【University Student Reading】Introduce all books read by science university students (evaluation / impression) (1)


I read a variety of books because I like to read books and I want to expand my knowledge.

Here, we will update the books read by science university students, including their smooth impressions.

As a genre, I feel that there are many books related to novels, the Internet, and money.

【Recommended books for university students】Recommended list of science university students who like reading (chronological order)

  • ☆☆☆☆☆ I want to recommend it to people who was very interesting
  • ☆☆☆☆☆ It was quite interesting, it became a study
  • ☆☆☆,Normal
  • ☆☆・・・ Boring, better than not reading
  • ☆……

Read:2021/01/22 ☆☆☆☆☆

I've been reading a book recommended by vtuber Uka Tsumigi for a while.

【vtuber recommended】3 unique and interesting VTubers that you want people who think are boring to see

The person who was one night said that he was my best friend with me even though I did not know.

I feel strange because I fully intertwined the quantum mechanics I learned at university, and I read it without looking into the genre.

In order to read the story according to the feeling that I usually feel, my insistence is pierced about a certain story.

Read:2021/01/23 ☆☆☆☆

This book introduces 50 examples of "~effects" and their web applications in psychology, and there are many verses that I can think of.

Hello, Bandwagon, False Consensus, Sleeper, Early, Stroop, Declaration,

Magic number 7, contrast, line-of-sight analysis, Veblen, note because it is helpful for self-disclosure.

Read:2021/01/23 ☆☆☆・,

This book introduces what is important for people with developmental disabilities to work, how to accept them in the workplace, etc.

I feel that there is a part in me that is somehow different from people, but I do not know what it is.

I doubt about ADHD, but it seems that it is not enough to get caught, so it may be just selfish.

Read:2021/01/23 ☆☆☆☆

How can I become an adventurer, which I will explain as an adventurer who became a university professor after playing an active part as an adventurer?

I don't think there are adventurers around me, and the cost is lower, so it may be easier than it used to be.

There is also a patent attorney in the same series, so I will read it later.

Read:2021/01/24 ☆☆☆☆

It was a magnificent science fiction novel with an unalegable feeling in the Uka-Uki series.

There were many ideas that were packed with all kinds of science fiction elements and seemed to be realized more than "three bodies".

After a realistic science fiction on a global scale, I wonder if it is the original world that goes to a conclusion that is amazing …

The title of this work, "Do It Last", is originally the secondary creation of Love Live.

Read:2021/01/25 ☆☆☆,

Since I entered university and used only computers, my japanese language skills, including kanji, are declining violently.

It's an eye-catching title that you'll see a lot, but honestly, it wasn't that good.

I think it was good that the idioms, the late adult words, and abbreviations that I often use are summarized, but the second half is a mystery.

Read:2021/01/26 ☆☆☆☆

Once upon a time, there seems to have been a series of credit card self-bankruptcies among young American people.

At that time, ITEE (American Economic Education Council) who felt the sense of crisis seems to have made the course of the education.

It seems to have been this book to have put it together again in Japanese, and it became study at "University of money" level.

The appreciation of the yen and the depreciation of the yen, which can only be understood somehow, the global economy, how GDP is calculated, the relationship between government bonds and stocks, etc.

I thought that japanese people who go out to society without learning these in particular detail are quite dangerous.

Read:2021/01/26 ☆☆☆☆

I liked Ryotaro Shiba, and "Fire sword" and "Country stealing story" were interesting (Ryoma was too good person)

The interesting story was the story of a chisachi-gumi who formed a Shinsengumi in Osaka instead of a government office without money "Chiu-yu Mansuke Jindan"

Armstrong gun depicting the engineer of the Kaga clan who challenged unknown technology and was tossed with it

I was blind to the Ikedaya incident, and I came to like the Kaga domain, which produces the strongest cannon that other countries gave up in its own domain.

I'm sorry that the history is not very touched and the understanding is shallow, so I would like to study.

There are many scenes of Shiba's works, but it is fun to understand it because I was doing kendo!

Read:2021/01/27 ☆☆☆☆

Fintech seemed to be difficult even though it was anxious, so I avoided it, but I decided to touch it.

This explanation summarizes companies that are active in fintech's changing lending, settlement, asset management, etc.

The policy of placing an agent in a private store of M-pesa, a money transfer service in Kenya, was quite novel.

It was interesting because I was able to know companies that I had never known before, and I could touch familiar technologies such as APIs.

Read:2021/01/30 ☆☆☆☆

A Q&A about the Imperial Palace and the Emperor, talking about emperor Meiji's grandson and listening to Imperial Palace watchers.

The successive Empresses, including "children" behind them, are always calling imperial women "~sama" a mistake.

I feel that the media has not taken up much since I became Emperor now, so I want to study for myself.

Read:2021/01/30 ☆☆☆・

In the series of "Adventurers" I read last time, about patent attorneys dealing with patents and designs.

Since I am not good at science, I have been paying attention from high school students in terms of bridging science and humanities.

It was the first time that a large Japanese company suffered a lot of damage due to a U.S. patent infringement.

It seems that it is difficult that the patent attorney examination is only once a year, so I should have taken intellectual property classes at university …

As with adventurers, I'm grateful to have a book on occupations that are hard to shine in the spotlight like this.

Read:2021/01/31 ☆☆☆,

The content is almost the same as what Mr. Kronne and the presidents are saying, and we recommend the dollar cost average method to reduce expenses.

There were no new discoveries in particular, but I thought it was well organized and easy to understand.

I do not mention the accumulation NISA, iDeCo, furusato nouzei, etc., but it is easier to understand!

Recommended mutual fund memos (as they may be incorporated in the future)

  • Saison Vanguard Global Balance Fund
  • Rakuten Asset Formation Fund
  • Open SBI Asset Design
  • Monex Asset Design Fund

Read:2021/01/31 ☆☆☆☆

I had borrowed it in the past, but I borrowed it again because I could not read it out because the amount was large.

Crackers have an image of going to a personal computer, but it is easier for humans to extract information than from machines

This book explains "social engineering" aimed at administrators on 450 pages.

Is it okay to write from the amateur's point of view how to follow and the frequency used for eavesdropping? I also felt a lot of information.

There is a "textbook of unlocking" in the derived book and it is scary …

Read:2021/02/01 ☆☆☆,・

If you are reading only business books, you seem to be a conscious system and I don't like …

I'm reading to learn the concept of "common sense" because I don't really understand it.

There are many people who do not know that it is natural even if it is considered to be natural.

There are many basic things such as how to deal with a colleague, but it was a learning experience.

Read:2021/02/01 ☆☆…

It was put as a book to be disposed of in the library, but the information was old as expected.

It was a book from a time when mixi was trending with young people, let alone Instagram hasn't appeared.

It was not very helpful because many of the pages were devoted to the operation of each SNS.

However, I didn't know much about Facebook, so I learned a lot.

Read:2021/02/01 ☆☆☆,・

I read too much about self-development books, so I'm going to dabbly in another genre for a while.

We introduce self-analysis that can diagnose types and various psychotherapy.

It seems to be usable such as "Morita therapy", "Tanda breathing method", "Novel muscle relaxation method", "work excitement", "self-space method", etc.

Recently, it was a book with a lot of illustration commentary and very thin content (I do not say that it is bad)

Read:2021/02/02 ☆☆☆☆

At that time, I was a high school from okinawa police chief, Mr. Arai, so I knew a person named Ei Shimada.

As I researched his career on Wikipedia, I was interested, so I finally picked up the book.

I am impressed by the skill that brought together the Okinawan administration that had fallen into confusion and the attitude of not ordering tamakami to the people of okinawa.

On the other hand, I think that Mr. Arai, who kept the Okinawa administration until Mr. Shimada was assigned, should also attract more attention.

Read:2021/02/03 ☆☆☆☆

Historical anthropologists decipher the religious organization "Aum Shinrikyo" that caused the subway sarin incident.

Aum has always been interested in "a religion that rebelled against the Japanese state".

It is ironic to take a national structure while functioning as a complete antithesis to society at that time.

It is a threat to scientifically analyze the mystical experience of religion and establish it as a method that anyone can relive.

It is interesting that it is only considered evil in modern society, and it is properly organized.

I think religion is the same as a hobby, so I'm free to enjoy it, but I don't want others to get involved …

Read:2021/02/03 ☆☆☆,

I like to hear the sound behind the song, especially the drums of "Run at Night".

Starting with the name of the drum set, how to set etc. are introduced with simple illustrations.

There are also ways to read sheet music and practice simple rhythms, so it seems good for those who want to know about drums.

Read:2021/02/09 ☆☆☆☆

This book was introduced when I was reading Newton about dimensional theory.

The nadest is a flatland resident who talks to a layman in Rhineland (1D) in a dream.

In addition, a sphere appears from spaceland (3D), and I think about point land (0D) and higher dimensions.

It was easy to understand that I tried to gradually deepen my understanding of 4D using analogy.

I like dimensional theory, so I knew it to some extent, but there were also new discoveries.

  • The schematic diagrams from 0D to 2D that we often see are not character diagrams because of their thickness.
  • Even if a three-dimensional object is moved to the fourth axis, it cannot be recognized from this world.
  • Time is not strictly the fourth axis in that it cannot touch the internal organs or take the documents of the safe.

Read:2021/02/10 ☆☆☆☆

Rethathing Aum Shinrikyo by the interview team accompanying the program creation by NHK Special.

The program was broadcast immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the last three people were arrested shortly after.

The police pay attention to why the Aum could not be stopped, and the figure of "Aum Shinrikyo = evil" from the book I read last time.

The dangers of Aum were understood in rural areas where the construction of Satian, the abduction, and the Matsumoto Sarin incident occurred.

But it concludes that it is due to a lack of cooperation between the elusive enemy of religious corporations and the police.

The more you read, the more you think that Aum Shinrikyo is an unprecedented religious organization in the world.

Read:2021/02/14 ☆☆☆☆

I wanted to read science fiction for the first time in a long time, so it is a work that I read looking for recommendations on the net.

The earth is suddenly covered by a film of time by who it is, and 50 years of the earth becomes 5 billion years of the universe.

Human beings use the way time goes, perform martian terraforming and challenge the mysterious time film …

I feel like the events that happen are too outrageous, but the martian terraforming is real and funny!

It's refreshing to see the changes in Mars on the night of launching the rocket, taking advantage of the different ways of progressing in time.

What is their purpose in the identity of the "hypothetical body" that created the membrane …? We will continue to read the lower volume!

Read:2021/02/21 ☆☆☆☆

I only had a shallow knowledge of 5G, so I borrowed it in the library to study and read it.

Rakuten Mobile's 5G is probably non-standalone, and I learned of the new standard NR.

Above all, it was found that the Steam version of VRChat could be created on a computer in the cloud.

Read:2021/02/21 ☆☆☆☆

It was a story of humanity who faced it rather than science and technology though it was a postscript.

The theme is how the human mind moves when it becomes an unknown situation, and I felt it from the end.

I'm glad I was excited that science and technology could still be realized!

Read:2021/02/24 ☆☆☆☆

I had read it a long time ago, but I saw it after a long time, so I reread it.

I tend to think that it is the first work in the title, but the first work is "Dr. Dolittle bound for Africa".

It was a fun work that I could laugh at the gap where Dr. Dolittle who looked funny was active.

Read:2021/02/24 ☆☆☆☆

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a robot authority at Osaka University, talks about the theme of what he would like to teach at the end of the earth.

The reason for making robots close to humans is the first time that humans have a keen sense of human beings.

The first story is about human reactions and therapeutic effects by creating robots that are very similar to humans.

It is quite shocking that "living organisms are born from inorganic materials and return to inorganic matter" that came out in the Q&A from the second half of the story.

A present body is only a vessel in the process of evolution, and it comes to have the body of the machine which is the inorganic material before long.

I was very interested in the idea that there might be robot development with the aim of doing so.

Professor Ishiguro seemed to have a deep understanding not only in engineering but also in philosophy, and I felt that there was an interesting perspective.

Read:2021/02/24 ☆☆☆,

At this stage, this book summarizes the technology that can be said to be a delusion, and the person who studies it.

Psychics, time travel, Dyson balls, etc. that are likely to be in the Moonshot plan in the United States.

It's interesting, but it was too psychic and superpowered, and it was like "Mu".

I found it more interesting to have a lot of sci-fi-like content, such as space relations.

Read:2021/02/28 ☆☆☆・・

A gate leading to a different world suddenly appears in Ginza, and the Self-Defense Forces play an active part in interacting with the world beyond.

As an idea, I was attracted by the title interestingly, but I felt that ranobe feeling was strong and difficult to read.

If you read only one volume, the Self-Defense Forces are single-mindedly praised, and the main character feels surrounded by women from other worlds.

Since the number of volumes has continued since the net novel was based, I would like to read it with anticipation from now on!

Read:2021/02/28 ☆☆☆・・

The ground master is a classic fraudster who replaces real estate without an owner with the name of another person with that hand and sells it to a major company.

When I wanted to borrow a nonfiction that I had read in the past, it was a novel based on it by mistake.

Because it was a work that can be read crisply, the way of the ground master touches only the surface and feels unsatisfactory.

However, it was a little unexpected and interesting as the ending of the story.

Read:2021/03/03 ☆☆☆☆

This book is written by a person who produced LGBT marriage in Japan in a situation where LGBT people are accepted around the world.

I had the opportunity to talk to people about genderlessness and found myself in a tight-minded way.

"Bridal" also represents the bride in the etymology, so it can be understood that consideration such as not using it in front of a couple is necessary.

It is expected that people will not have to use the words "straight marriage" and "LGBT marriage".

Read:2021/03/03 ☆☆☆☆

I thought the information was somewhat outdated, but it was very helpful in the story of the essential part of Twitter.

For example, how twitter follow-up, retweets, etc. are used and how they affect others.

Twitter is mainly used for information gathering, but it was a thought-provoking content for how to use it.

Amazon is very cheap because it is an old book, so it seems that you can buy it to read it in one hand.

Read:2021/03/05 ☆☆☆☆☆

The history of decipherment of demotik hieroglyph hieratik, an ancient Egyptian character, after a long absence.

In addition to hieroglyphs, Thomas Young, who was active in young coefficients and Young's experiments, is truly a genius!

Some hieroglyphs represent only meaning, only sound, and combinations of them.

In other words, Japanese that uses both Kanji hiragana can be the most difficult language when it comes to deciphering …

Read:2021/03/09 ☆☆☆,・

The Uka Uka Izuki series, Shalinesdo's work, was better than "Until I Kill My Favorite Novelist".

However, compared to "I~", I was able to read this work with excitement because I could not read the development.

I learned in a postscript that classification is a mystery, but I feel that it is clearly difficult to classify books …

Read:2021/03/22 ☆☆☆☆

This book I've always wanted to read excerpts the parts related to children under the following laws.

"Criminal Law", "Criminal Procedure Act", "Juvenile Law", "Civil Law", "Civil Procedure Law", "Constitution of Japan", "Bullying Prevention Measures Promotion Act"

The sentences of the Civil Procedure Act were difficult, but can you understand the meaning if you are in elementary school junior high school?

Is the purpose of this book to make oppressed children aware that they have rights? I thought.

Read:2021/03/25 ☆☆☆☆☆

Recently, I thought that I had to study because of discussions, so I read it in addition to LGBT weddings.

It was interesting that 10 junior high and high school students with different circumstances belonged to the production committee.

Not only trace the surface, such as the timing of the coming out and the response when it is done, but also in accordance with the practice.

However, I've never actually met an LGBT friend, so be careful not to get scratched.

Read:2021/03/25 ☆☆☆☆☆

From famous works that science knows, to easy-to-understand manuals for beginners.

I'm too saying "learning" by roughly explaining the contents in about three pages per book …?

I want to read "Double helix", "Hawking talks about the universe", "To Africa to defeat the grasshopper", "Who saw the atom", and "Tomkins in wonderland".

I'm soberly glad that the "devil of the number" introduced below was included.

Read:2021/03/25 ☆☆☆☆☆

One of the works that inspired me as an elementary school student to want to move into science.

"The Devil of Numbers" comes to Robert, who hates arithmetic, and tells us the wonders of numbers.

Rather than using it specifically, it is structured to enjoy the wonders of numbers through numbers puzzles.

I liked "pull out the daikon" and "Fibonacci sequences", and I noticed the fun of mathematics.

Read:2021/03/25 ☆☆…

To be clear, the content is too thin to be summarized in a blog 1 article? I thought.

I read super-sinking conversation scenes that I do not know well and experiences that are unrelated to ordinary people.

I thought that it was better to read another book if I wanted to read a study technique book.

Read:2021/03/27 ☆☆☆☆

An essay by the founder of the group "Notalin Club", which pioneered the tsuchinoko boom.

I did not know that tsuchinoko has been witnessed nationwide and nationwide so far, and I felt the reality.

Except for Kanto, it seems that it has been under the names of "Gohasun", "Beebi", "Nozuchi" and "Koro" for a long time.

Why not get caught despite the sightings so far… It was a very interesting book!

Read:2021/03/28 ☆☆☆,

I feel like Jiro Akagawa read it as such, but I think it's a simple and easy-to-read mystery.

I felt that the area where a big conspiracy came out was similar to other works (prevention of being spoiled).

Read:2021/04/03 ☆☆☆☆

It is a book that I borrowed intuitively with the title suddenly in the library, but it is a great answer.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars depicts the protagonist stranded on Mars until he reaches the spaceship he is greeted.

There are no major accidents or ugliness between governments, and on the contrary, it is real that we are paying attention to troubles caused by small mistakes.

It is a story, but the main character who figured out how to survive for a long time immediately after regaining consciousness is still an astronaut …

Read:2021/04/09 ☆☆☆☆

I knew it was famous as a masterpiece, but I was too famous to think I had read it.

I don't like mystery that much, but I've been numb for the first time in a long time… (Maybe since Jukakukan)

There is also an arrangement of the main points by Poilot on the way with each person listening, so it is easy for beginners to read.

The inside of the car is a little difficult, so you may want a floor plan other than a facing.

Read:2021/04/09 ☆☆☆,

A book that explains memory hacks based on brain science.

It's interesting to read, but it's too difficult to practice… (It's like memorized in the brain's 00))

Recently, this hand of self-development book, publishers want to earn a few books, so the content tends to be fluent.

I want you to publish a book that shows all the hacks of the person.

Read:2021/03/09 ☆☆☆☆

It was a topic, but I hadn't read it, so I learned about job hunting after I started reading it.

I thought it was a work that depicted human relationships related to job hunting, but I was betrayed at the end.

I can't explain what it is, but isn't it a work that is very piercing to job hunting students?

I thought I'd read "Kirishima, I'm going to quit club activities" again, which I didn't understand the goodness.

Read:2021/04/13 ☆☆☆☆

The author, who has a wife who goes to Tokyo University of the Arts, interviews art university students from the perspective of being a writer.

I knew everything for the first time, such as being in Ueno, there was a sound school, and a festival.

Mr. Uemura's view of cutting-edge art expression into art was good: "Art is like hydrogen."

I wanted to go to the Geisai before I became Corona… and regret.

Read 2021/03/15 ☆☆☆・

It was a book that I was worried about from the title, but it was just nominated for the bookstore grand prize.

"Inverse Socrates" in the title was a surprise work, but other works are … It is a feeling.

Was that what was not very interesting when there was a comment that I was writing for children?

I like the killer series such as AX of the same Isaka work because it is interesting!

Read:2021/04/15 ☆☆☆☆

I needed it for class, but my knowledge was almost amateur, so I read it roughly to understand the basics.

This kind of book is basically difficult to say "easy", but this was good.

The mechanism of thin film formation may not be too difficult, but I felt that it was an easy-to-read book.

Read:2021/04/16 ☆☆☆,

I've heard Fredrik Brown's name, but is it the first time you've read a book?

It is a story that Martians come to earth, but war is not a purpose, but it is characteristic that it comes at once.

The economic downturn after they came was real, but I was a little dissatisfied that the ending was not clear.

Read:2021/04/18 ☆☆☆,

A short story in which the author chose niche horror science fiction by arbitrary and prejudice. I wonder if the hair color is a little different from myself …

Because I had prior knowledge, "Mysterious Fractal Man" and then "A Boy Meets A Girl" were interesting.

The last "Snow Woman" was photorealistic, and I didn't know where far fiction it was.

Read:2021/04/22 ☆☆☆☆☆

This is the first collection of essays "I want to read before it becomes it" by the author of "Walk short at night" and "Four and a half mat myth system".

I didn't know much about the author, but many of that worldview comes from his experience.

There are many stories that feel close to you, such as tower of the sun, Spirited Away, Lego, big thief Hotzen plots, etc.

As you would like to read before going to bed, reading a few episodes every day is the most enjoyable way to read.

Continued (because I said 50 books)

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