【Inception】Dive into the target's dream and change the subconscious!


At the time of the announcement, I saw that "Inception", which became a hot topic, was released for free on Amazon Prime!

It is a science fiction action work that follows the mission of industrial spying to invade the dream and plant it in the subconscious.

We will summarize the synopsis of "Inception" from the viewpoint of science university students, the points of the story, impressions, etc.!


Movie "Inception"

Published: 2010/07/16
Production: Warner
Bros. Director: Christopher Nolan
Winner: Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound (83rd Academy Awards)
Best Original Screenplay (American Screenwriters Guild Award)

Key Characters

Cobb …Industrial spy called "puller". He is being chased by U.S. authorities as a suspect in his wife's murder.

Mole … Cobb's late wife. He and Cobb repeatedly dive into their dreams, making it difficult to distinguish between reality and dreams.

Site … Ask Cobb to do a "planting" job. influential enough to rescind his charges.

Arthur… Cobb's "pullout" colleague. During the mission, it remains in the second layer (hotel).

Ariadne … Cobb was introduced by his teacher as a "designer". He has designed all the worlds during the mission.

Eames … Cobb's "forger" brought in in Kenya. During the mission, he disguised as Peter.

Yusuf … A skilled "concoction" who can concoction powerful sedatives. During the mission, it remains in the first layer (white van).

Robert … The target of this mission. Shortly after his father, the head of a multi-energy company, died.

Peter… A person who worked as a right-hand man for a company. During the mission, you're dressed as an Eams.

Inception Knowledge


An item to check whether the world you are in is a real reality when you go back and forth between the dream worlds.

Cobb's item is made of metal, and in the dream world, the frame continues to rotate.

It is desirable to have a small weight that can feel existence.


Prevent targets and remover from returning to the real world in the event of a strong impact.

The drug is forcoctioned by the "concoction", and the skilled concoctioner

On the other hand, if you die in a dream world, you will spend time with "nothingness" until the painkiller runs out.

Dream World

In the dream, landscapes and people whose memories are projected are arranged.
A trained person can defend the dream world, which is replaced by an armed figure.
Important things are often hidden in places where valuables are actually deposited, such as banks and safes.
In the dream world, the experience time becomes very long, and this becomes longer as the hierarchy of dreams described later is deeper.

Dream Hierarchy

In the dream world, you can go further into the dream world from there.
In the dream in the dream in the dream … It becomes difficult to return to the real world for that amount though it is possible to dive infinitely.

Inception Synopsis

Cobb, who failed to extract the memory, is asked by The Site to inception.
Cobb is being chased as a suspect in his wife's murder in his hometown and is asked to reunite with his children. He
visited the master who once gave him a chance to plant and introduced "designer" Ariadne.

Cobb is targeted for his life by Kobol, who asked for the site to extract information, and has the necessary personnel for the plan.
His request is to instill in his son the subconscious of "destroying the system of fathers who are top companies". It is necessary to make him and his companions think that they have come up with it
by themselves.

On the day of the operation, Ariadne infiltrates Cobb's dream of tripping into the dream world alone.
Then, she learns that cobb loses to the wife and her subconscious interferes with it by the dream.
In response to Ariadne, who insists that his understanding is necessary, Cobb hastily decides to incorporate it into the plan.

In the first tier, they succeeded in kidnapping the target, but suddenly they were shot by the inhabitants of the dream world. He had special training to defend his information against the
In order to reduce the damage to the injured site, cobbs leave the driving to Yusuf and dive into the second layer.

Based on his failure in the first tier, Cobb goes on a strategy to tell the target in the second layer that this is a dream.
Cobb succeeds in believing in the target by lying that he is the bodyguard of the dream world. He makes Peter, his
father's aide, a bad one, and dives into the memory of Robert and the Eames disguised as him.

Arthur's dream disguised as Peter was a snowy mountain hospital heavily guarded by armed groups.
Just before the success of the plan, Cobb hesitated to shoot the mole who came to the blockage, and Robert died in the third layer.
Ariadne proposed collecting Robert in the void, succeeding in the plan, and then escaping.

Cobb dives into a dream with Ariadne to settle the final with his now-deceased wife, Mol.

Impressions of watching "Inception"

There is no guarantee that this world is real.

The last depiction was very good and I couldn't help praying for something until the credits were over.

I was also able to sympathize with the fact that I was very afraid of the theme of the work, "The distinction between dreams and reality will not be possible."

The molar's words "Is that world real?" reminds me of "the matrix" and "the brain of an aquarium.""

The brain in a vat is a hypothesis that "the world you are experiencing is actually a dream seen by the brain floating in the aquarium." A spceptic thought experiment frequently used in the philosophical world, it was formulated in 1982 by the philosopher Hilary Putnam. "

Aquarium Brain – Wikipedia

Whose dream is it now?

At first, peter's dream world lurking in the third layer really lost its know who's world.

Tier 1 and 2 Peter is Arthur's disguise, not real, and the third layer should be Arthur's world.

Arthur should be an ally, but I didn't really understand why the armed group was attacking,

  • Layer 1 Raid: Robert's Defense Intention against Everyone Who Invaded
  • Second-Tier Raid: Robert's defense intention against Arthur
  • Layer 3 Raid: Ariadne's Design + Cobb's Subconscious

That's what you mean? And once consent went. It is quite difficult whose attack it is ….

The idea of a dream hierarchy

In order to go up one level of dreams, it is necessary to "kick", but I thought that it was an interesting idea to unify with music because communication cannot be achieved outside the
Each hierarchy has one person left to protect the sleeping person, so everyone needs to come back at the same time.
I thought it was a very interesting idea that time progressed differently depending on the hierarchy, but it was a little confusing.

Available on Amazon Prime

There are several science fiction works that go into the world of dreams, but the idea is very interesting while taking action!

The content is not scientific, but I thought it was a work suitable for science.

As of 2021/01/16, you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime, so please take a look!

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