【Opensea】 How to withdraw Polygon sales with cheap gas bills

【Opensea】 How to withdraw Polygon sales with cheap gas bills

There are many deposit articles on “OpenSea”, an NFT exchange, but there are few ways to withdraw sales at a great price.

I found that it is almost the same procedure as depositing as a result of examining it, but make a note so that I do not forget it.

The procedure is “ETH(Polygon) → JetSwap → MATIC (Polygon) → Binance → Domestic Exchange → Withdrawals”.

* ETH(Polygon) → JetSwap → USDC (Polygon) → AnySwap → USDC (BSC) → Binance are better.

In my case, it is a story that I was able to do in this way, so please withdraw at your own risk!

If you look at “Withdraw from Opensea”, it won’t hit, but there’s also a description of each system.

We recommend that you look through other sites.


Preparation required in advance

  • Add Metamask
  • Add MATIC (Polygon)
  • Binance account creation
  • Create an account on a domestic exchange
  • Create an OpenSea account

I will not discuss why you have to do such a complicated operation because there are many detailed articles.

Simply put, moving on different blockchains, being a currency that is not handled on domestic exchanges, etc.

If you debuted at NFTgiveways, etc., your MATIC balance may be 0, so let’s buy it with Binance.

Jetswap to WETH → other currencies

From the link below, go to JetSwap, a DX for Polygon, and connect your wallet, MetaMask.


When connecting, if the MetaMask chain is not “Matic mainnet”, you will be warned as “Unsupported Chain Id”.

Select the pair of currencies you want to exchange, this time eth (Polygon) → MATIC, so first from the selection of the “From” part.

If you type in the string below, you’ll see the same amount as OpenSea’s sales.


I think that it is the same even if you can write a search with ETH normally, but ETH at this time is not a famous Ethereum.

It is indicated by a black Ethereum icon on the screen, but it is “red Ethereum” that you often see in OpenSea.

Select the currency in which you want to convert ETH (Polygon) (MATIC here).

Since it is only a replacement on a Polygon chain here, a versatile currency such as MATIC or USDC is recommended.

(MATIC to simplify the procedure, change the chain in USDC if you want to be more careful and then chain in Anyswap)

(Chain changes in Anyswap)

Those who go from EETH to USDC change the chain from Polygon to BSC to ensure that Binance delays.


The currency type remains in the USDC, and if you change the chain from Polygon to BSC, all you have to do is send it to Binance.

If you want to deposit money into Binance, be sure to set the remittance chain to “BSC”! (From now on, I will return to the explanation in MATIC)

Famous currency in Binance

Prepare to deposit MATIC from MetaMask to Binance.

Search for MATIC from “Select Virtual Currency” and select it.

Select MATIC (Polygon) from “Select Network”.

The address is safe to copy. I think you should definitely stop handing.

First of all, from a small amount, by mentioning the gas price, the procedure will be completed quickly.

Wait for a while and once you’ve deposited into Binance, you can move on to the next task.

As a result of previous operations, MATIC of sales has been deposited into the Binance account.

Finally, we will convert this into a well-known currency (such as BTC/ETH) that can be deposited on a domestic exchange.

Select MATIC from the transfer source and select the currency you want.

Remittances and withdrawals to domestic exchanges

Send out to the domestic exchange in a similar operation, beware of address errors and money transfer chain mistakes.

Please refer to another person’s article because I got to Cake without withdrawing and put it in the pool of pancakes.

※ The article that I referred to this time

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