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【Tate no Kuni】I tried to consider the outline of the recommended manga of Shonen Jump +

Shueisha's app "Jump +" has a corner where you can read not only this magazine publication but also expected newcomer works.

Among them, the new idea of vertical reading, the essential story of consideration, and the "country of vertical" with a setting that tickles the SF mind is hot!

The final episode will be held in April 2021, and we will introduce and consider works that will become unreadable for free if it becomes famous!

■Note: It contains spoiler elements, so if you want to enjoy the story 100%, read the manga and then read the article!


Information on "Tate no Kuni"

Information on "Tate no Kuni"

Author: Ku Tanaka

The author of "Tate no Kuni" is a person who provides ideas for science fiction works called Sora Tanaka.

This work "Tate no Kuni" seems to be a series of works including drawings as well as his first original work.

His favorite films include:

  • Back to the Future
  • Laputa Castle in the Sky
  • Inception

We have also updated our blog to see how manga can be completed!

・ "What I think of drawing manga names every day"

Synopsis: New Interpretation Laputa

In an endless slotted hole, Ruska, a maintenance clerk in the "Land of Tate", witnesses the falling girl Omega.

Ruska, who had been interested in the bottom of the country for a long time, chased her and met Kelvin and Zupa along the way.

As they follow omega, who was suddenly taken away, they will know the truth of the birth of the country of Tate and the fall of Omega…

As the author also said, the influence of Ghibli's work "Laputa, Castle in the Sky" is strongly influenced.

Not only the setting where the girl comes down from the sky, but also the character name is playful.

  • Colonel Rusca-Muska
  • Omega (Ω) = Theta (θ)
  • Kelvin- Robot Soldier
  • Zpa-Pazoo

In addition, it is a story reminiscent of "Sakasama's Patema" modeled by Laputa.

It seems interesting to pay attention to and compare what each work has a theme.

"Sakasama's Patema" was based on gravity, but in the case of "Tate no Kuni", space-time is the theme.

Characters from "Tate no Kuni" characters

Characters from "Tate no Kuni" characters

A characteristic feature of "Tate no Kuni" is that the same name may refer to other people.

Therefore, it is often not possible to know while reading.

The basic character description is normal, and spoilers are shown in this way.

Some spoilers halve the fun of "Tate no Kuni", so read the work before visiting!


He is a maintenance clerk in the country of Tate and has been interested in the structure of the country for a long time, and follows Omega to aim at the bottom of the country of Tate.

The decision is also quick and saves the predicament of the companion many times, but it is not good at thinking deeply, and there are a lot of sudden actions.

He is familiar with the structure of Tate's country, but he is not good at science and machinery, and listens to Kelvin and Zpa's explanations.

The original story is Muska of Laputa or astronomer Chandra Sekhar or physicist Ernst Rusca.

In the country at the bottom, he was the only person who was able to read unknown languages by the superinstial Guruon designers.

It is one of the earthling crew who created the "land of tate" to escape the black hole.

Lisa, the daughter of Dr. Gluon, was a childhood friend and escaped in Dr. Gluon's spaceship during the Earth's collapse.

After that, Dr. Gluon began construction of "Tate no Kuni", and it was monitored from the spacecraft.

For maintenance, I entered Tate's country three days before chandra experience time, but I lost my memory.

Ruska's experience in Tate's country was all a program chandra created to escape Ruska.


It is a girl of "Drop shrine maiden" who came from the country top of Tate, and it is exposed to the bottom of the hole by the living thing of the eyeball type.

After that, he left a message to Luca, who said he was following him, "Don't come to the bottom of Tate's country."

There is a girl of the same name at the station, and the key person of the story, such as the wormhole generator "omeganium".

The omegas that have been taken away are called "true omegas" and are known to be treated differently from other omegas.

The original neta is omega (Ω,ω) for raputa theta (Θ, θ). By the way Ω is the last letter in Greek letters.

He was made to take half-death medicine from the center of the black hole and sent to the bottom of the country (top) of Tate once every 10 years.

Its true identity is a temporary figure of "Omeganium", a national constituent material of Tate generated from dark energy.

The fallen shrine maiden was a necessary means of transporting omega-nim to the land of Tate to escape the black hole.

The only material omega girl is Lisa, daughter of Omega system developer Dr. Gluon.

Unable to save his daughter during the earth's collapse, he was plotting to transcend time through the generation of black holes.

However, at the time of the black hole, the AI omega system developed by Dr. Gluon killed him.

An image of his daughter, who was unable to erase his memory when hacked, has been left.


A scientist who abandoned his body and became a robot to conduct research on Tate's country for more than 1,000 years.

Rusca, who followed Omega to the land of Tate, was the first person he met, and he was a brain-like party.

By remodeling the Zpa, it is possible to think only with the arm, transform into various forms, it is also useful as a combat power.

I know old neta that Rusca and his colleagues do not know, but words such as TV and smartphone in their words and behavior …

The original story is from the absolute temperature unit "K (Kelvin)".

Before becoming a robot, Kelvin had a body, a memory, and the name Karabi Yau.

Dr. Karabi Yau has lost his memory and has been investigating the pollution situation in Tate's country for 1,000 years.

The scientist who invented the poison gas in the war in the country of Tate and caused enormous damage to both countries.

It looks similar to the maintenance robo of the past national library tower, and it may have been used as a reference when abandoning the body.

The original story of the name is from "Karabi Yau Manifold" in the super string theory.


A great engineer who helped Lucas who were thrown out of "Tate no Kuni" with a featured robot.

The eyeballs he was eating were no longer omegas, and they traveled with Lucas in search of food.

He contributes to technical aspects such as the remodeling of Rusca's prosthetic hand and Kelvin, but he immediately panics in the event of a pinch.

The original story reads Laputa's Pazoo from the opposite.

At the end of the story, the head and torso were torn off by Kepla, but it was revived as if nothing had happened.

The true identity is a virus buster robot developed by Dr. Rani Kenya, which is integrated with the country of Tate.

It turns out to have the ability to disassemble eyeballs and keplas, which are part of the country of Tate.

By the installation of ver.2, it seems to be more girly

Other characters


A post office worker, who used to be a earthworm, brings him to negotiate with the Ozu family.

After that, he married Tokamak in a unified country of Tate and worked as a civil servant, but escaped.

We create an environment very similar to the earth in earthworms.

Is there a relationship with earthlings from the environment in earthworms?

Is the original story a symbol of betrayal, Thomas, the first disciple of Jesus Christ? It may have an important meaning because it is not related to the universe so much.


A disciple of Dr. Rani Kenya.

Threatened by the Lambda army, he became a spy and shed his information, but he was rescued by an absenter form.

After his death, he led the Onu family, but was later murdered by civil servants.

There is a person of the same name in the world created by Judas, which judas reproduces the tokamak killed by the country of Tate with a robot.

The original story is "Tokamak type", one of the models of high-temperature fusion reactors.


A super life form without a body that governed the country at the bottom (provisional).

Because it is the existence of data without a body, it disappears without energy and omeganium is sought.

It was separated from the land of verticals, inverted gravity, and absorbed omega, a shrine maiden, as energy in 1999.

It was created by the designers, and at first it was a Phi-Phi creature with a machine body.

The original story is "gluon" which strengthens the bond in the proton in the elementary particle theory.

Dr. Rani Kenya

A genius scientist who led the Ozu family in the past Tate country.

He succeeded in developing neutralizing gum to disable gas that contaminates the entire country of Tate, and the Lambda army targeted his life.

He was killed by the Lambda army, but he left his own backing in the library tower and took control of the land of Tate.

Dr. Rani Kenya, who took control of Tate's country, later ruled the land of Tate as Gluon, but he and Peepy escaped remain personal.

The original story was the "Rani Kenya Super Galaxy Cluster", a superclusal cluster proposed in 2014.



He is a young man of "earthlings" who are designers of Tate's country, and has a synchronous relationship with Luca.

On the way to escape the earth and move through space on a mass migrant ship, witness the appearance of a black hole and the construction of the country of Tate.

It monitored from the outside until Rusca who entered maintenance escaped.

The original story is astronomer "Chandra Sekar".

Dr. Gluon

A genius scientist who is the same earthling as Lucca and Chandra and built the omega system of mass migrant ships.

In order to change the future of the earth, he spawned a wormhole, a black hole, but was killed by an omega system that sensed danger and took over his knowledge.

It is suggested that Lisa, who looked just like Omega, had a friendship with Ruska and Chandra.


A mysterious figure who invited Ruska inside the black hole into a building similar to a "station".

The true identity was "Space" seen from the earthling, and the name also borrowed the appearance of tentatively and Pops and appeared.

There is nothing left outside the universe, and Max can't change the universe, but it is possible to fly Luca to the past axis inside confidence.

Former neta is theoretical physicist Max Tegberg or physicist Max Weber

"Tate no Kuni" content

Tate no Kuni (episodes 1 to 31)

Lucca, the nation's mente in Tate, jumps into the abyss chasing the fallen girl Omega and, along with scientist Kelvin, is taken away by the mysterious centerpiece.

The two jumped outside due to the separation of the towers, and they met engineer Zpa, who continued to descend, but the tower was over even though there was a barrier to it.

The Rusca and his colleagues, who descend toward the omega position indicated by the transmitter, meet another Omega, integrated with a "station" that uses omega-nim to produce wormholes.

She thought protecting the station was about protecting Tate's country, but there are already many collapsed stations on the ground where she meets Pops, who mines omega-nim.

Although there was a happening that was swallowed up by the winged earthworms manipulated by Judas, a civil servant who was aiming for omega-nium, they safely warped to another world.

Warping was in the past before omega's station collapsed, and they created a wormhole to help Pops just before they were involved in an accident, aiming for the bottom of the train.

Bottom Country (32 episodes〜)

The Rusca, who have crossed the infinite part of the country of Tate in the wormhole, arrive at the country thought to be the bottom of the country of Tate.

The gravity was reversed there, there was no one person despite the town, and there were a large number of gravestones standing outside the city.

There they met the superin life of Gluon, who informed them that all the tombstones belonged to omegas of the past.

Gluon wanted omega-nims for his survival, and they entered the designer's laboratory to find out who Gulion was.

The designer met Phi Phi, who developed as a prototype of Gluon, and logged into the virtual world inside Phi Phi by tracing The Memory of Gluon.

Outside Country Edition

Lusca, who rides Judas's flying earthworm "Dragon" and aims beside the country of Tate, hits a self-healing wall.

Beyond that, it was Ruska's colleague Chandra who was waiting.

The country of Tate was an infinitely escaping settlement developed by earthlings on the verge of being sucked into black holes, and the inhabitants of the country of Tate were artificial life forms to test their habitability.

In contrast to Chandra, who abandoned Tate's land and hinted at his escape, Lucca talks about Omega waiting at the true bottom of Tate's country and goes to help.

Dr. Gluon, the designer at the event horizon,

In addition, omega's help has him interact with Max, the designer of the universe, and ask him to accept that he will fly into the universe of the past.

Dr. Gluon, who had generated a black hole on a group of migrants in the past, was killed by the Omega system and hijacked brain data.

A Study of the Country of Tate

In the manga "Tate no Kuni", where the reader's imagination is tested, hints of each story are gradually being collected, and you can see a lot of consideration in the impression column of the manga.

After actually reading the manga, I will note what I know at the moment and what I think is like this based on the considerations summarized in the impression column.

Because it is selfish speculation, please read it in half of the story, and there is such a consideration again? I would be happy if you could comment on this article!

Structure of "Tate no Kuni"

The places where Lucca and Kelvin lived are widespread with toxic gases, and some places can't live without masks, but some are not affected by gas.

The tower has a side hole and the people of the country of vertical live there, but in certain areas all the horizontal holes are blocked, and the only open window occasionally looks into the mysterious centerpiece.

The inside of the tower is probably infinite, and no matter how much you get down, the distance of the outer wall is limited and the tower is finished under the barrier.

Because the distance is infinite in Tate country, wormholes in stations are often used to move, but as a driving force, "omeganium" and a device to make wormholes are required.

In the past, under the barrier was the Lambda Omega Country, which possessed omega-nim, and the counter-country possessed the "Gluon", a country that could control the country of Tate.

It was separated by Lambda Omega and the barrier, but it was separated during the war and then reunited. However, there is nothing under the barrier at the first appearance.

It turned out that it was a string-shaped structure which continued endlessly outward while drawing the spiral with the inside of the black hole as a starting point.

In fact, the tower was built to defy gravity so that it would not be sucked into a black hole, so the bottom of the country of Tate is directly above it.

Omega's Dream

The depiction is very similar to the method of moving the body frozen and moving in a spaceship at a speed close to the speed of light as much as possible when traveling long distances in outer space in a science fiction work.

In the area where Omega was considered to be a "fallen shrine maiden", omegas and others were made to take medicine and made it to death and sent from the top of the tower (distant past) to the present day.

However, it is unclear why only Omega survived of the many dropped shrine maidens.

Omegaium was probably used to send it to the top of the tower with an antigravity material or dark matter to counteract the gravity of black holes.

Since Rusca and Chandra came from Earth in a spaceship in search of a new place of residence, is Omega's memory of being aboard a spaceship? In other words, Omega is also the potential of earthlings.

Did you let Omega go to death so that he couldn't get deprived of omeganium? (Omeganium is used in omega life responses and cannot be perceived as a state of death.)

The Identity of the Eyeball

It is a monitoring device that the person who manages the country of Tate artificially created, and was looking for omega for some reason?

It was taken up at the beginning of the story that this living thing was an artificial organism.

A vehicle used by lambda forces that used poison gas in Tate's country during combat.

Artificial life newly created by the people of Tate, an artificial organism created by humans?

Later became a monitoring device for obtaining omega-nim in the omega body?

What is Omega/Omega-Nimium?

The "omeganium" used when wormholes emerged seemed to be solar energy, and station Omega protected the station with omega-nims in its own body.

it is likely to be an important energy involved in the survival of the country of Tate.

Omega is a pseudo-life body completed in the same way as Gluon in an attempt to create a life with a heart.

Omeganium was also an alternative to omega's "heart", which doesn't really exist, and Guruon, who is also an alpha country, wanted omega-nim, a "heart" that he couldn't have.

It was moving by putting "omeganium" instead of the mind, but it was diverted from its too-mighty energy to weapons, and omegas were put to death and entrusted to the future.

There was no tower under the barrier that no one could pass.

Judging from the provision that those who touched "Omega" should not be used, I thought that the construction of the tower had been stopped due to the lack of omeganium.

Omegaium is an antigravity material (dark matter?) to stretch the country of tate against black holes upwards. It seems to be.

The reason why I entrusted it to Omega instead of leaving it as a substance is to prevent military diversion by being deprived by other countries.

It is also possible that only Omega, who was an earthling, could actually build a country of tate using omega-nim.

Composition of "Tate-no-Kuni"

Isn't the top of the tower representing the past and the bottom of the tower representing the future?

In this case, it is understood that the country where omega was dropped is not polluted, and the side hole of the country below was blocked.

Omega was dropped from a time when it believed in the concept of sacrifice before it was contaminated and recovered by futurians who needed energy.

It is thought that the country of the future Tate destroyed the tower and traveled outside the tower due to the depletion of "Omega energy".

It has a structure that is as close to one dimension as possible and has little horizontal spread.

Alpha country used to exist under the barrier, but it was separated for a certain reason.

Later, lambdas cut off their relationship with Alpha by reversing gravity, and the Lambda army worked as civil servants.

Isn't the inside of the country representing time and the outside representing space?

The fact that the top of the country of Tate is in a black hole is paraphrased as the past because the way of time progresses eventually becomes zero in the black hole.

Other hints?

・ The reader experienced the feeling of falling down by scrolling the screen, but does sending the read page up implying that it climbs up?

・ What is the person who suffered the costume of a chicken thought to be Rusca's boss who appeared in episode 1? Do you have double track recovery?

Coffee appeared in episode 16. Is it related to the coffee that the post office worker was drinking during the war of Lambda Omega country?

I wonder if it can be a book …?

At last, the structure and purpose of Tate's country were clarified, and the fun accelerated more and more toward the last "Country of Tate".

It is difficult to make it into a book because it is a work that makes use of vertical scrolling, but you can hear voices such as publishing and making animations with scrolls …

It is a work that is looking at the popular explosion in the future, so please read it by all means!

Recommended manga, anime, etc.