seventh day of my trip to the U.S., I traveled from New York to Washington, D.C. to the Smithsonian Museum.

The list of things you want to do in life is digested one after another, and I'm happy!

Breakfast at the hostel

Today's breakfast is a hotcake baked at the hostel!

It was too much and it was hard in the second half …

Today's Trip to Washington

First, we'll go to the farthest Washington Monument, and then gradually get closer to the bus stop.

Washington Monument

If there is something, he seems to like to build a tall tower.

I feel that there was the same thing in Sapporo.

I didn't recognize it on its own, but the scenery from the Lincoln Memorial looked familiar!

WwII Monument

It is impressive that it was divided between the Atlantic side and the Pacific Ocean side.

There were a lot of gold stars in front of the victim.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln's stone statue came out in the last scene of the new "Planet of the Apes".

It was white when I thought it was black.

Einstein Monument

I'll finish lunch in Koppepan and Potechi yesterday.

Unfortunately, it rained on this day, but the temperature was not low, and there was no need to wear heat tech.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

At my English level, the explanation of the museum is just right.

Visitors were sketching fossils or looking for fossils under a microscope in the sand, and they could see them actually shaving them out.

There is a booth only for minerals, and I am very happy as a person I used to like!

Because the chemical formula is written under the mineral name, it is very thankful to understand something even if the name is not understood.

It is impressive that crystals with beautiful object suddenly appear in disorderly stones.

Modern art of nature anymore.

The insect booth also has a living butterfly dome or a booth that actually touches insects.

Is this it? (The answer is at the bottom 1)

National Gallery of Art

There are so many famous works that I don't really know what's amazing.

Leonardo da Vinci is

MoMA is better.

His background in painting is "Kaiketsu Zorori" and "Gag Manga Biyori" and art textbooks.

It is interesting because it is useful somehow.

I went to the Smithsonian Museum in all four places, and the conclusion was that the person "James Smithson" was great!

Is the pace too fast…?

Negotiate at megabus stop and get to Boston for $70.

I wonder if it is appropriate if you think tokyo -osaka is 6,000 yen …

I've noticed that it's too early if I was traveling around Europe.

However, I'm not very tired of traveling and I'm thinking about what to do because I can't settle down.

I don't feel much charm in the U.S., so I wonder if there is a high possibility of moving to Canada early …?

Boston goes around a little slowly.

(The insect in the picture was a Madagascar cockroach!) It seemed to be very do not seem to be able to fly)

Welcome to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the pinnacle of engineering! (Travel to the U.S. (8))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the eighth day of my U.S. trip, I took a night bus from Washington, D.C. to Boston and went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

I was tired at high speed, so I was a little relaxed today.

Take the bus to Boston

It takes 10 hours from Washington to Boston, but apparently there is a break along the way.

I was so sleepy that I didn't know there was a break.

It is very convenient to have the "talent to sleep anywhere" that I have learned in the school dormitory of Nagambe and polished through many trips.

I arrived before 7:00 in the morning, but I don't have a guidebook, so I wandered around nearby Chinatown.

If you walk slowly from the bus stop towards the center of the city, there is a supermarket on the way.

I'm not sure, but it seems that you are contracting with Amazon, and if you are a Prime member, you can get a discount.

I couldn't use a Japanese account, but it's interesting that Amazon meal kits are sold.

Breakfast at a by-side dish ($8, forgetting to take a picture)

In the U.S., it is troublesome to have to think about converting the price display per pound into grams once.

1 pound = about 454 grams

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)

Take today's inn with a supermarket WiFi and head to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology first!

It is one of the few universities I have known since I was in elementary school (The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Harvard, Massachusetts), so I am deeply moved …

In addition, mit is the best university in the Faculty of Engineering, so personally I have a stronger feeling than Harvard.

MIT Museum

I don't know where to go, so I went to the MIT Museum first.

Mit students here? Exhibits of the transition of yachts, playful toys, robots, etc. ($5 student)

I'm sorry because there was a feeling that it was a little unsatisfactory …

A robot that makes oil by himself

MIT Main Building

You can freely enter and leave the university campus without having to do a luggage inspection.

What's interesting is that there are pizzas and sandwiches in a part of the campus, so that students can eat freely.

I wonder if the professor will leave it, it is a scene that can never be seen in Japan.

I also envy the sculptures of contemporary art all over the large campus…!


There were a lot of MIT goods in purchasing, but do you want this university to establish this way of calling it?

  • E=mc^2 (mass/energy equivalent)
  • i^2=-1 (definition of imaginary units)
  • PV=nRT (equation of gas)

A spicy fellow with rice wrapped in dough

I ate something from modern Mexicans waiting for the hostel check-in ($12)

I may often eat Mexicans since I came to America.

Washing at the hostel

I'm tired, so I checked in early today.

From today, I'll spend three nights at The Boston Fenway Inn by Found and then think about what to do.

I was watching my favorite movie "I'm sure it will go well" while turning the washing machine.

Because morning and lunch were gorgeous, dinner was not there, and tomorrow morning there is a hostel rice, so I eat a lot.

I wonder if tomorrow will be around the museum… (It seems that it is difficult for Harvard University to go quite far))

  • Writing 2020/01/15

Harvard University in the whole country was somewhat peaceful (Trip to the United States (9))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the ninth day of my U.S. trip, I went to Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in Boston!

I'm in a good mood to see a lot of art on this day.

Oatmeal challenges tomorrow

Last night, no one was on the bed, so I slept soundly and got up around 8 a.m.

We will head to Harvard University for breakfast at the hostel.

Today's weather is sunny, sleet, and sometimes it snows.

The weather changes, but only the cold that cuts itself does not change at any time (but no heat tech while saying)

Harvard University

Was there a limit to the location of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Students and professors at the University of Tokyo are mutually affiliated with Harvard, so they seem to be able to enter … Amazing right!

At first I thought about going around famous places, but it doesn't matter on the way.

I'm not coming on a trip to get around the famous places that everyone is doing like a stamp rally and take pictures …

The University Co-op is a four-story building, and there seems to be quite a kind of goods.

Even in the U.S., the University Co-op is a COOP…

CO AND OP stands for cooperative and are the entire cooperative.

Harvard University Museum of Art

There are lockers that students can easily go to because there are lockers that are free and inexpensive.

Art from various fields is displayed in the two-story building, including Picasso, Renoir and Contemporary Art.

Apple pie and fruitcake for a break

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Even students are quite bullish for a museum with $23.

Instead, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is only available for one day within 10 days.

There is a room with only Monet's works, and about 20 pieces including 4 consecutive works are decorated in the room.

If you're going to die in this room with Patrush, you'd like to…

When I was looking for Degas' work to appear in Gag Manga Hiyori, it was his work that I had always thought was Digos!

Now that we have covered all the works, we will summarize them later in the article.

Dinner is Windy's

Today I went to Windy's, a world chain originating in America!
If you think it's a pasta shop, it's surprising at a hamburger shop.

A little over $9 for the most main combo (English seems to be a combo, not a set)

What shall I do tomorrow? I decide when I get up.

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Have you ever experienced a coldness that caused your fingers to get stuck (Travel to the U.S. (10))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

Day 10 of my TRIP to the USA got lost trying to explore Boston's Freedom Trail!

As I will see later, this day was really cold and it was hard to go outside …

Life's First Oatmeal

Try instant oatmeal for breakfast at the hostel.

I heard that oatmeal is not delicious, so I'm a little scared … Let's make it cinnamon taste instead of plain

As for the impression, "It is not delicious, but it is not eaten". I think it's a good thing to eat every morning…

Freedom Trail

There is a red brick single road course where you can efficiently explore Boston called freedom trail.

It was really cold on this day, and the Sapporo Snow Festival exceeded the field inn in Switzerland.

If you put your hand out in the open air, your fingers will not move in one minute.

Boston Public Library

I run away to the Boston Public Library in too cold.

Were there many Japanese book corners such as Haruki Murakami and Miyuki Miyabe?

I read it because there was my favorite JoJo Part 3, do it …

Boston Common

However, as usual, I stopped by a place that seemed interesting and lost sight of it in no time (laughs)

There is an outdoor skating rink in Boston Common, and I suddenly wanted to do it, so I slipped! ($18)

It's unexpected that not everyone is good at skating just because there are so many skating rinks in the park.

Today's temperature in Boston

The restaurants were crowded, so we procured pizza and nachos at 7-Eleven, which I don't see much in the U.S.

There was no food court, so when I was eating outside, my fingers got stuck and I ran into the subway station in a hurry.

This cold is really abnormal…

(If you look it up now, it's minus 9 degrees.) It's as cold as it is…)

Shopping mall

I discovered an indoor shopping mall immediately after lunch.

I was selling lobsters and so on, so I wish I had put up with lunch a little more, but it was a later festival.

New England Aquarium

In addition to the main aquarium building, Attractions at the New England Aquarium include the Simons IMAX Theater and the New England Aquarium Whale Watch, which is open April to November.

I saw only the shop without going inside, but you can enjoy sea lions from the outside.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Day 2

I saw what I wanted to see yesterday, so today I was just hanging around and killing time.

The Monet room is amazing here, but the others are so much …

I want you to take up this much space and exhibit it in Japan (impossible)

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts, which you encounter at the 7-Eleven level in Japan, is a huge donut chain store originated in Massachusetts.

A little over eight bucks with three donuts and a caramel latte.

I regret that I should have made black coffee because it was sweet as I imagined, I will eat somehow!

Future Plans

Tomorrow, I'm looking back to New York to see the museum that I lost, and then I'm thinking of heading to Niagara Falls.

This trip is coming back soon, so I would like to think about moving to Canada little by little.

The final weapon "Heattech Super Warm" has not appeared yet, so I wonder if I can get through it somehow …?

  • Writing 2020/01/17

I tried not to sleep in Times Square, a city that does not sleep (Trip to the United States (11))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On day 11 of my TRIP to the U.S., I took 5 hours by bus from Boston to get back to New York!

I didn't do anything in particular on this day because I took the time to move.

To the bus stop

On this day, leave the hostel at 9:00 and head to south station, the bus stop.

Although it is this trip, I can not make a reservation for a bus with a credit card (the cause is unknown), so it is hard to know that I can get on until I go to the bus stop …

There was a bus departing at 10 o'clock, so I slipped in and went to New York.

I also admire traveling in groups

There was a group of five Japanese on the same bus who were training in language, so I was talking on the bus.

I like traveling alone because I want to make a schedule as I like, but it seems to be fun to travel with multiple people … and was a little envious.

When the bus goes halfway, it suddenly starts to snow with great momentum.

By the time I arrived in New York, I was able to stop, but the city was pure white!

The area where the snowplow and calcium chloride come out immediately is different from Tokyo … (Maybe it's a matter of how often it snows)

The snow melting agent dissolves in water, causing a freezing point descent, and the melting point is reduced. In addition, the dissolved heat generated when calcium chloride dissolves in water also contributes to snow melting.

Hamburgers again

I didn't eat anything on the bus, so I got a hamburger!

Chicken is also called "burger" in Japan, but in the United States it is called "sandwich".

I had $18, but once in a while, okay!

I can't make it to the museum.

If I was eating lunch slowly, the Intrepid Marine, Air and Space Museum was closed.

I would like to take only photos and go again tomorrow.

The New York Museum of Natural History is also closed, so there is no place to go.

As the snow began to fall again, I was wandering all over the world.

The good thing about traveling is that you can take a walk appropriately without thinking about time or schedule.

I was playing a game across an intersection where the traffic light was blue and I was going around the same place!

All night → hostel

The hostel I booked was a room in my apartment, but no matter how much I knocked on the door, the host did not come out.

I feel danger from the next room, such as a non-English yell, and a disturbing origami at the entrance of the apartment.

I'll get $15, but I'll cancel it in a hurry and stay up all night in Times Square on this day.

I was able to take a nap for about 1 hour on the bus and 3 hours at McDonald's, so I was able to secure a minimum sleep time.

Times Square is not dangerous at all because there are many policemen and many shops open 24 hours a day.

However, at night, the number of shops where credit cards can be used decreases, so many tourists will look for ATMs …

Bird skewers at food stalls ($7)

Tomorrow we'll see the space shuttle at the Intrepid Marine, Aerospace Museum and Tylannosaurus at the New York Museum of Natural History!

  • Writing 2020/01/19

The American Museum of Natural History may light up the lights a little more (Travel to the United States (12))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 12th day of my trip to the U.S., I was able to go to a museum that I couldn't go to in New York!

It's much smaller and more amazing than the space shuttle thought!

Staying up all night is bad for your body.

McDonald's is the only place to stay indoors, and if you stay for a while, you will be kicked out.

I felt sick because of excessive caffeine intake and fatigue and drowsiness and cold.

I dive outside in a sleeping bag and take a nap every 30 minutes, but it is extremely far from the morning to come.

I finished it with a Mac while waiting until the rice was not pleasant enough to fit.

As a result, I was tired, so I wonder if it was the correct answer to take an inn …

It was interesting to be able to talk to a high-tension Australian trio.

American Museum of Natural History

Walk from Times Square to the American Museum of Natural History.

There was a marathon in Central Park, and it was hard even though it was snow …

It cost $18 for students plus $2 to leave my luggage.

I think that it is good that the museum here can be enjoyed even if children and foreigners see it by dividing the exhibition in detail and reducing the explanation text.

It is interesting to see the music of the event and the local life image in the exhibition about the people of each region.

However, it is a little trouble that the proof of the hall is too dark and the exit is not able to be knew.

Personally, the exhibit was a diorama of giant squid and sperm whales.

Because it is deep sea, there is no lighting at all, and the fierce battle of two bodies emerges when the flash is effective.

There was a pumpkin on the roadside.

There was Yayoi Kusama's pumpkin object at the hotel pick-up place.

Maybe it wasn't in the guidebook, so it's a little-known spot …?

I like it because there are famous works on the roadside as a matter of course overseas!

Intrepid Marine, Air and Space Museum

Even students get $28, but it's worth paying because you can see fighters on an aircraft carrier.

You can participate in an internal observation tour of the submarine equipped with nuclear missiles for free.

I thought there was a space shuttle, but it was hard to find …

If you think about it, it's funny that the space shuttle is on the ship.

If you think, there is a building in front of the ship …!

To tell the truth, the space shuttle is very small, and it is about one size larger than the private jet.

What is exhibited at the museum is the aircraft "Enterprise" that is used for landing tests and has never been to space.

The point was to attach it with screws on the Boeing and carry it to orbit!

Goodbye USA

Buses to Niagara Falls do not seem to operate on the U.S. side in winter, so it is on the Canadian side.

I was able to put the transportation fee in $100 from 21:30, so I wonder if it's okay …?

I change trains in Buffalo at 5 o'clock in the morning, but I fall asleep at the bus stop and jump up and write an article …

  • Writing 2020/01/20

Tour Niagara Falls! U.S. to Canada (Travel to the U.S. (13))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 13th day of our TRIP to the U.S., we traveled from the U.S. to Canada to see Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls has few tourist attractions around, and it's a disappointing area…

established practice! Cross-border procedures

Everyone is dropped off the bus around 6 o'clock to cross the border from the U.S. to Canada.

Asked what you're going to Canada for and how long you'll stay, no luggage inspection.

I don't have anything to say, but I'm nervous every time…

Niagara Falls

We arrived at Niagara Falls about 30 minutes behind schedule.

There is nothing around the bus stop and the taxi driver will ask if you will go to the $40 waterfall.

If you ask how long it will take to walk, it will take about 40 minutes, so I will only tell you the direction.

When I started walking, I thought that I was looking at my feet around the area where I asked for $20.

Niagara Falls

As a result, I did not take a taxi and got there in about 20 minutes.

To be honest, it was about half the size I had imagined.

Recently, I have been able to take more photogenic photos with camera technology, but I feel that the difference from when I actually saw it is increasing.

However, if you approach the scale and look at it, it is amazing, and you can see the feelings of the person who went down in the barrel!

Spirited Away

Niagara Falls is a city that seems to have forcibly built a theme park around a tourist attraction, a waterfall.

There are many amusement parks and haunted houses that are absolutely untaine in Japan.

The messy exterior and flashy neon lights make you feel the melancholy of a rusty theme park that comes out in "Spirited Away".


There's nowhere to go around Niagara Falls, so head to your next destination, Toronto.

Late lunch (C$18) Popcorn shrimp is delicious!

The relationship between the Canadian dollar and the Japanese yen is 85 yen to the Canadian dollar, which is cheaper than the U.S. dollar.

Toronto Old City Hall

The Old Town Hall is a Romanesque civic building and courthouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From 1899 to 1966 it was home to the Toronto City Council and is still one of the city's most famous structures.

I thought it was a church in a beautiful building …

Toronto City Hall

The kids on the hockey team are very good at skating.

It's cold, so I'll go sightseeing tomorrow to the hostel.

Unlike the United States in Canada, there is no WiFi, so I had a hard time making a reservation for a hostel while warming up with Starbucks.

Spend two nights at a hostel in Greek territory downtown, Greektown.

It's about time that the remaining days were less, let's not release it!

  • Writing 2020/01/20

Can Japanese smoke marijuana in Canada? legality? (Travel to the U.S. (14))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 14th day of my trip to the U.S., I took my luggage to the hostel and toured Toronto!

Speaking of which, in October 2018, marijuana for preference was lifted in Canada …

It's better to stop marijuana◯

In Canada, marijuana for palatation has been lifted, so you can buy cannabis normally in the city.

However, it is noted that japanese people's smoking of marijuana is a crime under the Cannabis Control Law, even if they are outside the country.

I bought a one-day train ticket, so I would like to go as far as possible and get the original!

St. Lawrence Market

It is a pity that interesting ingredients such as pig heads were not sold.

Do you just cut the thick bones into slices and eat bone marrow? Because, there was it.

It wasn't very interesting.

The "barrier" of the "Pope" that is fired if touched is! Already a radius of 20m around you!

Royal Ontario Museum

The crystal-inspired museum sells a large dinosaur area.

There are also replicas, many of which are real, some of which hang real fossils with wires.

There is a special corner of cambrian fossils including my favorite anomarocaris! !

Don't you think this time of year is interesting because there are many creatures that you can't imagine now?

I think it would definitely win if you made a 4D attraction to explore the Cambrian sea…

Pizza is cheap and convenient

Why is pizza not an option as a fast, cheap and good food in Japan ? wonder.

I ate 4 pieces and it costs 8 euros, or about 650 yen.

Casa Roma

This Gothic Revival-style mansion and garden in Midtown, Ontario, Canada, is now a historic home museum and landmark. It was built from 1911 to 1914 as the residence of investor Henry Perratt.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The distinctive Ontario Museum of Art with asymmetric staircases has an area for each genre, but there was a booth called "Yayoi Kusama"!

There were many more mirrored boxes and silver spheres in the mirrored room.

"Group of Seven" in the guidebook, I certainly like it beautifully and wow …!

In particular, there are no plans after this, so I will save the bus ticket for the next day in advance.

With this, you can go sightseeing with peace of mind tomorrow …!

Grilled salmon

I eat salmon in Greektown.
There were Greek subtitles on the tv in the restaurant, but very similar to cyrillic.

If you look into it, cyrillic is a derived character from the Greek alphabet.

I am touched by the fact that there is a certain commonality around the world, whether it is a language or a religion.

Wouldn't it be great if it occurred simultaneously in the world or if someone told you?

Take tomorrow's 7pm bus to Ottawa, canada's capital!

  • Writing 2020/01/22

Talking with islanders against the Canadian government in the Toronto Islands (Travel to the United States (15)

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 15th day of my TRIP to the U.S., I took a ferry from urban areas to the Toronto Islands!

The Toronto Islands have historical paintings in which the Canadian government tried to evict its residents and their inhabitants rebelted against it.

To the ferry stop

It is a minor ice hockey in Japan, but it is a representative sport in Canada. There is also a museum that exhibits the history of hockey and the tools used by famous players. Sad about seeing the mask and only coming out on "Friday the 13th"…

To Words Island

The Toronto Islands consist of three main islands, but in winter they only operate ferries to one island. I paid a little over $8, which is a round trip fare, and it takes about 15 minutes by ferry. The color of the sea was different from Japan, and it was beautiful!

That man, on the Resistance

When I was playing with a dog on the island, my grandfather invited me to have a cup of tea. We taught about the history of the island while eating coffee and cookies at the gathering place where the old people of the island gathered. He was once one of those who fought the Canadian government for the island's residency rights.

By 1963, all Islanders willing to leave the island had departed and the remaining Islanders started to fight the plans of Metro Council to remove their homes. While demolitions still proceeded, the Islanders' alderman David Rotenberg pushed the Islanders' cause and the number of demolitions dwindled. In 1969, the Toronto Islands' Residents Association (TIRA) was formed.

After that, he lent me his own bike, so I was able to go around the Toronto Islands easily. Many of the Toronto Islands are connected by bridges, allowing you to get around by bike or on foot.

It's just cold, windy.

Central Island has an amusement park for tourists, but it is closed until May. Maybe because it's winter, there are few people except the living quarters, and I was able to enjoy the quiet island nature!

Toronto is a fairly compact urban city.

Waiting for the bus

The main part of Toronto is going around, so how do you save time… There was a big shopping mall when I thought about it, so I would kill time hanging around. The bird flying inside was a model, hanging from the ceiling!

For a late lunch, I hear the type of Chinese (CAD 11) drink in the shopping mall, but I can't usually hear it, so it becomes a coke …

To ottawa, the capital city

Take the 7 o'clock bus to Ottawa. As soon as I got tired or got on the bus, I slept, but this was saved later. If you think your arrival is 6 o'clock, you will be dropped off the bus at 12 o'clock in the middle of the night. I'm currently writing an article in the waiting room, but maybe I'll be kicked out …

  • Writing 2020/01/23

Ottawa is somehow a french cityscape (Trip to the United States (16))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the first day of my U.S. trip, I arrived in Ottawa, so I saw the Capitol and the canals!

All the signs and brochures are written in English and French!

I managed not to be kicked out.

I was not kicked out of the bus stop, but my eyes were clear and I couldn't sleep at all …

To be honest, I can't hear english very well, so I'm moving while watching the people around me.

After killing time at the bus stop until 9 o'clock, we will continue to the city.

Canadian Parliament Building

A majestic building appeared in front of me immediately.

The Houses of Parliament consist of three main, east and west, and the central tower is currently under construction.

We hold meetings at either tower (forgotten) until renovation 10 years later.

We are not having a meeting now, but on this day the Prime Minister seems to be coming and it was completely staggy!

I didn't think it was a shiny and Capitol building.

I also went to the House of Representatives (both students are free)

War Memorial

Did Canada win the war? Did you lose?

Rido Canal Skating Rink

I've been gliding on the world's longest skating rink, which is also listed in Guinness!

Because it was warm on this day, all areas were not open.

I wonder if it was 7.5km when it was all opened …

When I saw mothers pushing strollers on skates, I thought that people here would be more mobile in winter.

Maple cream and chocolate are on top with a candy called "Beavertail".

Byward Market

Discover the restaurant district where Christmas decorations still remain.

I'd like to eat lobster or oysters, but dinner is not possible because it's C$40 a dish.

I ate Greek guillos at the food court.

In Greece, thinly sliced meat is stacked on a stick, roasted on fire from the side while turning the stick, and the meat that is removed from the burnt place is called Gilos, Heros, Eros, and Gyros (γνν).

I'm thinking of going to the museum tomorrow!

  • Writing 2020/01/23

Canada's history in The United Kingdom and France was more complex than I thought (Travel to the United States (17))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 17th day of my trip to the U.S., I went to the Canadian History Museum in Ottawa!

The main part of this museum was French, and english explanations were included in the assistance …!

Notre Dame Cathedral

I don't mention it much on my blog, but I really like the appearance of the church and take a picture when I find it.

I think the religion of Christianity is very wonderful in that it created church architecture!

After all there is no ceiling painting

The pipe organ has been playing for a long time, and when I thought it was a speaker, a woman was playing all the time on …

Ottawa National Museum of Art

I did not go, but it looked beautiful, so it was only a photograph.

Canadian Museum of History

I'm tired of museums and galleries, so I went to the History Museum to study Canadian history!

I had the opportunity to find out about my favorite country in the class of elementary school students in society, and for some reason I chose Canada.

This trip to North America has had a significant impact, and it was a good opportunity to learn about Canada again!

Native art has a common characteristic in every region, and I love it irresistibly.

  • They have a very big eye
  • Only two colors of eyes, white eyes and black eyes
  • Limbs are exaggerated
  • There are many motifs outside the person

Nowadays, there are few works of art with such characteristics, and it is very strange why they declined.

Canada has a history of being ruled by both France and The United Kingdom, and is more complex than I thought.

There is a lot of space devoted to exhibitions related to Quebec, and I realized that it was a very important issue for Canada.

From this poll, if Quebec actually becomes independent, it will be harder than Britain's exit from the EU …

Sandwiches and salads are served at the museum's restaurant.

Unlike Japanese museums, I appreciate that the meals in the hall are not so expensive.

Canadian Traditional Cooking Pteen

I'm sorry to show you the dirty stuff…

Pteen cooks french fries with cheese and gravy sauce.

This alone has made me hungry enough!

I'm going to head to Quebec City tomorrow!

  • Writing 2020/01/25

Blog updates are getting annoying … (Travel to the U.S. (18))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On day 18 of our TRIP to the U.S., we spent a day moving from Ottawa to Quebec City!

France is really troubled because I can't understand the language and I sweat coldly …

Ottawa bus terminals

It was quite warm on this day, so it was not difficult to walk to the bus terminal. The difference from the previous trip to Europe is the restriction of behavior due to temperature. When the temperature falls below freezing, you lose your mind to go outside … Lack of spirit! There is no bus directly from Ottawa to Quebec City, so I went to Montreal once. Don't get expensive if you can't buy tickets online… (The window is about +10 Cad. online) The river seems to be all frozen!


It took about 7 hours in total?

More about Quebec

From Wikipedia

In the four corners of the cross is the coat of arms of lilies, taken from the Coat of Arms of the French Royal Family, "Fleur de Lis". A rare province in Canada with english and French as its official languages, with only French as its official language. We have held two referendums to seek independence from Canada, but we have narrowly rejected independence.

There's nothing special about…

It was a vegan shop when I thought it was a normal hamburger shop. The clerk can't speak English very much, so I had a hard time communicating with them. I thought it was soup potatoes, but it was sweet potato!


My Twitter account was frozen when I was trying to halve it. Thank you for reporting the update on this account for a while … See you tomorrow!

Quebec City Exploration (USA Trip (19)

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 19th day of my trip to the U.S., I walked appropriately while thinking about various things alone!

  • No letters or sounds you know
  • Because it is winter, there are few people.
  • No matter how much you walk, there are no known scenery.

It is also good to walk alone at night for the same reason.

French (Greeting)

Hello: Bonjour

Thank you: Merci

Goodbye: Au revoir (offvoir)

Excuses: Excusez-moi

Yes: Oui (We)

No: Non (non)

French (counting)


2: deux

3: trois (Troyes)

4: quatre (cattle)

5:cinq (Thunk)

6:6 (Sith)


8:huit (Yuittu)

9:neuf (Nuf)

10:dix (dis)

French (day of the week)

Monday: lundi (Randy)

Tuesday: mardi (Mardi)

Wednesday: mercredi (Merkludi)

Thursday: jeudi (Judy)

Friday: vendredi (Vanduldi)

Saturday: samedi (Samdy)

Sunday: dimanche (Dimanche)

French (from Japanese)

Lightning: éclair

Outline: silhouette

Together: ensemble (ensemble)

Pencil: crayon

My shoes are completely submerged, so I went back to the hostel early and took a warm shower.

This time I walked the exact opposite of the walled area, which is famous as a tourist destination.

It is also good to have a trip that is once in no way.

French Old Town of Quebec City is fun (USA (20))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 20th day of our trip to the U.S.A., we went to Old Quebec, a World Heritage Site!

We found a lot of historic buildings and Canadian food!

Old Quebec

The historic centre of Old Quebec is Canada's ninth world heritage site. Located in Quebec City, the capital of Quebec, this old town area is known as the only castle city in North America and has a long history. It was initially registered as the Historic District of Quebec, but was renamed its current name in 2006.

The battery had been left in the middle of the city wall!

It's really fake… (The paint was not peeled off)

But I really like this kind of thing.

Quebec State Capitol

There are many statues in front of the Capitol building and it is very beautiful!

You can't visit the assembly hall unless you're on a tour, but you can see the library and more.

In front of the Capitol, an ice castle for the Quebec Snow Festival was under construction!

Old Quebec has many city wall entrances, each accompanied by a tower like the photo.

The ramparts are low or not, so if you walk, you will go outside without realizing it.

It is a more gentle walled city than the Nerthringen in Germany that I visited last time!

Quebec Cuisine

A set of cereal soup, meat pie (pictured), maple tart and after-dinner coffee is C$28.

We had the local beer chosen by the clerk and had lunch for this day!

It is easy to understand and appreciated if you write "Set of Quebec food" etc. on the menu of the restaurant …!

Chateau Frontenac

A five-star luxury hotel towering over Old Quebec.

It is a hotel that has made the hotel like Disneyland about three times larger.

From the front of the hotel, you can see the St. Lawrence River flowing forward.

Old Quebec is on a hill, so if you go to the edge of the city walls, the view is very good.

We took a picture with a panorama, so please enlarge it!

Let's go again tomorrow.

I buy French bread etc. at the supermarket "METRO" in Canada and have dinner.

This time we took a hostel called Auberge Maeva, which was renovated from an old apartment building.
Auberge means "country-style inn".

There are many people who can only speak French, but I was able to talk to Filipinos.

It's amazing that the hostel manager knew quite a bit of the word because she was Japanese.

There are places that are not yet fully turned around, so I will go to the old town tomorrow!

Get an up-close look at the drift ice of the St. Lawrence River (Travel to the U.S. (21)

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 21st day of our trip to the U.S., I continued to go to Old Quebec!

This time I went to Lower Town outside the wall!

The Citadel and the Plains of Abraham (Travel to the United States (22)

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 22nd day of our trip to the U.S., we continued to go to the fortress of Old Quebec!

Next to a star-shaped fortress that closely resembles Goryokaku is the Abraham Plain, a fierce battle between England and France!


Citadelle seems to correspond to the English City, and it means that there is a small town in the fortress.

You can only see the interior of the fortress on a guided tour.

The tanks and turrets seem to be repainted to prevent rust, and it seems to be real.

Abraham Plains

The museum did not go …

Because there is a lot of snow, some people wear skis and go around the plains.

The governor's walk path.

Tomorrow we're heading to our last stop, Montreal!

Read a second to your final destination, Montreal, until you return home (Travel to the U.S. (23))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On day 23 of your U.S. trip, you'll travel from Quebec City to Montreal!

When I finally thought I would be released from the French-speaking world, it was still Quebec (laughs)

I can hear Japanese.

If you wait for the bus departing at 11:30, you will hear the full Japanese from somewhere. There is no japanese person who looks around. Not tourists, but japanese restaurants at the bus stop were having conversations in Japanese! I bought smoked salmon chirashi sushi once in a while. I feel particular about using Indica rice properly instead of Thai rice. It was very delicious!


You will arrive in Montreal for 3 hours by bus. If you walked properly without looking at the map, it seems that you were walking directly opposite to urban areas. It became the venue of the 1967 World Exposition over the bridge, but Saint-Élaine Island seems to be there, so I would like to visit at a later date! When I'm traveling, I like "island" to "tower" even in the same "~to" … I think.

What should I eat?

I don't feel like I ate something similar the day before yesterday… Cranberries are famous in Canada, so I drank cranberry juice! It is sour and sweet is half and half, so-so delicious.

Auberge Bishop Downtown

The last hostel looks pretty gorgeous! Lord of the Rings was flowing, so I was watching with the hostel people! I'll explore Montreal tomorrow!

I walked to Saint-Terraine (Travel to the U.S.A. (24))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 24th day of your trip to the U.S., you'll travel to Saint-Élene, the venue for the Montreal World Expo!

It was not interesting to go normally, so I walked without using a train.

Industrial downtown

Do you know it's the French flag?

Bridge to Saint-Terraine Island

The weather was fine, so I sat in a chair and …



Explore the 2020 tips from the Canadian Olympics (USA Trip (25))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 25th day of my trip to the U.S., I went to a montreal Olympic facility.

I'm really looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics as well as starting to read seconds!

Cathedral of Marie-Reine du Monde

Maison olympique canadiMaisonenne

Tapioca in Chinatown

Olympic Stadium

botanical garden

Nanchara Market

Dinner is a vegan specialty store

Smoked Meat and McGill University (Usa Trip (26))

The article summarizes the records of my backpack trip to North America in January.

On the 26th day of my trip to the U.S., I ate smoked meat and went to the Red Pass Museum at McGill University!

It was snowing a little on this day, but it wasn't that cold!

Schwarz Smoked Meat

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