【FSM】What is flying spaghetti monsterism (Spamonism)?

【FSM】What is the suspicious religion "Flying Spaghetti Monsters" advocated by a physical store?

The religion of "spaghetti monsterism" has become a hot topic in schools as a junior high school student.

To be precise, it was called "flying spaghetti monsterism" and was born by raising the issue against religion.

This time, I looked up about "Flying Spaghetti Monsters", which is popular on the Internet and has a Japanese branch office!


Flying Spaghetti Monsters

"FSM" was proposed by Bobby Henderson of Oregon State University Department of Physics in the United States.

It is a concept born against the "intelligent design theory" in religious freedom.

Proposed on his site "venganza.org" in June 2005, the main feature is that he believes in noodles and pirates.

The number of believers is estimated to be about 10 million worldwide and about 3,300 in Japan.

Intelligent Design Theory

Intelligent design is a theory that "something intelligent" designed an elaborate system of life and the universe.

Often abbreviated as ID, ID theory, people who believe in the existence of IDs are called IDers (intelligent designers).

It is an idea that was born when the origin of humanity began to be accepted from creation theory to evolution by the development of science.

Suppose that the process is designed by some will, while recognizing the principles that have evolved from a human being.

It is an idea that can be interpreted broadly in that it can be taken by both God and extraterrestrial life without expressing the true identity of any intention.

In response to the argument that schools should teach evolution and ID theory, there was a rebuttal that the FSM should also be taught.

About Flying Spaghetti Monsters

Fsm was born as a rebuttal in education, but its contents are surprisingly elaborated.

Needless to say, spaghetti monsters represent aliens with octopus-like legs.

Below is information from the Japan Branch website of "Flying Spaghetti Monsters".


We value tradition,
promote rituals and exalt morality,
and pray for yaei, the great goon, and
contribute to the peace of Shikai Manho.


  • Chant "ramen" instead of "amen"
  • Heaven has a beer volcano and a strip theater
  • Hell has a volcanic acidic volcano and a theater with vesic diseases.
  • I think pirates are the chosen people.

There are also gospels (available for purchase on Amazon)

Positioning as a religion

  • Approved as a formal religious organization in the Netherlands in 2016
  • Official 'pasta marriage' takes place in New Zealand
  • Approved as a formal religious organization in Taiwan in 2017
  • There is also a branch in Japan, and it is active
  • Photo of U.S. driver with colander allowed for religious reasons

Should we honor spaghetti?

Today's science and technology cannot completely deny the monolith-like existence of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

There are many people who think that only human beings have high intelligence in living things is working on some intention.

Parody religion to deny id theory was an opportunity to question our birth and religious views.

I hope that japanese people who are not related to religion will be a forum for discussion as a net meme.

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