【The world's most delicious omissioned rice】 Review by university students living alone!

【The world's most delicious omissioned rice】 Review by university students living alone!

In the early days of university, I was too disgusted to cook and lived a retort food life, and there was a time when I was exhausted both physically and mentally.

I thought it was really bad on the way, so I spent about 8 months making all the recipes I purchased.

I would like to express my gratitude for the recipe book that made me enjoy cooking for the first time!


Cooking skills of any time

All I could do without looking at the recipe book by high school was cooking rice with a rice cooker and making miso soup.

In my early days of college, I thought cooking was a waste of time, so I spent almost only white rice and retort food.

Curry → Pasta → Tianjin Don → Miso Soup → Bag Ramen → Pasta → Gyudon →…

I didn't wash the vegetables with detergent, but there was no concept of low heat and I always burned the ingredients.

In part-time jobs at restaurants, students are taught how to hold a kitchen knife, and teach the basics such as cutting and seasoning vegetables.

However, even at that point, I didn't think cooking was fun, and I felt like I was doing it from a healthy point of life.

A third-year student who realized that bad food has a negative impact on his mental side, and has a sense of crisis from the health side of the future.

The world's most delicious omissioned rice

At the 4th and 6th Culinary and Recipe Awards Ceremony, the Award for Cooking Category was awarded, and the number of copies issued exceeded 300,000 copies. The author is Harapeko Grizzly(@cheap_yummy),who runs a cooking blog and Youtube. The complaint is "the fastest! 100 recipes that you do not want to be motivated".

It is troublesome to find recipes on the net, so I decide to complete every inch for beginners.

I looked for a recipe book that can be done by people who think that cooking is troublesome and can make something that looks delicious as such.

The result of going to a bookstore and judging that it seems to be able to make it while comparing each book is this book.

What's good about this book?

There are super simple recipes

The first recipe to be commemorated is "boiled egg", followed by "boiled egg" → "hot spring egg" and the first step.

In addition, there is an ultra-simple menu called "Octopus Kimchi" mixed with → to cut octopus.

Do you want to make a recipe book? But cooking beginners can't even think of that combination.

It is amazing that there is a recipe that even people who think that cooking is evil will try it.

1 Many recipe pictures

Not only is it written in a sentence, but it is also good to be accompanied by easy-to-understand (important here) photos.

How many cooking beginners are even for "bite-size" written by exposure to recipes? and stop thinking.

It was convenient to be able to understand at a glance the size of the meat to be cut from the ingredients arranged together.

In addition, seasonings to be added are attached with illustrations as well as letters, and it is hard to put mistakes and forget to put ◎

Deliciousness that I think was good to make

I will introduce a delicious recipe in this book later, but there were many delicious recipes that were simple.

For beginners, just making one side dish can be exhausted enough to lose energy to eat.

In such a case, if you don't make a big deal of cooking you made by taking your time, you will not want to cook kanenkan.

I don't have the spirit to cook without a successful experience of "the food I make is delicious".

I want you to improve this book.

Don't mess with the information…

It is very little compared to other recipe books, but there is still information that you do not know and you can not let go of the smartphone.

For example, "heat-resistant container", "beating", "medium fire", "coarse heat", "appropriate amount" "until the fire passes"

In that respect, cookpads etc. can be jumped to the link from the terms in the recipe, so you may want a corresponding one.

After that, I thought it would be useful if there was a list of tools used for the recipe under the ingredients.

Only the material is seen, it buys, and it often returns to the grate and the bubble container to buy later.

Shopping is embarrassing with a recipe book in one hand, so it would be convenient if you could save the material list with a QR code …

You can make it from page 1

Because it was exhausted only by what I made on that day, I made seasonal vegetables in order from page 1 without thinking about them.

At that time, there was a ministry of curry, curry, curry, curry, curry, and made while recombining it as expected.

I think that my way of making was a problem, but the recipe book that can be made by brain death from page 1 seems to be good.

In addition, I personally felt that fried food had come in the early days, so I want an index by level.

Sweets are still high thresholds

For beginners, it is all they can do just by making one dish, so sweets that do not become side dishes are hard work.

On the day I made the sweets, dinner was often like white rice, pickles, and miso soup (laughs)

A book for cooking and a book for sweets can be separately… I thought.

3 delicious recipes

Here are three of the 100 recipes featured that had the best balance of effort and taste.

We introduce an article corresponding to the corresponding recipe, but the recipe book is even simpler and more delicious.

If you look at this recipe, "If it's a little easier to make …", people may be suitable for this recipe book.

Simmered snacks


I was impressed that the royal road menu on the cover of this book, first of all, can be made in the microwave.

It is perfect not only for side dishes of rice but also as a snack of sake, and it is a good memory that I ate everything on the day I made it.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


"I made it 200 times!" he said. It was written, but I was skeptical thinking that it was a common exaggeration expression.

When I ate it, I could honestly feel that I didn't have to go out to eat pasta.

In the recipe book, it is located in the intermediate level, but I think it is worth making it over time.

Aji no 1160


What I think about cooking is the honest surprise that this recipe can be made at home.

I feel like I've eaten licking for the first time, but from the time I'm making it, "This is definitely a delicious one."

Just thinking about eating it on top of freshly cooked rice, you'll get drool … It's really delicious.

Thanks for teaching me the fun of cooking!

Since I started cooking with this recipe book, I've been looking forward to coming home and cooking dinner.

I also realized that I should spend money on food, so now I decided not to worry about food expenses related to self-catering.

Now that I've finished this book, my goal is to bring a bento that people can see to the university.

I can only really thank Mr. Harapeko Grizzlie for telling me that cooking is fun!

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