【Tengen Toppa Glen Lagann】Trigger work, Kirura kill and fun consideration

【Tengen Tora Gurren Lagann】 After all, we consider which was more interesting as a Trigger work with Kirlakil

My favorite anime is Glenn Lagann and Kirla Kill, but I can't decide which one was interesting.

Personally, I will compare the good and bad points of each work of "Tengen Tora Gurren Lagann" and "Kill La Kill"!

"Dali Hula" is assumed to be another work, and "Promere" is a theater, so it is an image that the length was a little insufficient.

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TRIGGER and Hiroyuki Imai

I believe that the atmosphere of "Tengen Tora Gurren Lagann" and "Kirurakiru" is made of this combination.

The main features are as follows.

It's hot.

When I first saw it in the heat like the spone of the Showa era, I was smitched.

My first impression is that I'm playing superdimensional football with the touch of a giant's star.

I guess people who can't watch can't watch… But it's interesting, so look at about 3 episodes!

Wordplay is interesting.

Gurren Lagann is "helix", Kirlakil is "clothes", and word play is studded everywhere.

This tendency is more pronounced in kill la kills, and it is interesting to pick up only terms such as bleeding, fiber loss, etc.

Personally, even with the same wordplay, Nishio Ishin's works are not so good at it.

And the stage goes to space

We know the end of these works, and at the end we will definitely go to the "universe".

(Darifra went, and when I saw the movie version, it was like promere went))

Is it a generation that the creator liked wavy guns or mobile suits?

Glenlagan breaks through Tengen

〇 There was a theme song and a story

The theme song "Sky Color Days" by Shokotan and Shoko Nakagawa sings.

For anison, it is a song that has a slow tempo and is very easy to sing.

In the anime break, the lyrics replace no. 2, and viewers are sure to be just as weak.

Anison's lyrics are the type that I can't remember much, but I was able to remember this.

〇The hot man's way of life was seen.

Kamina cool! Simon also saw Kamina's back and became a fine adult.

In addition, Bilal who was the cut captain of the beast man is a char position in the place where it is said gundam.

No matter how many times you lose or lose, you will face Glenn Lagann, and at the end of the day you will be given the immortal body to the spiral king.

By acquiring a body that does not die, I am responsible for watching the future of Simon and others until the end.

It's unsatisfy, but it's cool…

The second half of × was Matryoshka.

Simon's "Glen" robot can control helix energy by coalescing with other gummen.

In the second half, Gurren Lagann itself coalesses with other robots.

Ultimately glenn → glenn lagann →… (There are about three)… → Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

And it had become just Matryoshka.

Do you have any scenes where the last characters have grown up?

× movie was subtle.

Unlike Kirurakiru, Tengen Tora Toppa Gurren Lagann is even made into a movie.

The result of this is very subtle though it was two stands of "Guren hen" and "Spiral chapter".

I felt that it was still impossible to combine the works that follow the process of the hero's growth into a movie.

The four heavenly kings that were rampaging in the anime version were all put together, so it lacks power … Let's watch anime!


〇Filled with two diseases

The four heavenly kings and the student council president who rule the school, the polar uniform that incorporates life fiber, the reply scene according to the theme song, etc.

Personally, I thought the sound of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government School Trip" was really cool.

〇Gag and serious balance

The scene of the impression also in the gag.

The posture that does not crush the broadcast frame in the omnibus, I long to numb there!

× Why did you put in a tossy scene?

It is a rule of the transformation anime that clothes disappear at the time of the hero's transformation, but I can not say anything about the appearance after the transformation.

It might have been nice if the style was different, but the main character is like a Yankee and I don't want that!

Well, there is a reason for this, and it's okay because you don't feel uncomfortable while you look at it.

"Gurren Lagann × Kill La kill" conclusion

How about such a story?

Simon, a boy who lives under the rule of Honnoji Gakuen, was doing everything he could to survive his days.

One day, he finds a mysterious drill in the garbage, chases the "woman of Kataju chibasa" who killed his father, and boardes Honnoji Gakuen.

Simon, who fights the manager and shitenno in cooperation with his friends, loses Kamina, who was a senior in his life in the fight against the student council president.

A sad sister who should have died appears in front of him, telling the mystery of life fiber and the words that Kamina could not tell.

Simon is heading for the last battle to defeat the "primordly life fiber" which is the root of everything with GlenLagan combined with the moon …!

… In the end, the two works just stick. Conclusion, I think both are interesting!

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