【University Student U.S.A.】Trip to North America (1) (New York/New Jersey)

University Student Trip to the U.S.: University Students' Trip to the Extremely Cold U.S.A. and Canada (1) (New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C.)

In January 2020, I re-compiled the diary of my backpack trip to North America as an article.

In the 1/8 part, I went around MoMA and Isamu Noguchi Museum that I wanted to go all the time!

The big incident was that I missed a plane in Beijing via it and I couldn't get to the U.S. …

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Day 1: Beijing

Failed Tiananmen Tower Time Attack

Until now, my overseas trip was a departure during the day, but this time it was unusually from 21:00 and it was my first night flight.

The atmosphere is different from usual, such as airports with few people, seats for rattles and in-flight meals with only snacks!

After 00:00 local time, you will arrive at the transfer destination Beijing International Airport (the time difference is +1 hour in Japan) and go to bed at 6 o'clock.

I aim for Tiananmen first thing in the morning, but in the blog of the experienced person, it is tough if there are no 6 hours, but I only have 5 hours …

After all, I could not get to Tiananmen because I did not know how to get out of the airport or changed trains.

I switched my mind and looked at the cityscape of China.

However, when I try to go home, the exchange amount at the airport is too small to buy tickets for the return train.

There is no exchange office in the visible place, and there is no ATM at the convenience store, so I wait for the opening time of the bank and rush in.

However, at that time there was no telephone number, and there was no plan to stay in China on that day, so I will continue to be refused …

Eventually, we found a Korean couple heading to the airport at the ticket office, negotiated and asked them to resell the fee.

Maybe because I was upset, I was badly caught in the station to get off at the airport afterwards.

I managed to get the order of the baggage inspection, but I reflected on my too much haphas planning …

Pseudo-time travel

From Beijing to New York, the seats were full of people in 13 hours, and it was likely to be economy syndrome because there were fewer opportunities to get up from the seat.

It was a mysterious flight that moved around the world with "13:00" of arriving in NY at 13:10 on the same day even though I left Beijing at 13:00.

Even so, 13 hours is long! He ate three in-flight meals, watched three movies, slept twice, wrote a blog post, and announced that he was arriving in New York.

Just a little bit before it gets dark.

Book a New Jersey hostel with a "booking.com" while you're in line for a crowded immigration line.

When I got on the subway and arrived at the hostel, the outside was already starting to get dark, so I went to see only the outside of the museum I was going to go the next day.

The Local Hostel NYC was a great price in New York for 8,000 yen in two days, and it was played at the bar in the hostel!

Day 2 ( Manhattan )

Travel to Manhattan

If I couldn't sleep and touched my smartphone, I overslept in the morning and jumped up at 9:30 when the sun rose enough (jet lag may be tighter than I thought …)

The purpose of this day is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), or museum of contemporary art. I went to the center of New York by subway, but it was open at 10:30, so I wandered around the neighborhood.

It's quite cold, so if it's about to freeze, let's run into church.

MoMA's contemporary art is difficult

I was finally able to come to the Museum of Contemporary Art, commonly known as MoMA, which was on the list of things I wanted to do! ($14 student)

According to the Japanese receptionist, this time of year was past the peak, so I was able to see the work slowly, lucky!

As we went from the 4th floor to the 1st floor, the production era changed, but from the 2nd floor onwards, it was difficult and I was not confident whether I liked contemporary art …

The starry night of Van Gogh is a different beauty from the star and moon night of Munch!

I didn't know that MoMA had the "memory sticking" that inspired me to become addicted to contemporary art, and it was a pleasant coincidence (we also took a picture together)

The continuation of this work "The collapse of the sticking of memory" is in Florida, but it is tough to go …

Central park

It's not much distance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the next destination, so I'll walk, or rather, if you want to walk around New York itself, what is the distance you can walk?

Before the trip, I explored Central Park, which was said by friends and people around me to "die when I go at night", but it was a peaceful park during the day.

There are many squirrels in the park, and there are more squirrels than the number of dogs I saw.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Unlike the Louvre museum in France, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is one of the world's third-generation museums, looks very large because the building does not dive underground. ($14 student)

If you peel off the issued seal and paste it in a place where you can see the clothes, it will be an admission ticket.

When I come to america, I'm going to start with European paintings, famous works rolling around, and I feel like I've already seen all the paintings I see in my life.

Monet has copied many works and changed styles, so the number of works under the same title is amazing.

In particular, "Water Lilies" were located in all museums, and four were displayed in this museum alone.

If there are already so many, the value will fade (laughs)

What do I eat in America?

What do I eat in America?

Because it became cloudy, the surroundings became dark without waiting for 18 o'clock, so I put my drawstring bag under the down for crime prevention and run to the subway station.

When I got back to the hostel, there was a party where the seller and the buyer of the painting exhibited their works in the hostel and interacted with them, and we found breakfast.

This hostel seems to be a place of exchange not only for accommodation but also for citizens, so I would like you to stay there because every day seems to be fun!

Day 3 , New Jersey

To Roosevelt Island

To Roosevelt Island

I made a mistake in opening the Isamu Noguchi Museum, so I decided to cross the river and go to Roosevelt Island, which was not originally planned.

It is an island with a peaceful atmosphere, such as historical buildings are now used as houses, and if you go along a road with only one, there is a small lighthouse.

It was a little far away, but it became a good exercise!

Isamu Noguchi Museum

Isamu Noguchi Museum

It was just the right time to get back from Roosevelt Island, so I visited the Isamu Noguchi Museum. ($5 student)

Inside there is his sculpture and the garden where it was placed. There are works that I saw in other museums, and you can see that I have made many similar works.

I was a little impressed by the prototype model of "Black Slide Mantra" in Sapporo. There were also sketches and models of the park that reminded me of "Moerenuma Park"


MoMA SP1's Gulf War

MoMA SP1's Gulf War

"MoMA SP1", a branch of MoMA, had a theme in the period, and at this time the Gulf War exhibition "Theater of Operations The Gulf Wars 1991-2011" was being held.

From the generation who did not know the war, who almost did not remember the Gulf War, this project felt quite painful.

The most shocking piece was touch the reality, which was just a video of a photo of a Gulf War victim flicking on a tablet to pick it or tap to enlarge it.

I was shocked by the theme of manipulating it as a matter of course, not just the impact of the photo that was skipped by writing.

The Statue of Liberty and many more

In New York, it is a fixed fee until the ticket exits the ticket gate, so I went as far as possible to the end point of World Trade Center Station.

After exploring around, we had a free ferry to commute to the island of Staten Island, so we rode it and saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance!

If you look at it from a distance, it may be smaller than the Tower of the Sun (if you look at it, the Tower of the Sun was 70m and the Statue of Liberty was 93m)

The sculpture "Red Cube" is the work of Isamu Noguchi.

I feel that his achievements are more admired overseas than in Japan, but is it because of his imagination?

Personally, I was an artist I had never heard of before I went to Moerenuma Park.

Banksy's "Hammer Boy"

Banksy's "Hammer Boy"

After seeing the Statue of Liberty, it was dark if I stopped by the New York Stock Exchange, but the center of Manhattan is bright at night, so it is safe.

I checked into the hostel "Hi HOSTEL NY" for 3 nights and ate authentic hamburgers at Mac (I was not particularly impressed) and went to see Banksy's "Hummer Boy".

This work is the only work left in the guerrilla art activity "Bettr Out Than In" in New York in 2013 by the artist "Banksy", which was exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Day 4 (Manhattan)

Chelsea/Green Market

Chelsea/Green Market

I waited for the museum's opening hours to go to Chelsea Market, but it was too expensive for tourists and couldn't reach cospa-focused backpackers.

On the other hand, the nearby green market was sold at an affordable price with many ordinary people, including homemade cheeses, vegetables, and bread.

I bought it because it was $1.5 a glass of warm apple cider, but the flavor of the apple was good on the flavor of the apple, and it was like an apple pie to drink!

Steak at a commoner's restaurant

Steak at a commoner's restaurant

It is a theory, but when I go on a trip abroad, I think that it is better not to stick too much to traditional dishes and popular shops.

Just as Japanese people usually go to conveyor belt sushi and Marugame seimen without going to high-end restaurants, it would be better to have a shop that is not listed in the guidebook to experience the country.

The restaurant on the street seems to have been a popular restaurant, and it was crowded, huge salads and steaks, and two small breads cost $28 + chips, wouldn't it be a good price?

The City Library of New York.

The places that came out to "Banana Fish", the Empire State Building, the metropolitan museum of art annexes, and museums like snails.

The museum like a snail is called the Guggenheim Museum, and it is an interesting style of displaying works on the wall of a spiral corridor centered on contemporary art.

It was interesting to be in the five-fingered museum I've been to, such as decorating the works of people who don't have names and the design of souvenir T-shirts is stylish!

Times Square at night

Times Square at night

I'm going to come again, but I'll take a peek at Times Square for a moment.

On the subway on the way, the guitar is playing on the street at the platform and the homeless sell newspapers in the car, and the station is fun in any country.

Pay the latest attention to the suri, hold the backpack in front of it with the arm that clutches the smartphone from the top (of course, kara in the pocket)

The nuts sold on the street looked delicious, so I bought them.

Day 6, New Jersey

Sunday Mass

I overslept in the morning for the second time during my trip because I live an irregular life, so I participated in a mass at a church near the hostel on Sunday.

I couldn't see the gospel, but it's fun to sing together or say piece with you and hug the people around me.

Christianity does not prohibit wine, and religion is interesting, such as watering a newly born baby!

Ny to NJ by bus

Ny to NJ by bus

Mass is over at 11:30 a.m., so pack up at the hostel and head by bus to a new Jersey shooting experience facility (only citizens can use guns in NY)

I got on the highway by bus and arrived at the big shopping mall in about 30 minutes, and walked for more than 30 minutes to the shooting range (I returned by a black dash)

When I talked about gun control and peace for a long time, I thought that it was different to make a claim even though I did not actually experience it, so it was good to experience it.

Day 7 (Washington, D.C.)

There are crowded trains in the U.S.

Megabuses that were indebted in Europe were also running in the United States, but for some reason I can not make online reservations, so I go directly to buy tickets.

However, because a water leak occurred on the route that was riding, the train stopped, and the next line running in parallel became a crowded train as well as Japan.

By the time we arrived, the scheduled time had passed, so we negotiated directly with the bus driver and had them take the next flight for $25.

It took about four hours to get to Washington, D.C., and the bus's WiFi was very weak and we were re-connecting dozens of times.

You will later notice that you do not have any food at all despite the lack of a break, and wait for your arrival while fighting hunger.

Arriving in Washington, D.C.

I arrived in Washington DC after 13:00 and visited and took a picture because there are splendid buildings around.

The manager was fluent in Japanese.

The hostel manager was not at the front desk, so I bought Koppepan and Potechi at the supermarket next door for dinner.

It is interesting because the manager likes anime, and the former kano is a japanese man, and it speaks alternately in English and Japanese (insanely good)!

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