【Moonshot Goal】R&D system and related technologies that are a little scary


The Moonshot Project is one of the six goals that the Japanese government has set as a plan to implement it by 2050.

Japanese pioneers are assigned to research according to each theme, and research is being conducted to realize it.

There were many articles such as government conspiracy theories, so I'll try to write facts from an as fair perspective as possible!

It is a grand plan that I think may be paid more attention, so thank you if you point out, your opinion, etc!


Goal 1: A society in which people are freed from the constraints of the body, brain, space, and time

・ By combining a large number of avatars and robots operated remotely by multiple people, we will develop technology for performing large-scale and complex tasks, and build the foundation necessary for their operation, etc.

・Develop technologies that can extend physical, cognitive, and perceptual abilities to the top level by anyone who wants to, and spread a new lifestyle based on social norms.


5G stands for 5th Generation, and the amount of communication time and transmission information is significantly higher than conventional communication standards.

However, there is less building around than before, and it is necessary to build new equipment and add antennas.

Since a lot of information can be exchanged in real time, remote surgery and operation of fully automatic factories are possible.

In addition, it is possible to skip instructions from the computer on the cloud without installing it on the computer in the device itself.

6G, which is currently being researched overseas, can be included not only on earth but also in the communication zone.


Virtual reality makes the space created by computers feel like reality.

Augmereted Reality projects computer images onto real-world landscapes.

Mixed reality is a high-level ar presence in which reality and augmented information interact with each other.

XR, which is integrated with these, is gradually spreading into society from game consoles and apps.

You can gather with people from all over the world while you are at home and hold meetings and participate in idol concerts.

The latest illustrations quickly understand the book that you can understand 5G in whole

Body d'yging

It is now normal for people with reduced mobility to handle wheelchairs and put on prosthetic legs.

It is sometimes called a "cyborg" that fuses organ and automatic control technology (cybernetic).

In the future, robots will be used to enable more precise operation, such as prosthetic hands that move by reading brain waves.

In addition, it is also possible to see things without passing through the eyeball by passing an electric current through the brain for vision, etc.

In addition, the powered suit can acquire more physical abilities than humans, and organs can be replaced with machines.

A plan is underway for a clinical trial of "artificial eyes" to restore lost vision_Gigagine

Goal 2: A society that can predict and prevent diseases at an ultra-early stage

・Establish a disease prediction and pre-disease assessment system through integrated analysis of comprehensive networks between organs, and aim to suppress and prevent the onset of diseases themselves.

・ We will grasp changes in human lifelong individual function from the viewpoint of a comprehensive network between organs, and establish a method for returning from a "state that can still be reversed" before developing as a disease, that is, a "pre-disease condition" to a healthy state.

Identify disease-causing network structures and establish new methods for prediction and prevention.


An artifact that emphasizes mechanical motion in the size of a virus (10-100 nm) that is slightly smaller than bacteria or cells.

A technology that artificially produces viruses that cannot replicate themselves and multiply by sending DNA into biological cells.

It does not take time to self-proliferate in the body of an organism, but it also suggests the risk of unintended proliferation and mutations.

In SF, it is often portrayed as a role of launching internal attacks, but there are also benefits such as the need for medical examinations.


Drug delivery systems are a field of active research in technology for appropriately delivering drugs to affected areas.

In conventional treatment, the effect of drug administration on the affected area is large, such as side effects in cancer treatment.

DDS does not decompose or release drugs until it reaches the affected area, and appropriate drug release in the affected area is required.

in addition to delivering, nanomachines are sometimes referred to as "nanomachines" that carry out more advanced activities.

Realizing nanomachines that bring innovation to medical care with polymer design! _Tokyo Institute of Technology

Al diagnostics

AI, short for intelligent intelligence, is also called artificial intelligence, and it is an attempt to reproduce human intelligence by machines.

However, at this point, there are no research results that computers thought in the same way as humans.

However, with deep learning described later, computers are outperforming humans to a limited extent.

By allowing AI to read photos of organs of cancer patients and those who are not, it is possible to predict cancer patients.

Since there are research data that boast a higher accuracy than human consultations, AI diagnosis may develop in the future.

AI discovers unknown characteristics of cancer_RIKEN

Goal 3: Robots that learn and act on their own and coexist with people through the co-evolution of AI and robots

・ Develop AI robots that do not feel uncomfortable, have physical abilities equal to or better than people, and grow together closely in life.

・ Develop AI robot systems that aim to think and act on their own in the field of natural science and automatically discover scientific principles and solutions.

・ Develop AI robots that autonomously judge, operate and grow in environments where it is difficult for people to work.

Deep Learning

In the field of machine learning, there is a neural network that mimics a brain cell system.

Of these, learning using three or more layers of structure is called deep learning, also known as "deep learning".

With the progress of calculation processing functions, it is possible to perform calculations more quickly, and practical application is progressing.

DeepL translation that does not feel uncomfortable in familiar places, AlphaGO that wins the very staged Go professional.

In recent years, he has synthesized photographs of non-existent people from a large number of facial photographs and presented works of art.

"TEZUKA2020" Kioxia Official Site

Humanoid robots

Humanity is required for robots that are expected to play an active role not only for customer service but also for autism and the elderly.

However, it is very difficult to make a robot a two-legged robot that is not stable and make it the same height and weight as humans.

In addition, deep learning conversations and artificial skin development are awaiting the "Eerie Valley Phenomenon".

This is because negative elements such as discomfort and fear appear in one point where human realism accuracy increases.

In the future, there is also the question of how robots will eliminate differences with humans and deal with them when they have the will.

The Last Lecture Full Edition Hiroshi Ishiguro

Frame problem

One of the problems that artificial intelligence faces when trying to mimic human intelligence is the "frame problem".

This means that robots with only finite information processing capabilities cannot deal with all real problems.

For example, when driving a car, humans can unconsciously do "driving that may be".

However, artificial intelligence is not prioritized for the "may" that can be real, and it examines infinitely.

Whether something comes down from the sky or there is a cat under the tire, it takes a huge amount of time to process it without needing.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – Identifying Possibilities and Traps 

Goal 4: Sustainable resource recycling for global environmental revitalization

・ Spread commercial-scale plants and products of resource recycling technology worldwide.

Renewable Plastics

The problem of plastic, which is caused by accidental food by wild animals and the impact of microplastics on the natural environment.

Currently under research is on environmentally friendly materials that replace conventional plastics.

Starbucks and McDonald's are the first in the world to develop paper straws and PLASTIC bottles.

Biodegradable, plant-derived biomass plastics that return to water and carbon dioxide due to microorganisms have also appeared.

Coca-Cola announces start using paper bottles – GIGAZINE

CO₂ Reserves

Global warming occurs because greenhouse gases, including CO₂, do not let the earth's heat escape into space.

There is also the Paris Agreement to reduce CO₂ emissions, but research is also being conducted to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and concrete building materials that store CO₂ deep underground are also under consideration.

By the way, CO₂ is a problem because there are many emissions, and methane and nitrous oxide are more amazing.

I will explain in detail the efforts proposed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the reuse of carbon dioxide | NHK

Clean Energy

In addition to hydro, wind, and nuclear power, to space solar power generation that is not affected by tidal forces and weather using sea pulling.

In addition, research is being carried out on thermocouples that convert temperature differences into electricity and technologies for converting vibrations into electricity.

In recent years, hydrogen energy, which has been attracting attention, seems to be considered for carbon dioxide emissions and transportation in the hydrogen production process. 

Green blue hydrogen, which does not put a burden on the environment, and hydrogen storage alloys will contribute to the hydrogen society in the future.

First of all, japanese companies are | to the water decomposition device aiming at the next Nikkei Crosstech

Goal 5: Create a sustainable food supply industry on a global scale without waste by making full use of unused biological functions, etc.

・ Develop a fully resource recycling food production system by making full use of biological functions such as microorganisms and insects.

・Develop solutions to eliminate food waste and promote healthy and environmentally friendly and rational food consumption.


There are a lot of examples like this now though man fulfilled the dream of flying in the sky by the airplane which imitated the bird.

Tape made from geckos fingers and water-repellent materials made from lotus leaves are also used in familiar areas.

Furthermore, there are living things such as Kumamushi who does not die even in extreme conditions and urokov netamagai with iron sulfide shells.

These special organisms may also be helpful as humans evolve further.

Biomimetics and ICT | ITU-AJ

Insect food

With the environmental impact and population growth, insect food is attracting attention as a valuable source of protein other than meat.

The Japanese have been eating insects such as locus and hachinoko for a long time, but now they are attracting attention worldwide.

Crickets are mixed with cookies and coffee because they are grown without thinking about transformation.

While 7 to 10 kg of beef is required for 1 kg of meat, edible crickets can only be about 1.7 kg.

A secret boom? Why insect food is so popular (msn.com)

Alternative meat

It is what is called alternative meat that is welcomed not only by protein problems, but also by vegetarians.

What is created from plants such as soybeans is provided in stores by the rice company Beyond Meat.

On the other hand, attempts to produce meat by culturing meat cells are also being carried out, and it is attracting attention.

In addition to meat, fish are being replaced, and Terramino Foods has developed "salmon" with fungi and algae.

Terramino Foods – Engagement in Food Systems (berkeley.edu)

Goal 6: Error-resistant general-purpose quantum computers that dramatically develop economy, industry, and security

・ Achieve large scale and realize error-resistant general-purpose quantum computers.

Quantum computers

The laws of physics that are not based on the classical mechanics around us are called "quantum mechanics" and are also used for computers.

Calculation using qubits (qubits) that have more information than conventional computer bits.

In general, only 1 or 0 could be shown, but in the quantum superposition state, it is 1 and a state of 0 is possible.

By using this, it is possible to calculate in parallel using superposition of calculations that take a long time to process.

What is a Quantum Computer – Dictionary of IT Terms e-Words


In the future, when the future where robots will create robots themselves will come, it will exceed human understanding in some respects.

Some scientists call this a technical singularity and warn about artificial intelligence development.

Ray Kurzweil, who gave many examples, was supported by advocating that it would arrive around 2045.

Based on moore's law, in which integrated circuit components double every year, and the law of harvest acceleration, where inventions are exploding.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – Identifying Possibilities and Traps 


In recent years, quantum computers have attracted attention, but there are also approaches using living organisms.

A biocomputer that reproduces a computer using DNA as a computing element or using living organisms.

Computers using slime mold are expected to have flexible computers that require multiple releases.

Because of the fun of the idea, this technology was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in 2008 and 2010.

What is a "slime mold computer"? : Latest keyword commentary in 5 minutes – MONOist

I wish I had a more dreamy plan.

As an impression

  • The body is not abandoned (Matrix, Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Do Not Escape From Earth (Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross)
  • Do not use psychic powers (super electromagnetic guns of a certain science, inferiors of magic department high school)

It may not be realistic, but I think it would be nice to have a plan that looks further ahead.

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