【Anime】Recommended for beginners! Introducing 30 interesting works in 10 years

【Anime】Recommended for beginners! Introducing 30 interesting works in 10 years

I've been watching anime for about 10 years, so I've compiled about 30 anime that even beginners can enjoy.

Divided into genres by dogmatic and prejudice, I hit love overflowing instead of Kopipe for introductions and impressions!

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Exciting works

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric brothers, who had been reunited with their deceased mother, lost a part of their bodies at the price of the contraindications. Time passed, and the brother who became the National Alchemist of Amestrius for clues to human body forerunge learns of the philosopher's stone and the presence of homund cruz that appears around it. In addition, he is involved in a huge conspiracy involving [Father] and Amestris founding.

The original story is here: Fullmetal Alchemist

It is a fantasy action masterpiece that caused an alchemy boom in the manga and anime world.

One of my favorite works to introduce whenever you are asked about the recommendation, with laughter and tears and love.

Since the first anime started before the original manga was completed, there is also a story different from the original.

Personally, I recommend "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST", a story that is faithful to the original.

There are many famous works such as "Silver Spoon" and "Aslaroon Senki" in Hiroshi Arakawa's works, so please check it out!


Honnoji Gakuen, led by Kiryuin Satsuki, was plotting national rule using "polar uniforms" woven with [life fiber]. The girl who transferred there was Ryuko Kaiko, a girl who was looking for a single-year bassami who killed the father of a life fiber researcher. Their encounters spread beyond the power of the school, but also to the true purpose of Honnoji Gakuen and the mystery of life fibers.

Anime Original Comic: Kirurakiru

I am addicted to the style full of Showa feeling such as impossible special moves, excessive explosions, and people who are too individual.

The wordplay studded throughout the story and the typeface "Raglan Punch" boasting an overwhelming presence are also cool.

It was very novel to put a omnibus that viewers are easy to get tired of in the first five minutes and put it together at explosive speed.

The previous work "Tengen Tora Gurren Lagann" is also hard to throw away, and the latest work "Promere" is also a group of works that you want to pay attention to!

a scientific super-electromagnetic gun

Psychics are incorporated into the curriculum in the school city, the cutting edge of world science, and only seven people have reached level 5, the highest peak of ability. Mikoto Misaka, the third-ranked second-year junior high school student, is known as [Super Electromagnetic Gun (Railgun)], and coins can be hammered out three times faster than the sound speed. As she pursues the incident of a person with the ability to happen in the school city, she confronts the malice that spreads in the school city.

Original: A certain science super-electromagnetic gun

It is a spin-off work of the character who appeared in "A certain magic book catalog", and this is more interesting about anime.

Instead of focusing on the bright side, we are also paying attention to the anguish of the incapacity and the evils of the incapacity.

As Ranobe, "A Certain Magic Book Catalog" is overwhelmingly interesting, and it is the back side of the school city and the ability person!


  • Sword Art Online
  • Blackbread
  • Glenlagan breaks through Tengen
  • a sword language
  • Guilty Crown
  • A Little Girl Senki
  • Steel Castle Cabanelli
  • Gun gale Online
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Energetic works


The five members, who were in sync with the Kamiyama High School Animation Club, vowed to make anime with this member again and went on to their respective paths. Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara, who worked for Musashino Animation as production and animators, work hard to make their dreams come true while being involved in the production of the new anime "Ekuso-sosus!".

Anime Original Comic:SHIROBAKO

The staff of "Musashino Animation" has a model, and you can predict the original person from the name and appearance.

In addition to the bright parts of anime production, it also deals with serious issues such as policy conflicts and sacrifices.

The same working girl series "Hanasaki Oiroha" and "Sakura Quest" are also interesting, so why not check it out?

It might be rose.

Calligrapher Seishu Handa beats a great person who criticized his work and is sent to the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture as a suspension. Every day was a series of surprises for him in a place with no convenience store nearby and only unfamiliar dialects. From the warm contact with the islanders, Seishu realizes what he has not been enough until now.

Original: Roses

The title "Rosemon" is a dialect of the Goto Islands, "energetic person", and it is a work that can be drawn only by the author from the Goto Islands.

There are many dialects and beautiful nature that you have never heard of unique to island life.

Interacting with children, cooking a bath for the first time, and watching the stars with everyone will rest your mind as if you were away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Personally, I thought that the pickles "This mon" that appeared in the work seemed to be very delicious!

It was slime when I was reincarnated.

Medio Mikami, an ordinary office worker, is stabbed by a street devil and is reincarnated as a riml of the weakest monster [Slime] in another world. Making the most of his absorption capacity, he follows the Goblin and Fano tribes as he embarks on the establishment of a huge nation where everyone from different races can live in peace. The rumor will eventually enter the ears of the demon king who rules the world.

Original: It was slime when I was reincarnated

It is a work that became a trigger for the rekindle of the other world reincarnation boom that became a hit with "Let's become a novelist" and developed into an anime.

As a promise, the main character is insanely strong, but the purpose is to create a peaceful nation, so you can see it with peace of mind.

The production of the second season of anime has also been decided, and it is a must-check as a work that will gain even more momentum from now on!


  • Girls and Panzer
  • Far from space
  • working


Idiot, Test and Summoned Beast

Bungetsu Gakuen is the only school in Japan that allows summoning summoned beasts, and summoned beasts have strength according to the student's academic ability and are divided according to the level. In order to get out of the life of cardboard on the tatami mats, the F class at the bottom where Akihisa Yoshii is, I apply for a battle with a summoned beast to class A. A stag gag anime in the name of.

Original: Idiot, Test, and Summoned Beast

It's cool to say that it's just a synopsis, but it's a high-tension gag anime where everyone can be bokeh and tsukkomi.

The love pattern is quite complicated, and it is a work that I do not particularly envy that the main character is popular with many people.

The original world view can be firmly reflected in the anime, and it is a wonderful result that you can enjoy from either side.


When the new field of The Interiyakza returned to the house one day, Hina of the girl who had entered the machine of the sphere shape was rolling in the room. Hina had superpowers and apparently spent her days obeying adult orders as a combat weapon in other worlds. Nitta, who helped Hina in putting kachikomi on the enemy's office, will take Hina as her daughter and live together …

Original: Hina Matsuri

It is a development of a large brawl between characters that you do not know from the first episode, but let's continue to see it without thinking deeply.

It is like the thing that the interiyakza and Nitta have already confirmed that it is interesting at the time of the voice actor at Sakata Ginki.

Other characters also have a presence, and personally, I like Hitomi Mishima, who is a junior high school student but serves as a mom at a late-night bar.

Bruise-killing angel Dookuro-chan

Dokro-chan, an angel dispatched from the heavens to change the future of Kusabe Cherry Blossoms, the main character who will develop drugs that will make women around the world lori in the future. I accidentally kill cherry blossoms every day with "Escariborg" that I have without taking off my skin, but it is solved with a spell of "Pipirupirupirpipi ~ ♪"! While receiving cold treatment from the fun friends of St. Guernica Gakuen, do your best today!

Original story: Beaten Angel Skull-chan

The theme song is a famous work, and it is a strong groce, but it is not seen as a comedy?

Besides the killing scene, my classmate's attitude towards cherry blossoms is too cold to be a mystery and I feel black humor

(You can eat curry with poisonous mushrooms at a forest school or completely ignore the story of cherry blossoms)

I was addicted to the parody that appeared in another anime "The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka".


  • Gintama
  • Bride of Seto
  • Daily life of male high school students
  • Crawl! Ms. Nyarko
  • Everyday

Healing system

From The Non-no-Nobi

Only five students go to [Asahikawa Branch School] in the countryside: Ichijo Hotaru, Miyanai Renge, Koshigaya Natsumi, Koshigaya Komari, and Koshigaya Taku. In the peaceful countryside, where there is only one bus per hour, the nature around you becomes a playground for everyone. A relaxing country life that flows today, such as going to a candy store and making a bite.

Original: From The Non-Nombi

While thinking that country life is not sweet, it is a work for escapism that makes you want to live leisurely in the countryside when you finish watching it.

I think that the narrowness of the world that more than half of the students are brothers and the teacher is an elder sister is a valuable scenery that can not be seen in this era.

Personally, the sharpness of the character in the first stage of the brick, famous for "Nyanpasu", was a point.

Is your order a rabbit?

Cocoa, who was to lodge in a café [Rabbit House] for social study, will work at Rabbit House with his military daughter Lize and master's only daughter Chino. The days pass quickly surrounded by bright and fun friends such as rival Japanese-style coffee shop Senya and friend Sharo. For those who are waiting for coffee, the rabbit house door will open again today …!

Original: Is your order a rabbit?

This work was the first time I could see until the end, when I didn't understand the fun of the genre of everyday life and the setbacks continued.

Thanks to this work, "Rysuta", "Kiniro Mosaic" and "Kill Me Babe"can be seen.

There are many kinds of character combinations, and personally cocoa and a thousand nights of chamecha combination are healed.

Yuru Can▲

Shima Rin, a female junior high school student who came to Motosu Lake in winter to do a solo camp, meets Kakamigahara Nadeshi, who is sleeping at a resting place and has lost her way home. Nadeshiko, who has just moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, eats curry noodles given to Rin and sees Mt. Fuji floating in the night sky. Impressed by the scenery at the campsite, Nadeshiko wanted to camp and joined the outdoor activity circle of junior high school, commonly known as "Nokuru".

Original: Yuru Camp △

The main character only camps, but you will want to camp around, such as how to draw scenery, fight each other, camp rice, etc.

It was a work that played a part in the recent camping boom, and buildings and motorcycles collaborated and became famous.

There are times when everyone has fun camping, small times with two people, and times where you relax alone.

Personally, I like Lynn's solo can times, drawing the goodness of solo cans and feeling the connection on SNS!


  • Dried fish sister Umaru-chan
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Girl's Doomsday Trip


Ringing Ping Drum

Takakura Kanba, Akima, and Yang-hee, who had no parents, were living on their own, and recently they were worried that Yang-hyun tended to get sick. When she took his eyes off for a moment at the aquarium where she went to play, Yang fell down and when they met again at the hospital, she was already cold. After that, for some reason, a positive figure wearing a penguin hat appears in front of the two deeply regretted people, and tells them to go looking for a [ping drum] that instead of keeping this body alive for a while.

Anime Original Novel: Ringing Ping Drum

I liked the world view even though it was difficult, such as being aware of the subway sarin incident of Aum Shinrikyo and using metaphors.

The identity of the ping drum is difficult to understand, and it may be a work that is suitable to enter the second lap while looking at consideration on the net.

Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of this film, is famous for working on "Revolutionary Girl Utena".

If you like the world view, why not check here?

Electric coils

The story of the world where wearable devices [brain glasses] became popular. There was a rumor that if yuko Okonogi, a sixth grader, moved in, daikoku-cho, catch the bug in the cyber world, "Ilegal", you would get a legendary treasure. After densuke, an electric brain dog, found an ilegal, Yuko began to become interested in the cyber world of Daikoku Town, which is a little different from others.

Anime Original Novel: Brain Coil

In NHK anime, likes and dislikes break up because there is a habit in the design, but the story is very interesting.

It was a slightly old work, so it was impressive that the word "Postal Bureau", which has passed away now, came out.

It is a mysterious work that can recall the nostalgic and painful feeling that has been lost somewhere while having the element of the near future science fiction of the spread of virtual space.


Teito Ryugamine, who moved to Ikebukuro, is introduced to his best friend Masaomi Kida in a mysterious world where color gangs, immortal hostesses, and neckless riders are rampant. Teijin, who went to high school, became concerned about Anri Sonohara of the same class and would aspire to be the same class committee member. In this distorted town of Ikebukuro, the speculations of various people swirled and eventually developed into a big incident.

Original story: Durarara!!

Information shops, former military sushi restaurants, mysterious creatures, and each character was too characteristic, and in the first half it was best to keep up with the story.

As the story progresses, it's exciting to see each past and hidden things become clearer as if you were reading a detective story!

I think you can see if you see that it is a work that worries about which genre to introduce as which genre, but I guarantee that it will be interesting!


Kagerou Days/



YuU Otosaka enjoyed school life with the ability to take over the body of others, but his abilities were spotted by Nao Tori and joined the student council. The student council's job was to warn students who had awakened to their abilities, but Yuu's sister, Ayu's younger sister, Ayumi's ability to do so, ran wild and she lost her life. Although he despaired but recovered by his fellow members of the student council, yuu actually knows that he has a chance to do everything all over again.

Anime Original Comic:Charlotte

It is a rare setting for an ability system in which the expression of psychic powers is a minority, and the focus is also on how to deal with abilities from the standpoint of a mentally immature student.

The story unfolds from the friendly atmosphere of the first half to the sudden development in the midfield and the second half of the excitement, but I think it was good to divide the number of stories at the end.

Nao's position as the heroine is not romantic and is in a place that is indescribable, but it is also good!

After all my youth love comedy is wrong.

Hikiya Hachiman, who has a distorted theory of life, is forced to join the Service Department as punishment for writing a composition that "youth is evil." There, the perfect sister meets Yukinoshita Yukino of the complex and Yuigahama Yui who reads the air excessively. They continue to scratch toward the "real thing" that they seek while worrying and clashing with the request brought to the service department.

Original: After all, my youth love comedy is wrong.

Yahata's attitude and way of thinking in the work will make you want to imitate it coolly, but you can probably expect it to be quite miserable if you do it in reality.

It is painful and beautiful to see the service department that moves forward while unintentionally hurting or failing each other on the stage of high school which can be said to be the epitome of life.

It makes me think deeply about what Yahata and his friends pursue in the work, and it is a work that can not wait for the final anime 3rd season!

Assassination Class

At Kagaoka Junior High School, where the position is determined by academic ability, students of the F class brought together as a dropout in the Boro school building in the back mountain are suddenly told by people who claim to be the government. The living thing which came as a homeroom teacher "I want you to kill this monster within one year" seems to destroy the earth in one year by the superinfic matter that humanity's weapons do not hear at all. As he interacts with the homeroom teacher who named him "Kill Meser", changes begin to occur in the feelings of the students of the F group.

Original: Assassination Class

I don't know the work that ended up so quickly with the jump work, and it was wonderful that the anime version ran through to the final round without opening a big time!

Basically, it proceeds with gags, but life theory and scenes that can be impressed are incorporated everywhere, and the story composition that does not feel uncomfortable with it ◎ .

I thought it was amazing that all the F-class students had names and episodes, and that every student was unique and able to remember.


Youth Pig Bastard and Bunny Girl Senior / Stein's Gate / Banana Fish / Ping Pong

They use their head

PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath

Set in japan in the near future, where human good and evil has been judged by the crime factor due to technological progress. The criminals are judged by the elite "investigator" selected by the Shubila system and the latent "bailiff" combination. Akane Tsunemori, a new investigator, comes to a person named Shogo Makishima who is dancing behind the incident while chasing a serial murder.

Anime Original Comic: Psychopath PSYCHO-PASS

The depiction of technology in the near future is very well thought out, and I'm surprised to anticipate things that didn't exist at the time of the broadcast, such as virtual livers!

Mr. Jchukata-cho, who is the original, specializes in period objects representing "Heaven and Earth Discernment" and SF such as "Ghost in the Shell", and is surprised that it can write completely different genres.

The major theme is what will happen to the management society in the future, and it makes me think that we will see it as a position where we must do what we should do about the management society in the future.

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

It is a story of the era when Japan is ruled by the Great Empire Britannia and is called "Area 11". Prince Britannia, who was once abandoned by his homeland, Lelouch acquires the ability [Geass] to control the opponent and seeks revenge on his homeland. On the other hand, Suzaku, who became the first Japanese Britannia soldier, wanted to transform Britannia from the inside as a Japanese, and boarded the humanoid fighter Lancelot.

Anime Original Comic: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

It is a wasteful anime that is quite inevitable for beginners in anime because it looks like a distinctive character drawing and a robot thing at a glance, but I want to say that you should say after watching the complaint.

Lelouch is the most ideal villain in anime history, with a series of in-depth tactics, flexible responsiveness according to the situation, and the determination to do whatever you want for a purpose.

There is also a film version of Digest, but in order to feel Lelouch's determination together, "Lelouch vi Britannia orders you, you will see 50 episodes in total for one term and two terms!"

Reverberation Terror

Lisa Mishima, who had been bullied in high school, is interested in the behavior that does not care about the surroundings of the newly transferred duo, Shin Kuju and Fuyuji Kumi. Lisa, who one day witnessed two of the perpetrators after a terrorist attack at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, becomes two accomplices to avoid being killed. The two men try to fulfill the purpose of terrorism by stealing "something" from the nuclear fuel reprocessing facility and sending a notice letter to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Anime original musical? : Reverberation Terror

It is a work that was released in Noitamina before "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" introduced above (I think That Noitamina who can produce such a masterpiece continuously is really amazing)

The bombing notice issued by the two people to the Metropolitan Police Department is based on the ancient Greek myth that the "Spinks" destination is "Oedipus" by the sender, and the notice will be sent as a riddle.

The unpredictable element of Lisa into the two terrorist plots that were supposed to be perfect will affect the incident in no small way by other factors.


No Game No Life/Our



Ryuji Takasu, who thinks about his classmate Minori Kushieda, finds a love letter accidentally inserted by "Hand-riding Tiger" Taiga Osaka in a shoebox one day. It was to Yusaku Kitamura who was Ryuji's best friend. The two will form a cooperative relationship to achieve each other's love, but as they act together, different emotions begin to emerge from the cooperative relationship.

Original story: Tora Dora!

I thought that it was fine that the title of the character's name "Tiger / English" and "Dragon / Japanese" was "Tora / Japanese" and "Dora (Gon)/ English".

We recommend that you take a quick look at the first half of the second half, even though we are aware of our feelings, but we have a good taste for the first half.

In contrast to the love of high school students of "Tora Dora!", "Prime Time" by the same author is about college student love!


Tomoya Okazaki, who entered high school on a sports recommendation but left the club due to problems, met Nagisa Furukawa, who spent his days without a purpose. She wanted to revive the entertainment club which did not have now, and make a mysterious story read somewhere before into the play. Tomoya wanted to help Nagisa, so he gathered friends and started making efforts to revive the entertainment club.

Original (Game):CLANNAD

It is one of the works by key who established "Crying Game" among love adventure games, and there seems to be a word "CLANNNAD is life" in the world.

Since the love game is the original story, there is a story about each character, but everyone is a good child and you will feel relaxed after watching cute.

The blog "Today is a Starfish Festival!" operated by blogger Starfish is based on the famous lines that appear in one of the heroines of CLANNAD, Fuuko Ibuki.

Macross F

After passing through the battle with zentlady, the first extraterrestrial creature, humanity has left the earth, devastated by the conflict, and out of the galaxy in search of a permanently viable land. Lanka Lee, who came to Tokyo longing for the world-famous diva Cheryl, is helped by during the battle with the mysterious life horse Jura. Mysteriously guided by fate, the three decide to fight to protect Macross Frontier.

I entered from now on without looking at the first Macross, but I don't think there is a place to get caught in particular if I know the background that there was a war with aliens and solved it with a song.

Is it your imagination that you personally feel that there are not many works depicting triangular relationships or works that you can't predict which will win?

Macross thought he would fight using a song, but rather it was "Symphogear", anyway, the insertion song in battle is cool …


Nisekoi / Sekai known only by God

Anime Movies

Sakasama's Patema

In the past, many people "fell" into the sky due to the study of gravity reversal, and the survival was called gaia people. One day Gaia's boy Age meets Patema, a girl from the land of Sakasama. The age who chases patema taken by the government officials will know the truth of this world.

Although it is a work that is completely conscious of Laputa, it is positioned as upward compatibility of Laputa, which is more ingenious in the elements and direction of solving mysteries than Raputa.

The production that made good use of the concept of the heaven and earth was different respectively, and the scenery which did not understand which was the ground or the sky was very beautiful.

I don't really like anime movies, but I thought that it would be good to take up this work! (I personally don't think Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai's works are anime.)

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Anime articles available

Above, it was a collection of love works recommended by humans who have watched anime for about 10 years by arbitrary and prejudice!

  • "Higurashi no Maku ko"
  • "Magical Girl Madoka Magica"
  • 「school Days」
  • "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

I tried to avoid such works as much as possible, so I think that works that are easy for beginners to see have gathered.

There are other articles about anime in this blog, so I would be happy if you could read this one if you like!