【Kill La Kill】I will pick up a fine parody / original story in the work


I like Kirlakil too much, so I would like to write the detailed story that I noticed.

If you notice more, please let me know, I will add Jean Jean!


1 episode

Characteristic glyphs

Speaking of Kill La Kill, it is the first thick Gothic character to come up with.

The production of perspective and stitching sat on top, not just letters but also complemented the work.

This typeface is FontWorks's "Raglan Punch", a name that makes you feel what causes and causes Gurren Lagann …


It seems to be from japan's oldest junken called Insect Fist, or from a frog stared at every day.

In Insect Fist, snakes > frogs > licks, but no person who corresponds to a lottery appears in this work.

The irritation of the name is severe, painful unexpectedly gnathing, there is a meaning such as bullying, too and it leads to "Dress of the restraint".

2-year A-class

It is a class to which Mako Mankanzari belongs, and it is also a class of the later Ryuko.

It seems that there is Kooticho, but I do not think that Mako is in the top class.

Extreme Uniforms

The character side of the school uniform is changed a little.

It can also be read that people will be "conquered" using "uniforms".

Is "together with pigs in clothes" a mockery of students who study as they are said?

Honnoji Gakuen

I wanted to imagine tyranny and "The enemy is in Honnoji"?

It is very cool that the latter shape is the collar of the sailor suit type uniform.

Many people should have been drawn in at once by the beauty of the first battle scene.

It is suggested that talking about Nazis in class is also fear politics.

The antenna of the top has become a part called "push money" of the sewing machine.

Kiryuin Satsuki

I've always wondered why this character is not related to the content.

However, I noticed it while writing this article, and I feel that I finally understood it.

I think that the family name is "KILL academy" or "Wearing academy", and Satsuki is "KILL → kill".

The clothes that are coming are uniforms of military uniforms based on white, and they are paired with the sailor suit of ryuko based on black.

The name Kiryuin Satsuki is a synthesis of the rival Of the Otoko-gumi rival Goji Jinryu and the rival Kai Onido of "Otoko-taira". He has a Japanese sword in a white school uniform and has a commonality with the shinryu, who has a habit of saying "the general public is a pig", including his character and uproar.

Moreover, the character "" contains the meaning of a big plateau where white light shines. The name may also be known that every time she appears, a mysterious after-glow shines.


Ryuko Matoi

In addition to the meaning of "mata" and entangling, there is also the meaning of "matoi" used by fire extinguishers in the Edo period.

Was it a sense of preomen or this that I felt when I saw Promere?

It seems to be able to take it in either meaning of the child who washed up and the child who was thought to have flowed (the life was lost).


The theme of this work is "Kirka, Kiralelka", and the intention to kill "KILL" is combined.

Because it is described in katakana, it is possible to capture two ways to cut when worn.

I felt that it was very excellent that the theme of "cloth" that brings it together.

I wonder if "La" is a female article in Spanish, so I wonder if it is a heroine.

If there are thorns like ripples

It is a famous story, but each story title of Kirlakil is attached from the tune which existed in the Showa era.

The memorable first episode was a title that made viewers predict the character of Ryuko, who appeared just before.

The original song was also used by the TV version of Kosuke Kaneda, from a song of the same name released in 1978 by Miyako Chaki.

Full-ship decoration Mako

"Full ship decoration" is to raise the flag from the bow to the stern through the mast in order for the warship to express the congratulations at ceremonies etc.

It was also used to place a lot of laundry on the laundry pole and dress up.

I have never heard the word full ship decoration other than this work because it is "dead word" in Wikipedia.

As an aside, he appeared as a guest with Evangelion's family in episode 10 of another work "Incompetent Battle is in everyday life".

Katatato Scissors

"Tachi Scissors" is because "Bleed scissors" used for cutting cloth can be used like a sword on one side.

It is cool to recall a butterfly knife to thrust your arm into the handle and turn it round.

Ryuji Fukuroda

From "bag banging".

It is said that it was made referring to spone products, so it would be "Tomorrow's Joe" or "first step" …

Sarutozan Vortex

"Inu-monkey's relationship" or "Momotaro" as a set with Inu muta.

→ association of generals → the mountains of monkeys and mountains is not possible.

Fiber loss

Double-mining of "Loss of War" and "Loss of Life Fiber".

Gurren Lagann also had a double meening as such, but Kirlakil has a different level!

2 episodes

be stunned

From the second single released in 1977 by Char.

The single sold 300,000 copies, and the answer song "July 7" was later announced.


Kamui is the Ainu word for the wording of "God, God spiritual being", or the prestige and power of God.

In this work, it means "god's clothes", but there is no sense of incongruity even if it is replaced with the above two meanings.

The school uniform is based on military uniforms.

Truely, around 1973, it became popular as part of the modernization policy in Japan, where kimono culture persisted.

The run of the school run is a run of Oranda (Netherlands), and the school bag is from Dutch word "Lansel" of the back sac.

It is a famous story that the large collar of the sailor suit stands when the Marine hears the sound in the distance.


It comes from the mineral "Akatetsu ore" and the armor "Hand Armor", which are the raw materials of iron contained in the blood.

The combination of black sailor suit and red gloves is based on the Showa special effects program "Detective Skevan".

Asamiya Saki's yo-yo weapon corresponds to Ryuko's Katatsu Scissors.

You can rely on the court alone.

Tennis cartoon "Aim for ace!" From the lyrics of the anime version op "Everyone alone in the court".

No one's going to understand.

Likewise, from op lyrics, "No one knows my love or my suffering."

Secret Sword Bound Slash (Bakusa)

I'll tie it up, I'll cut it. It doesn't seem to have a particularly deep meaning.


Junketsu is the fourth single in Minami Saori. Released june 1, 1972.

The fourth single album, also known as the 1st anniversary album of the singer's debut.

Kuroido Takiji

The first butler of the Kiryuin family wearing a black tuxedo.

An anagram of "Black Tuxedo."

I don't know the will of Tsubame Sparrow

A small person is likened to something that does not understand the idea or big aspirations of a large person.

"Swallow sparrow" is a small bird such as swallows and sparrows, and it changes and a small person is done.

"Kono"is a big bird such as a large bird and a swan, it changes, and a large person is touched.

3 episodes

A very unhappy morning has come.

Jun Mayuzumi (born May 26, 1948) is a Japanese singer and actress. Her real name is Junko Watanabe. Born in Chofu, Tokyo. In the late 1960s, he was a hit with a unique punchy and charming singing voice. My brother is Takashi Miki, a composer.

Morning Sirens

Air raid warning.


A scene from the trap in "Indiana Jones and the Raiders: The Lost Arc."

Maiko Ogure

From "I will not be late".


RPG (РОЕ) is an anti-tank grenadier of the Soviet Union and Russia. Since RPG-2, it is considered to be an anti-tank grenade launcher.

It is an abbreviation of "роо оаоаааоаомо (portable anti-tank grenade launcher)".

Scene thrown into the air

"Beautiful blue Danube: An der schönen, blauen Donau" Op. 314 is a choral Winna Waltz composed by Johann Strauss II in 1867.

Along with "The Story of the Vienna Forest" and "Emperor Enmaikyoku", it is counted as "Three Great Waltz" by Strauss II.

In Austria, although it is not official, it has been called the "second national anthem" from the imperial era to the present day.

4 episodes

Sewing machine type needle gun

As the name implies, a gun that mimics a sewing machine and a jamming bullet that inhibits the activities of the Life War Restoration mimic a sewing needle.

Gunnails (higakine)

"Higine" is a song by Public Law & Twist (later renamed Twist), and is the third single. Released on August 10, 1978.

Semi-uniform guerrilla

Anti-government guerrillas.

The Raven and the Raven

From the late adult word "fisherman's profit". From the story that both were caught by the fisherman while the raven and the raven were fighting.


You can also see the shape of the sewing machine winding and other iron-shaped weapons.

Ryuko vs. Spinning Insertion Song

"Trich Tratch Polka: Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka" Op.214 by Polka Schnell, composed by Johann Strauss II in 1858.

Episode 6

Don't blame it depending on your mood

"Don't Blame Me For Feeling" (Don't Let Me Know" is a Southern All Stars song. As his second single, Invitation released a 7-inch record on November 25, 1978.

Sword Attire

Kendo armor is based, and measures against "tengantsu" are effective because the most important thing is eyes as it is "one-lens two-legged three-boku" in kendo.

There's no torso if you don't hit it.

I'm wearing a "torso" that is an attack point.

Ryuko piercing into the ground

The scene where Skekiyo was killed by sticking it on the surface of the lake from the movie "Inugan family family".

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