【Flash of Hathaway】Gundam ORIGIN to UC Summary and Impressions


I watched an introduction video of Oi-Sis about Gundam's new movie "Hathaway of Flash".

We've seen the Origin, the first TV/theatrical version, the Z TV version, and the war in the pocket.

We will summarize the synopsis and impressions of [Gundam Z Theater Trilogy / Char's Counterattack]!


Overall story


Mobile Suit Gundam/The Origin

Uc0079 has passed since 79 years have passed since the year when humankind advanced into space as the Space Century (UC).

There was a feud between space migrants who had advanced to the space colony and the earth's people.

Side 7, seeking independence, calls himself the Principality of Zion and declares war on the Earth Federation Army.

A one-year war in which a white war with mobile suits (MS) took place from a conventional war by a certain technology.

Amuro and others who happened to find the new MS Gundam escaped with a white base machine in the middle of a shortage of personnel.

He wakes up to a new type through a battle with the Zion army MS, including the red comet Char.

The war ended with the victory of the Earth Federation Army when Char betrayed the Xavi family, who dominated the Principality of Theon.

Mobile Suit Gundam Z

UC0085, the Earth Federation Army that won against the Zion army, but again internal divisions against the earth and space.

The war by Camille et go which robbed Gundam Mark.2 from Titans started.

Camille learns the harshness of war through encounters with selfish adults and enhanced human fow.

Axis, which aims to rebuild the Principality of Zion as a third force, was negotiating with both sides ascertaining the situation of the war.

In cooperation with Axis, the negotiations broke down and finally a three-way battle was scheduled to intercept Titans.

After a melee, the war ended in the victory of Ego, but they also caused enormous damage.

Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack

Uc0093, the Battle of the Earth Federation Army that ended with the victory of Ego, Char hated the corruption politics of the earth.

After passing through Ego and succeeding Neo zeon led by Hammaan, he became general and competed against the Earth Federation Army.

Char planned to drop Axiz on Earth, cool it, and unleash all humans into space.

Amuro returns to the front line, and goes to settle with Char with ν Gundam that he designed.

In the face of the Earth's collision in Axis, the Earth Federation and Neogeon joined forces to stop the collision.

Char and Amuro, who had been with Acciz until just before, go missing.

What has changed dramatically since now.

Ms needs more mobility

The first Gundam had a lot of battles on earth, so it was an image centered on land warfare.

This time, there are a lot of aerial battles, and mobility will be required for humanoid mobile suits.

A large amount of deformed mobile armor (MA) is introduced, flight assistance has also increased in mobile suits.

The entry into the atmosphere also feels considerable technological innovation from the previous work, such as the use of value.

NewType/Enhancement Human Appointment

A "new type" that occurs when humans who grew up in space use a part of the brain that they did not use on the ground.

In the first generation Amuro and Char were on their own in battle, and Lara acquired that ability in the laboratory.

In addition to the original new type in Z, it is so that reinforced human beings are also unstable but put into practice.

The scene where Günay destroys four aircraft in a row in reverse char represents the horror of an enhanced human being.

Changes in tactics

The first generation was basically a battle with a white base alone, but tactics have diversified.

Dummies of battleships and mobile suits by balloons, poison gas and nuclear weapons that had been hesitant are also used.

In the mobile suit battle, including Yazan, the quick withdrawal by Mobile Armor was impressive.

Up to the new type, in addition to the battle in the main body, the dual battle of the shooting between the funnels.

Where the worst feared "colony drop" is still in use, I feel the anomaly of war.

Z Gundam Theatrical Version Impressions

The movie trilogy has been re-edited by adding down to the TV version, and the ending etc. are some different.

I was a little worried that the image would be overtly cut because of the re-editing of the TV version.

However, it is easy to understand the explanation in the part where the viewer is confused, such as the relationship between Titans and Ego.

In addition, a mysterious character named Rosami has been excluded, making the story easier to understand.

On the other hand, the encounter of Jerid and Camille and "Falling mosquito ear sewer!" etc. are cut.

How many times did Jerid change his mobile suit? I thought. (It seems to have appeared in 7 aircraft)

It is Hammaan that I do not understand well even in the TV version, and it is not convinced even if I read it on Wikipedia by a sudden appearance.

This time it seems to appear in ZZ that skipped the viewing, so I wonder if you can clearly understand it there?

When I watched the movie version after watching the TV version, I was able to confirm the unknown points and I was very satisfied with the story.

Char's impression of counterattack

I thought it felt short because I watched it after the Z trilogy, but it was worth seeing.

Amuro, who didn't have much time in the second half of the Z Gundam, thought he wouldn't fight in the future.

However, he was on the front lines in the work, and I wanted a description of his trends and changes in his mind.

The scene where Cess wanted his father's shadow from Char was reminiscent of successive works.

Char wants a mother in Lara and a man in Recko, which is considered an important theme.

I didn't really like depictions that were not only used as tools for war, but also made the aircraft willing.

Both Z and Reverse Char felt a little childish in the last, "Save the world by believing".

How much did Char and Amuro eventually understand each other in battle?

Gundam is interesting.

↑ My favorite aircraft is Assimaa, a little cute shape, but I think it is suitable for practice!

In the video of Ōmeshis, it was "the first → Z→ reverse char", but it seems that another work such as ZZ will also be included in the meantime.

By not looking at the work "Gundam ZZ" in between, there are parts where I feel that information is insufficient.

It seems that the comedy color is stronger than the previous work, but I would like to see it!

The Gundam series, which is famous for not matching the production order and time series, may be the reason why it tends to be shunned.

The HP of Bic Camera was well organized and it was easy to understand.

Gundam WorldView: Bic Camera | The Universe Century

Gundam also focuses on the history of the introduction of mobile suits and competition by MS development companies.

If it is just a robot anime, it is a work that I want you to see by all means without cutting it off!

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