【University Student Manga】Niche but Interesting Recommended Manga (Completed / Unfinished)

【University Student Manga】Niche but Interesting Recommended Manga (Completed / Unfinished)

I don't usually read manga, but at a manga café.

If you recommend it to others even among the readings so far, I have compiled a work called this area!

Some of them are a little old, so if you think you can read the introduction, be sure to!

DMM comic rental of 95 yen per book!


Yuru Camp △

Lynn, a junior high school girl who came to Motosu Lake in winter to do a solo camp, meets a lost woman at a resting place.

Nadeshiko, who has just moved to Yamanashi, eats curry noodles given to Rin and sees Mt. Fuji floating in the night sky.

Impressed by the scenery at the campsite, Nadeshiko joined the junior high school "Nokuru" to camp.

The composition that pushed out girls, camping rice, and beautiful nature is very good, and it is the spark of the arrival of the camp boom.

In the work, various styles of camping appear, but personally, Lynn's solo can times are the best.

It was a chance that "Solo Camp" entered the list of things you want to do, but it is regrettable that it has not been implemented yet …

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric brothers, who had done forbidden human forerunge to meet their dead mother, lost their brother's right arm and brother's body at the price.

His brother, who became a national alchemist to regain his body, learns that the human body forge requires a sage stone and begins to gather information.

As we continue our journey, the true identity of the "philosopher's stone" and the existence of homund cruz and the state-wide conspiracy behind it emerge …

It is very interesting that alchemy is not an all-round magic that can do anything, but an academic discipline that follows certain laws.

It is also interesting that there are powerful battles, serious depictions, and moving scenes, but there are gags that can be laughed at in some places.

Arakawa-san's work has a neat story for each character, and I like that each person is the main character.

【Fullmetal Alchemist】I summarized the models of the countries and people

Mr. Yes, I'm going through.

Then, it is attracted to his kindness gradually though Ito of the horse daughter was rebelled at first to the fiancée that parents decided, Ijuin.

However, Ijuin who bought the antipathy of the superior is sent to the forefront of the Russo-Japanese War, and his war death is announced to Benio afterwards.

Benio started working for an editorial company in various ways, but I was surprised that the count who defected from Russia looks just like Ijuin …

It was the first girl manga recommended by her mother, but it was a work that read at once the fun of Benio's character and story.

I hadn't touched on shoujo manga before, so the gap between my unique gagsense and the love scene was impressive.

All the men around Benio are cool and ideal men, but personally I like the editor-in-chief!

In other girls' manga, "Students!" was very heavy but interesting.

The Love of the Outlier

Kazuya Ichinose is confessed to Three Princess Sando when she was in elementary school, but she refuses to reply after the name of her favorite partner, Mika Futami.

Kazuya, who responded vaguely to the question "Would I like it without Mika Nimika?" sees her murdered shortly after.

Three princesses appear again since they broke up in junior high school before Ichiya became a university student while becoming skeptical of loving the opposite sex.

It was a work that I read on the title and cover, but I think it is quite a masterpiece with a story that disappoints expectations.

I was interested in the attribute of "Yandere" in anime, but it was shattered by this work …

This time it ended in this way, but I'm frightened to think that this continued in the future.

Giant Star

The baseball player and The Star Kazutoru who broke the dream hammer the talent education of baseball from childhood to son's Tobiouma.

After overcoming his father's ordeal, Tobiouma fought fiercely with his rivals, Sayon and Hanagata, as a member of the Giants.

It was in how to expose the secret against the magic ball "Large league ball" that Tobiouma developed.

Rather than trying to make it purely hot-blooded, I feel like I read with a laugh whether the past spone works were like this.

Christmas parties that are made a story on the net, the principle of disappearing magic balls and the countermeasure methods of rivals are particularly interesting.

The famous "Disappearing Magic Ball" is called Major League Ball No. 2, and the first giant's star will appear up to no. 3 in total!

It was interesting to say that it was the root of the old spone and "Aim for ace!"

20th Century Boy

When he was in elementary school, Kenji and his colleagues drew a book of yogen in which the world is invaded by giant robots and bacteria at a secret base.

Time flows, a person who calls himself "Friend" executes the contents of [Yogen's book], the world collapses, kenji and others are wanted.

Kenji's niece, Kanna, and they reunite to regain the world from their friends.

A lot of things of the Showa era such as Osaka Expo, national mask, and Yanbo Marbo come out, and it learns very much.

Moreover, the true identity of the friend who knows the existence of "Book of Yogen", moves the Friend's Party, and falls into the crisis in the world is anxious.

Befit the name of "Authentic Science Adventure Manga", you can feel adventurous with Kenji on a scale that is far from reality!

For Urasawa's works, we also recommend the spin-off "PLUTO" of "Astro Boy".

Golden Kamui

After surviving the Russo-Japanese War, Sugimoto hears that the Ainu had left a large amount of reserves as tattoos on the prisoners' backs.

Along the way, he cooperates with Asipa, an Ainu girl whose father is one of the hidden owners, "Nopperabo", to find the reserves.

At the same time, however, the 4th Division of the Japanese Army and Toshizo Nagashikata began to move at the same time, and battle royale over reserves began.

Special works such as intense battle scenes, ainu life to learn, and mukimuki men relaxing.

Especially with regard to the Ainu, ainu language and local lifestyles are written in detail, and it may be valuable in folklore.

The characters of the prisoners who were tattooed are characteristic one by one, so depending on the person, the preference seems to be different …


A genius who is tired of everyday life, Moon gets a [DEATH NOTE] that can kill the person who wrote his name and begins to kill the thug.

It is a moon that is revered as "Kira" on the internet, but the world-famous detective "L" comes to Japan where he declared war and obtained a clue.

The moon himself named kira countermeasure headquarters, and here the fire of a different dimension of brain battle by two geniuses was cut and dropped …

The moon uses death row prisoners to study their performance and make many perfect plans without overconfidently believing the power of death notes.

L narrows the true identity of "Kira" to the Kanto region of Japan by any means, and predicts the existence of DEATH NOTE that has never been seen before.

The brain battle between the first half of the month and L is a highlight, and personally I think that the army will rise to the moon!

In Obata's works, "Hikaru no Go", which caused the Go boom, is also interesting!

Future Diary

The 13 people, including Yukiki Amano, get a "future diary" that can predict the future and get involved in the battle for the seat of God.

Yukiki acts with Yuno Gatsuma, a girl who adores him, but she doesn't seem to have any big secrets.

In the battle for the diary, the mystery such as Yuno's abnormal attachment to Yukiki, speech and behavior, the contents of the bag increases one after another …

I heard that it was interesting, but it was a work that was hard to reach, so I should have read it earlier …

It is no exaggeration to say that the heroine of this work, Yuno Gatsuma, is the first Yandere in the anime and manga world.

I could not predict the scene where the hints were collected so far at the end of the story, and I was surprised and let go for a while.


A story that follows people from various worlds around [Firebird] who can obtain eternal life by drinking live blood.

At one point they kill each other over the firebird, and at one time they share their blood for their loved ones, and the firebirds go around the times.

In the future edition depicting the 30th century after humanity was completely extinct by nuclear war, the identity of the firebird is revealed …

Osamu Tezuka, who worked on a large number of works by the time he died at a young age, is the most widely drawn masterpiece among his works.

Not only is it interesting as a story, but it also becomes a study of history without knowing it, such as the Yamato administration and the Genpei battle.

Personally, I found the "Dawn" depicting Yamataikoku and the "Sun Edition" depicting timeless love interesting!

In other Tezuka works,"MW(Muw)"was shocking.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 3)

This work begins with the relationship between Jonathan and Dio in the first part, and its strange fate is passed down to his descendants.

Jonathan's grandson Joseph and his grandson Jotaro learn of the existence of DIO, who gained Jonathan's body and became immortal.

Jotaro, who has a special ability "Stand", and DIO's subordinates, the battle for their existence begins …

It is a work that is settled by the Joster family and Dio across generations, and it is a hot development for those who have read from some.

JoJo's biggest feature, stand ability, has been introduced, combos with the user and parameter values have also appeared.

I feel the difficulty that "evil requires a savior of evil" in N'Dour, which is not just good and evil.

Wakako Sake

Wakako Murasaki, a 26-year-old office worker, is an incompre kind of one-person sake lover, and it is customary to go through the noren if there is an izakaya that you are worried about.

I'm looking forward to ordering dishes that I've caught my eye on and the sake that goes well with them, and enjoying a time of new encounters and bliss.

The menu that seems to be delicious even though it is not common people can do, and cold alcohol permeated the tired body …

Anyway, it is a work that looks delicious sake and cooking, and it was a chance that "alone sake" was added to the list of things I wanted to do.

The loose appearance of wakako and the onomatopoeia "Pushu" when drinking alcohol create a loose atmosphere.

Some people call it "Women's Version of Solitary Gourmet", so if you read it, you will want to meet a delicious menu!


Raku, the son of yakuza Shuei-gumi, pretends to be a lover with Chitose, the daughter of the mafia "Beehive".

On the other hand, he had long been looking for a girl who gave her pendant key with an appointment to marry a mysterious girl at an early age.

With the girl who Raku thinks about, his wife, and the escort role of Chitose, can he find the other party of fate …

It is a jump with not only action but also love manga, but I personally think it is the most interesting work.

This work is also famous for his large handwritten writing by postcard voting for one of the heroines and mr. Y in Chiba Prefecture, who sent the right letter of the moon.

I couldn't predict who would be chosen by multiple heroines in the end, and I felt that it was a very well-made work!

Other readings include "We can't study" or "She borrows."

A city where I'm not the only one

Satoru Fujinuma, who has the ability to return to the past [re-screening (revival)], flies to the past to find the culprit who murdered his mother.

Satoru, who returned to elementary school with a re-screening that could not choose a time, met Kayo Hinatsuki, who was involved in a serial murder case at that time.

As we follow the case, it becomes clear that the person who killed the serial murderer and the mother is the same person …

I was recommended by a friend and read it at a manga café and watched anime at once, but the manga version was personally interesting.

Stein's Gate is a representative timely pu-style work, and the main character faces the difficulty of changing the future.

It is a novel work to try to solve the case by going back and forth between the present and the past, and it is a work that I want to read over and over again and consider!


Shimadzu, who was supposed to have been killed by a battle of Shimabara, was reincarnated as "Drifters" in the elf world.

Oda Nobunaga and Nasu Yoichi, who met there, tell us that this is a different world and the enemies they are fighting against.

In order to fight against the "Kurohime" who overruns the world, he draws elves and dwarves who are exhibitional destinations to his friends and revolts against them.

It is a work that I read relatively recently, but I am excited just to have historical people who lived in different times fight together.

The illustrations have momentum and are powerful, but the interval between the publication of the book is very long and the fans are yakisy.

Because it is a work in the series, it is one book that I expect from a sequel for a long time while reading back to the extent that I do not forget!


Kyoko Hori, who goes to Katagiri High School, looks flashy, but is actually a serious and homely high school girl who is good at housework.

She noticed that Isumi Miyamura, a sober boy of the same class, was putting piercings and tattoos.

The two have a different appearance and will deepen their exchanges with Kyoko's younger brother, Sota.

Knowing another side of each other, Hori and Miyamura look completely different from the cover picture of volume 1.

It is good to have a love manga that makes your chest painful or exciting, but it is a book that should be read by people who are a little tired.

It is a work that you can read interestingly about the interaction between two people like a couple and a little love pattern of classmates.

Alice in the present country

Reform without waste

Junichiro Koizumi, the 89th Prime Minister, had come to engage in diplomacy with the world's prime ministers through mahjong.

In the fight against Bush parents and children and Putin, he fights by making full use of special moves such as the Rising Sun.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Reich launched by Hitler of the Nazis was revived, and the prime ministers of each country stood up against the declaration of war.

Characters that look just like the top of each country and special moves likened to that country are interesting even if you do not know mahjong.

It incorporates actual political situations and current affairs (I can't write to avoid spoilers), and it's anything.

Personally, I only read the fourth reich, but Junichiro Koizumi is too cool!

The story of a junior who is a senior is a mossy

My favorite child forgot his glasses.

The yaba guy in my heart

Circumstances of twins

Let me know if you have any interesting works!