【Fullmetal Alchemist】 Summary of the models of the countries/people in the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist”

【Fullmetal Alchemist】I summarized the models of the countries and people of the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"

I watched the “Fullmetal Alchemist” anime on Prime Video the other day!

I looked up the countries and models of the characters in the show, but I couldn’t find a coherent website, so I put it together myself!

This article is written as a compilation of information and predictions from the internet, so I can’t take any responsibility for the authenticity of the content!

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What is a “fullmetal alchemist” ?

This is a series of manga, anime, movies, and games by Arakawa Hiroshi that were published in the monthly Shonen Gangan magazine from 2001.

It was a huge hit not only in Japan but also around the world as a fantasy manga about alchemy, which was rare at the time, and led to the subsequent alchemy boom.

Since the anime was produced before the manga was finished, it is unique in that some of the stories have different endings from the manga, while others have the same ending.

“Fullmetal Alchemist” Country Model

There is no clear country model for the setting of Fullmetal Alchemist, “Amestris” and the surrounding countries.

However, we can predict the countries they were modeled after based on their names, their histories, and the characters they portray!

When I first saw Amestris, I thought it looked like “Switzerland,” but when I looked into it, a surprising country came up…


↑Amestris Grand Patriarch, King Bradley

Surrounded by the Drachma, Crete, Aelgo, and desert regions, the country is ruled by the dictatorship of Grand Führer Bradley.

Many say it is set in the United States or in England at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, while others say it is Nazi Germany.

If you think that the Führer = Hitler and the Ishvarites = Jews, the allies of the Ishvar extermination war will change.

The name was taken from “Queen Amestris,” the queen of King Xerxes of the Achaemenid dynasty, who was known for her cruelty.

The fact that she committed slaughter and dedicated herself to the gods is in line with Amestris’s purpose, which is revealed later in the manga, isn’t it?

I have heard that Xerxes’ queen, Amestris, also buried 14 children of a prominent Persian family alive when she was old and expressed her gratitude to the god who was said to be underground.

Herodotus, History, Vol.7§114


↑The culprit behind the destruction of Xerxes, “Father”

A nation that was destroyed in a single day by a mysterious phenomenon long before the founding of Amestris, and now only destroyed ruins remain in the desert.

It was a nation of over a million people ruled by a king, Xerxes, who studied alchemy in search of immortality.

The name is modeled after the Achaemenid king, Xerxes.

King Xerxes’ second king was also assassinated after his first died, and the speed of his disappearance, which ceased after only two generations, is similar to the “Xerxes Nation” in the work.


↑Armstrong, the invincible Drachma border guard captain

Armstrong is a major power north of Amestris that has a non-aggression pact with Amestris, but is locked in a standoff with Amestris across the Brix Mountains.

It is thought to be modeled on Russia, as it is located north of Amestris (Europe), and on the Soviet Union, as its military uniform closely resembles that of the former Soviet Union.

Since the territory of the Soviet Union during the period when it had the largest land area was close to Europe, it is possible that there is a situation where a standoff continues on the northern border.

I could not find a model for the name, but there is the Ottoman Empire and the Greek currency unit, the drachma.


Lin Yao, the twelfth prince of the ↑Sin Kingdom

A large country located east of Amestris, across the desert from where Xerxes was originally located.

It is a large country located east of Amestris, across the desert from where Xerxes was originally located. It has developed its own unique art that differs from the “alchemy” of Amestris.

The Qin Dynasty of China is probably the model.

This is evident from the Chinese characters used by Lin Yao to write “I get to the Sage’s Stone” and the panda that Mei Zhang is carrying.

The first emperor of the Qin Dynasty also sent his subjects to Japan in search of the Elixir of Immortality, and the emperor ironically shortened his own lifespan with the mercury he took in the belief that it was the Elixir of Immortality.

It is also agreed that travel from the Qin Dynasty to Europe required crossing the desert.


↑Ishvar’s avenger, Scar

Considering Amestris to be Nazi Germany, many people were still of the opinion that Ishvars are Jews.

They have something in common with the Jews in terms of their belief in a single mind and their willingness to suffer genocide.

Incidentally, the word “Ishvara,” which the Ishvars worship, is said to represent God in the world of yoga.

The name “Scar” is Kali’s name, and according to the author, her real name is “decided but secret.


This is a country that is hardly mentioned in the manga and anime works.

The country was founded by a sultan who united dozens of nomadic tribes, and there is a constant struggle between the tribes.

The name comes from the Greek island of Crete, where a civilization called the Minos civilization once developed.


A nation that has not been touched more than Crete.

Is it Spain, given the rise of the Mafia?

Model of the “Fullmetal Alchemist” character

Edward Elric

He is the main character of this work, and became a national alchemist as the “Fullmetal Alchemist” because his right leg and left hand are made of automatic armor (automail).

Although there seems to be no clear model, the name “Edward” has been passed down in the royal family of England, so it is thought that England is the model.


Ed’s name comes from Edward Scissorhands, the main character in the author’s favorite movie, Scissorhands!

It reminds me of the main character, an artificial young man with two hands made of metal scissors and one arm made of automail!

Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric, whose body was taken to the “other side” during human training, and whose soul was fixed in his armor to save him.

Alphonse Elric was modeled after Eliphas Lévy, a romantic poet and hermeneutic thinker from Paris, France.

He studied Kabbalah, alchemy, hermeneutics, and Christian mysticism, and became a symbol of the revival of magic in modern Europe.

Van Hohenheim

He is the father of Edward and Alphonse, as well as the “Philosopher’s Stone” in human form, and a survivor of the destruction of Xerxes.

Van Hohenheim’s model was “Paracelsus,” a Swiss-born physician, chemist, alchemist, and mystical thinker who lived from 1490 to 1541.

He rejected the theory of the four elements and proposed the idea that all things are made up of sulfur, mercury, and salt. He also incorporated chemistry into medicine by challenging alchemy, which was aimed at producing gold, from the medical perspective of immortality.

Other characters

In the world of “Fullmetal Alchemist,” airplanes have not yet been developed and the concept of fighter planes does not exist.

Characters in such a world are often named after fighter planes out of the author’s playfulness.

Roy Mustang

The P-51 Mustang was a reciprocating single-engine, single-seat fighter aircraft developed by North American Corporation and operated by the United States Army Air Forces.

Liza Hawkeye

The E-2 is an early warning aircraft manufactured by the Northrop Grumman Corporation of the United States. It is primarily operated by the U.S. Navy on aircraft carriers (aircraft carriers) and ground bases. Its nickname is the Hawkeye.

Izmi Curtis

The P-40 (Curtiss P-40) was a fighter aircraft developed by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation of the United States and operated by the United States Army Air Forces. The P-40 was an ordinary aircraft in terms of performance, but because of its high practicality and the fact that it was always ready for mass production, it played an important mission in the early stages of the war when the Allies were outnumbered, and was widely used by the armies of various countries to fight the German and Japanese forces.

Mars Hughes

The Hughes H-1 was an aircraft (race plane) designed for the speed record attempt at Hughes Aircraft in 1935. It set the world speed record and the transcontinental speed record. Since then, no other world records have been set by private companies.

Pinaco Rockbell

The P-75 is a fighter aircraft developed for the U.S. Army Air Forces by the Fisher Body Division of General Motors, an American automobile manufacturer. It was nicknamed the Eagle. Its first flight was on November 17, 1943. Development was halted after only 12 prototypes and mass-produced aircraft were produced.

Note: The Japanese pronunciation of 7 and 5 is “na” and “go”, so “pee”, “na”, and “ko”.

There’s more.

  • King Bradley → M2 Bradley Infantry Combat Vehicle
  • Armstrong’s → Armstrong
  • Watteau Falman → Falman III
  • John Havoc → A-20 Havoc
  • Breda → Ba.88 
  • Kane Fury → Fury

etc., exist, and it would be interesting to examine them one by one!

It’s just a guess.

The information summarized in this article is basically not corroborated, but rather compiled based on the contents of question boxes and personal blogs.

There may be other hidden meanings out there, so do your research!

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