【Get real freedom Money College】A book where you can learn the basics of money


The president of both liberal arts universities explains money not learned at school on Twitter, blogs, and YouTube.

"The University of Money" packed with the basics of money he has explained has been published.

I made a note of what I personally want to remember about this book that has been increased one after another in popularity!


Basic information of "University of Money"

Author: President, University of Libé

President of "Japan's Freeest Company". He started his business in high school and continued to earn 20 years in IT business and investment. He runs a liberal arts university to fulfill his dream of "increasing the number of free people"


"University of Money" Content

It is necessary to study money to get out of the contradiction of "I will continue to work for money because I do not have trouble with money".

According to him, there are five major knowledge of money: "save, earn, increase, protect, and spend.".

This book introduces specific methods for the first three.

Notes on "College of Money"

Notes on "College of Money"

Low probability that a large loss is insurance

When it comes to small losses, it is more efficient to supplement with savings than with insurance regardless of probability.

Only "life (with dependents), fire, and automobile" are required private insurance.

If you make full use of the government's system such as high-cost medical care expenses system, disability pension, survivor's pension, employment insurance, private insurance is cospa evil.

live in a rental property cheaply

It is difficult to get a house with high resale value in Japan, so if you are not particular about it, it is recommended to rent.

By making a phase estimate, choosing fire insurance yourself, and paying attention to the cost of moving out, rental properties can be lived even cheaper.

If you rent for a long time, there is room for consideration, such as the definition of restoration to the original condition, compensation with fire insurance, and negotiations for rent reductions.

make good use of deductions

The earned money is related to (salary) – (deduction) = (taxable income), and the deduction is increased to reduce taxable income.

There are several other ways for salaried workers besides deductions that are automatically deducted by the company.

Specifically, furusato nouzei, medical deductions, dependent deductions, etc. There are others, but it is difficult to use.

ultimately business income

Social insurance premiums are collected from salaries, so there is no way to save tax, but social insurance premiums do not apply to business income.

Business income by side jobs consists of a formula of (sales) – (expenses) – (blue declaration special deduction) = (taxable income).

Blue tax returns are deducted from 650,000 yen by filing tax returns by bookkeeping and electronic returns.

How to start a side job

Even if you do not feel like changing jobs, you will do job change activities to gather industry information, and the side job will be from small to large side job.

In order to prevent side jobs barre, measures are taken by making the payment of resident tax at the time of tax return normal collection.

Moreover, only the civil servant is prohibited by "Law" of the side job.

Flow type and stock type

There are flow type and stock type in the side job, and the former earns as much as working, and the latter can earn even if it does not work.

The ideal is to grow a stock type while recommending a flow type.

Recommended side jobs are as follows.

  • Sedori
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Video editing
  • Handmade
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Youtube
  • Digital content sales

Life Defense Fund

When you start investing to increase your money, you have to secure a minimum amount of living defense funds.

The standard is for 6 months of living if you are an office worker, and 1 year if you are self-employed.

Ideally, the flow of saving living defense funds while lowering fixed costs and investing the excess money little by little.

Know the market price of your investment

Even Mr Buffett, the god of investment, has an annual yield of 22 percent, or higher, a fraud or a back.

Pay attention to the "Ponzi Scheme", a fraud method that turns money inside investors, and private funds.

I know that good stories should not roll into investment beginners.

Recommended Stocks

In the reserve NISA, the U.S. S&amp.P. 500 index fund continues to be purchased by compound interest and dollar cost average method.

Japan's stocks have risen in response to a rise or fall, and the population continues to grow among developed countries.

Other recommended options include:

  • Rakuten National Equity Index Fund
  • eMAXIS Slim
  • eMAXIS Slim Balance (8-Asset Even)

How to withdraw index funds

Equities (S&P 500): Bonds (high-rated corporate bonds) = 50%: For 50% portfolios,

If you keep withdrawing your retirement asset balance*4% at a fixed rate, there is a 96% chance that you will remain after 30 years.

Or, even if the annual asset balance *4% is withdrawn at a fixed rate, the real return will be 4%.

Pay attention to the difference between the fixed rate and the flat rate.

Other investment methods

Continuous dividend increases are more difficult than index funds, although there is a sense of security in getting cash at a certain rate.

In addition, small cap, undervalued stock, quality stocks, etc. are actively managed.

There are real estate investments, but popular newly built studio investments are dangerous because there are traps for surface yields.

Protect and spend money

There are risks such as fraud, rip-off, damage and theft, waste, inflation, etc. as causes of losing money.

There are many foreign currency re-denominated deposits and rip-off funds, so it is important to acquire knowledge properly.

Moreover, it is not possible to be happy if money is not spent well even if money is saved and it becomes free.

People who have the power to use it can donate and present, rich waste, self-investment, buy time, etc.

Impressions of "University of Money"

Impressions of "University of Money"

I think that it is the book which I want to put one book in the family which is most suitable for studying money.

I felt that insurance and pensions are dangerous if I don't know the benefits, without noticing the security I can receive when I need it.

In addition, when looking for a rental property / moving out page, I want to carry out the procedure while comparing it with the book.

There are many tables and illustrations and are very easy to read, but on the other hand it is subtle to be skipped to a YouTube link.

It looks good to read the amount of reading a day to a Youtube link and watch the video in a review!

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