【Anime Famous Words】The name / lines that I want to make the motto and the original work

Famous words from anime and manga

There is a "motto" in the question asked in job hunting, but anime and manga are difficult to introduce …

I will introduce the words and original works that underlie our current character, although we will not go to the motto.

I'm a nerd as such, so the influence from anime and manga may be a big driving force.

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A guy without ambition is an idiot.

Works: Kokoro (novel), Author: Natsume Soseki, "Teacher" friend K's words

It is not to force others to be ambitious, but to the last, the idea that I should be.

When I touched it in high school japanese, I used it playfully with my classmates, but I was conscious.

It is also a word that has always been the driving force for jumping into a new environment.

Knobless Oblige

Work: Eastern Eden (anime), Author: Kenji Kamiyama, Words of Artificial Intelligence Giis

In French, "nobility" means "toer [duty]", and it means that there is an obligation to maintain social status, etc.

In the work, it was a word directed at a person called Celeson who received 10 billion yen to save Japan.

I went on to graduate school as a researcher, and as a researcher, I began to think that I had a responsibility to society.

Hypocrisy is good, it's hypocrisy that you do more than good that you don't do.

Works: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga), Author: Hiroshi Arakawa, Words of Doctor Yuri Rockbell

During the war, a doctor who was providing relief in the enemy territory Ishbar said a line to a patient who resisted.

By the way, Mr. Yuri is the father of Edward's prosthetic mechanic Winley.

In fact, it has nothing to do directly with the story, but it was a strong and heart-resonating line.

No regrets in my life

Works: Fist of the North Star (manga), Author: Tetsuo Hara, Words of Laou

In fact, the fist of the North Star is grotesque in its description, so I have never read it properly.

It's just a very famous line and I live with the desire to say these words when I die.

It is a word that is the driving force for not hesitate to challenge.

Do not leak by sparseing the net

Works: Lao Tzu -Shichizo, Author: Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu's Words

The family training was four of this, "Always smiling cash payment", "Self-help", and "Hurry around".

I don't believe in God purely as a one-size-fits-all, but I try to think of it as a system.

It is a word that I want to remember when I have a feeling of moyamoya to the other party.

I usually write such an article