【SCP Foundation】Activities of global organizations and "Special Detention Protection Protocol"

【SCP Foundation】Activities of global organizations and "Special Detention Protection Protocol"

The SCP Foundation is one of the most active organizations in the world.

However, despite its track record, the activities are not well known due to the secrecy of the organization.

This time, we will approach the SCP Foundation from the records of the "Special Detention Protection Protocol" obtained independently!


What is the SCP Foundation?

The Foundation is committed to containing and suppressing unusual goods, existence and phenomena, and conducts activities in secret and on a global scale. These anomalies pose a grave threat to the security of the world, and the Foundation's activities have been delegated by governments in major countries and authorized to gain power beyond jurisdiction.


The SCP Foundation was established to protect civilians from paranormal and uniconfirmed objects around the world.

Their "protocol security,storage,", and protection are done unscrumnly around the world, and few people know the reality.

Contact with the "Special Detention Protocol" and experimental records are recorded in investigation files, and there are also confidential matters that are not seen by general staff.

People involved in the protocol are able to erase their memories and sometimes "terminate" life activities.

SCP Foundation -[ Securing / Storage / Protection ]

Special containment protocol

SCP-001: Waiting for Declassified [No Access]


All SCP-001 nature materials, including counterfeiting, are protected by meme killing agents and are set to cause immediate cardiac arrest if unauthorized personnel attempt to access files.

This file is designated as top secret by the administrator and is prohibited by the public from viewing the file.

When browsing, the processing applied to the file causes the unauthorized person to cause cardiac arrest and die.

In addition, SCP-001 has created multiple files due to its importance, and the real thing is not in it or does not exist.

Please do not access it without permission …


SCP-3008: Completely Ordinary, Mundal Old IKEA

The SCP-3008 inlet is monitored at all times. No one is allowed entry to SCP-3008 except for experiments conducted with the approval of senior researchers.

The appearance is the appearance of the shopping facility "IKEA", but once you enter, you lose sight of the exit and it will be difficult to escape.

The inside of the store is endless, and there are creatures in IKEA uniforms called staff and people who have strayed.

Since the staff attacks humans at night, humans seem to form a town in ikea's booth and fight the staff.

The facility has now been acquired by the SCP Foundation and converted into a site-■


SCP-1970-JP :13

SCP-1970-JP Apollo 13

Information about SCP-1970-JP is always searched and if it is discovered that SCP-1970-JP has been observed in any way by the private sector or space observation agency, we will regulate and conceal the information, and perform memory processing and disseminate covers.

After the accident, the spirit of Apollo 13, who returned after the accident, asked for a return to Earth, and the Foundation supported them.

After several failures, Apollo 13 returned to Earth, but its spirit crashed into the earth and killed them.

At that time, only some parts were parts, but when all the hulls returned to Earth, the damage to the ground was expected to be enormous.

In order to prevent damage on earth, the Foundation will abandon the spirit body of Apollo 13 and not return to Earth.


SCP-8900-EX: Blue, Blue Sky

The following is information for reference only. Currently, no containment measures have been taken against SCP-8900-EX.

The SCP Foundation tried to contain a world that once began to have other colors when it was monochrome.

However, the foundation's efforts are also inemotic, and attempts to keep the world in black and white fail, and the Foundation overrides human perceptions.

The author laments that we take it for granted in a colored world and can only know the past in photographs.

If the SCP Foundation fails to contain the protocol, such a reorganized recognition will take place on the public.


A kind of net play

This SCP Foundation is a fictitious foundation that collects internet writing rather than an institution that actually exists.

If the conditions are met, you can save it to a file considering a new special containment protocol.

There are also free people in the world …

According to the SCP Foundation, the site is posted as a creation, but some are elaborately set up and realistic.

There may be a record of the protocol that really exists/did…

It is very recommended as a time crushing, so why not join the SCP Foundation?

For first-timers ~ What is the SCP Foundation ~

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