【Generator】Introducing interesting generators other than logo characters!


It is a famous "generator" that can make an anime-like logo, but there are many other things.

There are quite a few types and I can't grasp it, so I've summarized what you can do with the generator.

There are three conditions that do not require downloading software, can be made in simple steps, and related to creation.


Character's name

Create imaginary names from country, gender, kanji included, rarity, and so on.

If you're a battle lanove or detective story, you can also create characters with numbers from 1 to 1.

You can also decide kanji from reading names and create neutral names.

Awesome Name Generator

Dot Picture

By reducing the number of pixels in the image, you can make a dot picture like in the old game.

Instead of using an image editing site, you can import photos and specify colors and pixels.

There are other generators, but I chose this in that I can specify colors and pixels.

Good evening dot picture

Create a GIF

GIF is a simple animated video that has been popularized in flash and has a very small data capacity.

You can create it with image editing tools such as PhotoShop, but it's also easier to do so.

We introduce a site that can be set in detail, such as the number and interval created, the time per sheet, the presence or absence of loops, etc.

GIF image creation

Anime Style Logo

Speaking of "generators", many people may imagine anime logos.

Just type in the sentence you want to set and you'll have a logo that looks like the real thing.

There are quite a few logo generators, but this time I will introduce a site with a cool homepage name.

Image generation of a certain cherry blossom II

QR code

Qr code that seems difficult to make without specialized knowledge, but it is easy to create as long as you have a URL.

It may not be known that not only URLs, but also search words, vias, phone numbers, etc. can be done.

This time I'll show you a site that has a variety of features and you can add colors and icons as well.

QR code creation site / free version

Image correction

Even images with coarse pixels can be cleaned by ai identifying and complementing them.

It is useful when you want to enlarge and post a small image originally, such as a poster.

The illustrations are clearer in the lines, so they may be cleaner.


Pokémon Synthesis

A generator that synthesizes 151 of the first Pokémon and makes new Pokémon explode.

You can choose the Pokémon you want to synthesize, or you can leave them to luck and synthesize them randomly.

Surprisingly, it is surprisingly interesting because it is like a pokemon.

Pokemon Fusion

Background clippings

Photoshop and PowerPoint background clippings are useful, but can be quite cumbersome.

If it is a background clipping plug-in, it will determine the crop destination without permission and cut it out beautifully.

Yesterday is limited, but we introduce a site with outstanding discriminating function even in jumbled images.


Character creation

Character creation

A generator for creating deformed characters that can be used for SNS icons.

Here, I introduce "that child is looking at me" which became a topic for a while on Twitter.

Pressing the dice will randomize it, but there are also quite a few non-human attribute parts.

She's looking at me.



A generator that allows you to create hanko-style images by simply typing.

There are various types, so it is a little fashionable if you use it according to the case.

If there is a hanko image when making a certificate for children, it will look like it.

Reading aloud

Reading aloud

There are sites that read text aloud mechanically, but it's getting closer to the real thing with AI.

It is high performance that you can adjust the reading, accent, speed, and voice height.

If you log in to the site you are introducing, you can download an unlimited amount of reading.

coefont. STUDIO

Sentence generation

Sentence generation

Based on 120 characters of sentences, artificial intelligence picks up information to write sentences.

There were paid tools for affiliates, etc., but they can be used for free.

By repeating regeneration, some sentences that can only be thought of as written by humans will come out.


Virtual person

Virtual person

The people shown here do not actually exist and are automatically generated by AI.

It is a technology that has become a social problem by deepfake etc., but you can easily experience it.

This generator randomly shows people from all over the world each time you update your site.


Character Guess

"Akinator", which became popular a few years ago, just answers questions and hits characters.

I feel that the accuracy has decreased due to the increase in the number of questions that do not matter because the amount of information has increased too much.

I felt the times in coming out early in the question with "Youtuber?."


Ideal Bride

A generator that creates "brides" that are characters such as favorite anime and manga.

By choosing your favorite daughter from the characters displayed, ai will bring you closer to your ideal.

Posters and pillowcases are also sold, and it is a fun site whether you play or make goods.

Waifu Labs

a mysterious document

a mysterious document

A generator that completes a mysterious document that is likely to appear in detective anime when you type in a sentence.

There are also threatening letters, notices, and indictment letters, making it easy to create documents.

In creating grass, there is an item "I agree not to use it for crimes" .

Ghost Document Generator



Anagram is the use of the characters of the original sentence to create a completely different sentence.

Famous ones include Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort.

When you type in English, it will automatically display other word combination suggestions.


Capacity compression

Capacity compression

A generator that can easily compress the image capacity you want to upload/send.

Since it is possible to compress more than 70% without reducing the image quality, it is used when uploading blog images.

Images larger than 5MB are compressed at a different site once, and then compressed again on this site.

Tiny PNG

File transfer

File transfer

Useful when sending a large number of images to the other party, when you want to send each file.

When you upload a file, you can share it by sending it to the other party the URL that is published.

It is also possible to set a password, and the data exchanged will disappear after a certain period of time, so you can rest assured.

Gigafile flights

PDF Editing

A useful site for bulky PDFs and order them.

In addition to converting various software to PDF, it is also possible to convert PDF to various files.

Converting images to PDF and sorting PDFs are often helpful to me personally.



If you enter a number up to 12 digits, it is a site that suggests a word matching that will be helpful for memorization.

The number of columns driven this time is 1/7, and there are quite a few candidates displayed, so it may be good to combine.

It's easy to assemble the 4th place or story, and I think it's quite easy to remember.

Word Matching Generator

Net meme images

You can search for images that you often see in the Twitter rip column by scene.

The name of the original work is also displayed, so you may want to actually read the work you are interested in.

It is interesting just to look at each scene, but it is a collection of unauthorized reproductions, so use is at your own risk.

Image Reply

Address for overseas shipping


You will not be able to receive how to write your address when sending mail in Japan when sending overseas air mail.

It is also good to find out how to write an address for overseas shipping every time, but this site is automatically created from a Japanese address.

It is also a convenient point that you enter the address automatically from the zip code!

Deliver it to you!

Novel writing

Although it is close to the sentence generation introduced earlier, it is also natural to produce more functions for creators.

Basically, the style is moved closer to the sentence written at the beginning, but depending on the setting, unexpected development etc.

Depending on the ingenuity, such as being able to enter character settings in advance or increasing the lines, it may be a great work.

When ai slips,

Morse code

Sos is famous for being "…–…", but this is the beginning of combining the simplest characters.

It is better to remember the alphabet for the sake of the sake, but this site is enough for everyday life.

If a friend suddenly sends you an urgent message with Morse Code, you can do so right away.

Morse Decoder

Pager (2-touch system)

I've longed for it since I was in elementary school, but at last I ended up with a pager without touching the real thing.

However, the "two-touch method" that became popular there is a code that will lead to a wide range of ages from elementary school students to uncles.

If you specify the model and press the conversion, you will get sentences like an error, but if you go down, it is converted properly.

Pager input conversion (2-touch method)

Youtube Converter

It is a site for extracting videos (MP4) and audio (MP3) from Youtube, and is useful for making cropped videos.

You can also download files and enjoy videos and music offline.

Youtube downloads are prohibited under the terms of use, so please use it at your own risk.


Palm divination

Identify the palm from the image with the derivatives of "Photo AC" and "Illustration AC" that are indebted to you in blogs and presentations.

AI automatically distinguishes the palm and analyzes "emotion line", "brain line", "lifeline", "fate line", and "fortune line".

He doesn't believe in fortune-telling, but the accuracy may be quite good because it hit surprisingly …

Palm AC


There are various types of "tanteki", and this time we will introduce "Sanbun Tanteki", which summarizes sentences into three sentences.

You can summarize it by pasting the URL of the relevant sentence or copying the sentence directly.

Other services allow you to adjust compression ratios and extract important words and phrases, so why not try them?

Sanbun Tanteki

sing a dog

When you move the mouse, the hand stoosting the Shiba Inu moves, and you can continue squealing until you are satisfied.

There is also another site where you can play by stretching Shiba Inu.


World Radio

You can listen to radio stations from all over the world by designating them from the globe.

Radio Garden

Useful tools