【vtuber boring】For those who think so, unique and interesting VTuber

【vtuber recommended】3 unique and interesting VTubers that you want people who think are boring to see

The vtuber neighborhood is bustling with the participation of major companies such as "2012" and "HoloLive".

We will introduce original vtubers while the image of idol-like standing and game play-by-play is strong.

What they have in common is that they "appeared quite early and gained a unique position".


Tsukino Mito


"Tsukino Mito", belonging to The JapaneseSanji, is the class chairman who rushes through the virtual world with a unique sense.

In the midst of the Vtuber boom, a neat class chairperson who debuted as a signboard daughter of "Nijisanji".

I was asked about a movie I had seen in my debut broadcast, and I talked passionately about "The Mukade Man" and attracted attention.

The distribution style ranges from "repo chat", "editing video", "planning of audience participation", etc.

After that, he caught the topic of the vtuber world at once with his unique sense and amazing ability of action.

3D now? He has also made his debut in majors and has become a representative of "2010".

After finishing the "List of Things You Want to Do before You Die" in 2021, has your activities calmed down a little?

Why vtuber small fish mukade chairman is popular

Oi is sisters.


"Oigera Sisters", a former upde8 member, is a twin sister who likes songs, 3D design and poop.

Originally I made my debut as a singing twin vtuber, but if you notice it, I post videos in entertainment in general.

Fast-paced conversation and childish (praised) ideas, it is very easy to see two characters fully utilized!

There are many videos that can be seen for about 10 minutes, so it is recommended for people who have never seen a vtuber.

The distribution style is basically an edited video such as "3D design / VR", "open video" and "board game".

Is it the most appropriate to call a vtuber because youtuber is doing something that comes to mind?

Vtubers' unique 3D designs and VRChat projects are difficult to see in major offices.

For the song video of my main job, the gap before and after watching the video is intense, so it is recommended to listen only to the audio first.

Uka Todoki


Uka Natsuki, a former Enterham member, is an art vtuber who expresses confidence in various ways regardless of delivery.

A 1003-year-old doll of a pessimist who lives in the depths of the forest, making it a hobby to decorate people who have strayed into taxidermy.

It is the oldest after vtuber Shitenno, and in addition to distribution, he also works as a novel, 3D modeling, contribution and judge.

Delivery styles such as "chat", "collaboration", "study together" etc. (the frequency of distribution is not so high)

In addition to the broadcaster, he has various faces such as singer "Haka" and "Uka Tsutsugi" as a novelist.

It is more like an engineer than a broadcaster, and there are also programs that introduce information about VR to listeners.

Since the beginning, we have been using 3D models with changes, and recently we have made unusual changes → 3D and 2D.

Videos that study English and programming together with viewers may be unusual for a vtuber?

Other recommended vtubers

  • Nysen Channel … Hono OL video sent by the person in charge of tsui abolition of corporate public relations
  • By Mymyu. Virtualcast Co., Ltd. Director CVO's trial broadcast
  • I don't think it's a thought… Vtubers and science and technology

Tsukino Mito:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-miitqNY3nyukJ4Fnf4_A

Oi is Sisters:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNjTjd2-PMC8Oo_-dCEss7A




No idea:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPeO0NenRLndISjkRgRXvA

If you have a vtuber who is interested, please go and see the channel!

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