The Life of a Lonely Genius Challenging Crypto Enigma


The ultra-esoteric cipher "Enigma", famous for its Nazis, has long tormented its enemy, Britain.

Alan Turing, the creator of the computer, was also involved in the process of deciphering enigma.

This time, I wrote a synopsis and impression of "Imitation Game" on the theme of Enigma and its decipherment!

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"Imitation Game" Basic Information

  • original title: The Imitation Game
  • Aired:2014
  • Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Synopsis: A biographical drama about the eventful life of Alan Turing, a genius mathematician who unraveled Germany's world's strongest crypto Enigma during World War II.

Characters in "Imitation Game"

Alan Turing

British genius mathematician. The person who laid the foundation of the Internet later.

Challenge the German code "Enigma" to win the British army.

John Clark

She is the only cambridge graduate and researcher.

Turing solved the problem published in the newspaper, and in this test, the problem was solved at a speed beyond Alan.

He gets engaged to Alan, but is later destroyed by Alan.

John Cairncross

Turing's colleagues, both challenge the code Enigma.

He was a good understanding of Alan, but he was a double spy with Russia.

"Imitation Game" Content

The stage is British during World War II, Britain suffering from German attacks, launches a decoding team.

The team begins to analyze the code, but Alan is isolated from the team because of remarks that make a fool of others.

Alan will be the leader of MI6 by directly appealing to Prime Minister Churchill, and will fired the two members.

In order to gather new members to help with cryptanalysis, Alan puts a crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

The crossword-solving man passed through the exam and joined Alan and his team as a member.

The decryption machine "Christopher" was completed over a long period of time, but the processing did not catch up and the decryption did not end.

Alan was almost fired by his boss, but his colleagues gave him a month to spare.

One day, Alan discovers the key to the code from the words that enter the Nazi army's daily communications, and finally succeeds in decoding Enigma.

Alan and others who decoded Enigma, but if the Nazi army realized that they would crack the code, a new code would be created.

Their next task was to calculate whether they could win the war efficiently and to select the dead.

Alan then studied computers at home, but police known him to be gay and was arrested.

In addition to being imprisoned, Alan chose the path of scientific castration, but a year after the start of treatment, Alan committed suicide.

"Imitation Game" Impressions

In fact, he was not only the one who created the foundation of the computer, but also the person who decoded the world's strongest code.

I thought the actor's acting as Alan was amazing!

It's made so you don't have to know how to do math or computers.

Please take a look at not only science people but also humanities people!

Also, if you wish you had introduced a site that can reproduce enigma with paper with enigma entanglement!

Paper Enigma Machine recreates Enigma, a masterpiece Nazi German cryptographer, with just one piece of paper

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