【Tsukino Mito】Why Small Fish Whitedet Chairman Is Popular and Recommended Videos

【Nijisanji Tsukino Mito】 The reason why the recommended Vtuber small fish mukade chairman is popular is the originality and curiosity of the person inside!

The vtuber boom that starts from the four heavenly kings of Kiznaai / Teruyatsuki / Mirai Akari / Cyber girl Shiloh.

"Tsukino Mito" towed the famous "Tsukisanji" by gathering people with habit and established its image.

It tends to be misunderstood because of its cute appearance, but I want you to know that the contents are true "Tsukino Mito".

This time, let's think about why "Tsukino Mito" sets it apart from other vtubers and attracts many people!


"Tsukino Mito" belonging to The Tsukino Mito


"Stand up, watch out!

A sophomore in high school. Although his personality is Tsndele, he is a serious class committee member. The person in question is working hard, but he is a little empty, and after speaking well, he is depressed that he may say too much.

Tsukino Mito – Self Introduction (Default setting not now)

"Ninjisanji" operated by Iikari Co., Ltd. is a V-world mogul who has produced nearly 100 vtubers since 2018.

The first-year student and the signboard was selected as a "high school girl / neat / class chairperson", and she was in three beats.

At that time, vtubers who were idol-like positions, plus the cute appearance and settings raised viewers' expectations.

However, there was still no one to know the identity of the chairman at this time …

Character that completely ignored the settings revealed in the first delivery, from a number of famous words and unique sense to be carried out

  • The dirty one's neatness
  • Sub-Calxo Mkade
  • The 30-year-old father
  • Chairman Zako
  • Weed Meister

It has become a celebrity in the vtuber world with a large number of two names, such as, and now the recognition of people who are not interested in V is also increasing.

(The initial setting confuses beginners, so isn't it okay to eliminate it?) )

3 recommended vtubers you want to see now

Three elements that can not be removed when talking about Tsukino Mito

1. Abnormal ability to act

The example "mukade human" by the time of collaboration with the official

I don't think so deeply why I was born in this world. However, after all, I want to complete the life after doing what I want to do (omission) Well, I write down in the memo for a moment that I want to do this by the time I die.

Even before becoming a vtuber, create a "list of things you want to do before you die" and distribute the experience repo.

The range of interest is very wide, and it is not uncommon not to touch it as long as we usually live.

In the first place, he became a vtuber as Tsukino Mito, which was to make a story.

In the chat distribution, these experience repos will be introduced to the audience along with their own illustrations.

The following events have been introduced in the video so far (part)

  • Strip Theatre
  • Marunomi Cafe
  • 100 million yen toilet rice
  • Fast Dojo
  • → sauna
  • Eat puffer
  • Butler Cafe
  • Sabagge
  • Isolation tank
  • Robot Restaurant
  • racecourse
  • Darkness Cycling
  • Gal Cafe
  • Dutch Wife
  • Genetic testing kit
  • Legal Trip

In addition, as a Vtuber, it introduces graffiti and recent events with"note (likea blog)".

I think her pure curiosity was accepted not as a character but as a single person.

2. Sense of running on my way

The legendary game times where the famous word "I have to hide it" appeared

When "blowback" became a problem in the painting class he used to attend, his paintings were unexpectedly well received by his seniors and teachers. That changed my sense of values, and I began to think that "fun" that I thought was an evil way was "maybe it's justice" and "that's fine."

While other vtubers played famous games, the first game distribution was the fucking game of a theater company called Europe Project.

In addition, there are other unrivaled distributions such as clothing and bath distribution, APA hotel distribution, and birthday distribution announcing high mortality diseases.

In addition, he succeeded in crossing dimensions with a 3D model called "Mystery Mito", which debuted under the guise of a broadcast accident.

I respect the attitude of sticking to my stance without being too involved with other leibers and not too good for listeners.

Before becoming a vtuber, I was in the art relationship, so I think this unique sense was created.

I felt that I had jumped through one head while it tended to be a similar delivery by all means.

3. Amount of knowledge to Angra

"Mystery Beauty Rabbit" that appears in the real world even though it is a vtuber

When he was in the sixth grade of elementary school, he directed a triangular relationship between one person and three roles and two men and women in a chat, and he deceived a person who was yours.

The chairman is a resident of the Internet world who touched mixi and flash games on a computer from elementary school students.

Therefore, the story of the heyday of Nico Nico is covered, and it often appears during distribution.

I also like Galge, and I'm supposed to have done "Love Plus" at the age of 3 and "Amagami" at the age of 5.

(A special exhibition will be held because it was distributed and trended on Twitter)

While responding to the core story thrown, I do not forget the explanation to the general public, so I will study just by watching the delivery.

  • Lizard Man
  • Pantsman
  • European Planning
  • Keseran Pasalan
  • LouisCopipe

In terms of "old otaku", which is rare now, it must have been well received by the internet and otaku.

Tsukino Mito Recommended Videos

Personally, I like distribution such as chat, not as a game distributor, so I tend to be biased towards that.

Repo chats and distribution with listeners are recommended because the originality of the chairperson is emphasized more.

There is even a theory that it is better not to see the first delivery if you want to know the chairman (to break expectations)

Battle and Eros for life and death [Repo chat]


This is how I got to know the chairman by introducing the experience repo of "List of Things I Want to Do before I Die" with illustrations.

This delivery was a striptease and sabage, but it shows that you are experiencing it from pure interest.

The chairman who challenges various things is amazing, but the alumni who follow it are also amazing …

I was influenced by the "list of things I want to do", but it is recommended because it also organizes my thoughts!

How to make a list of 100 things that university students want to do! Here are three best ways to help people who can't find what they want to do

Open tondemo furniture from listeners


Distribution of innovative ideas that can only be done by vtubers, recruiting transparent PNG from listeners and redecoting the room.

The chairman's listener-like sharp work gathered, and it took two hours to introduce the furniture (part).

It was a good delivery that made the most of the characteristics of the virtual space and made use of original listener ideas.

The chairman's listeners are many creators, and it is nice that there are many distributions where you can see their ability!

Youtube-kun…. This is my true feeling.


Chairman Tsukino Mito often plays racy games on Youtube because he likes Galge.

In order to prevent the delivery from being BAN, we make full use of "fried chicken / konnyaku", but at last BAN.

The chairman who finally got the distribution frame in the third time delivers a sincere apology delivery to Youtube …

I think it's really amazing that you can come up with this idea and execute it right after the game distribution is BAN.

It is attention to watch because it is only a little sensitive.

The first anniversary of birth, and 500,000 people

The chairman who continues to run the top of the vtuber will celebrate his third anniversary on 9/24 (is it only two years old…)

In the first year, I still broke plates with my colleagues, frozen Twitter, and announced death predictions.

I'm looking forward to what kind of distribution is done every year …!

Personally, I think that the chairman can fully operate from the character even if the activity place is not in the world of V.

There is a way to say only from the co., ltd. which selected her as a signboard of "Jisanji".

I think that I will be busy as the first japanese sanji, but I want you to continue running on my road as "Tsukino Mito".

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