【What is NFT】I do not know the value of the technology that is likely to come next to cryptocurrency …


I was interested in cryptocurrency and learned about the word NFT in relation to it.

I understood what NFT was like, but it is a mystery that the people around me are very excited.

I'm an amateur who doesn't know anything, but I've written down what I feel about NFT now.


NFT's naïve question

Not worth the practical?

What is currently being traded has people's expectations, but at least I think it's practical value.

Gold has excellent ductility and malleability, is easy to isolate, and diamond is the hardest on earth.

Cash is the value of the country, stocks are the manufacturing capabilities of the company, etc., and musical instruments: timbre, painting: techniques, etc. are vague.

I felt something similar to contemporary art such as MoMA in that some people valued it.

I don't understand the difference from children's graffiti from the perspective of interested people, and I think it's interesting, including that.

Is it an enthusiastic festival by people who are interesting at meaningless things or influencers who want to win and escape?

Is it no different from the real thing?

Pachimon in brand-name bags may be fragile, and illegal recorded video may have poor image quality and sound.

On the other hand, NFT seems to have nothing different at first glance if you copy and save the image of the pasted destination.

In fact, there are many fakes on the NFT sales office "OpenSea", and is the only way to distinguish it from the issuing chain?

Is it self-satisfaction at this point that it is worthwhile that only the publisher is special?

It's probably because of the satisfaction that fans have contributed to buying their own can badges that they can make.

Since NFT is still worth less value, it may not be a problem that it is not distinguished from the real thing.

Data disappearing?

It may be an old idea, but I still have a fear that NFT is only data.

Although it's funny that you're afraid that your data will disappear, despite buying cash or shares online.

I also felt that the news that the wrong NFT was switched to other images by the publisher was also dangerous.

Once you buy a product with actual conditions, it is the property of the person unless you go to the person and take it away.

If you can interfere with the product even after purchase, can the issuer make as much as possible if the purchased NFT data is erased?

NFT looks like this.

Even if NFT itself is not worth it, I wonder if I will use it like this … Write what you thought.

(I think it has already been realized because it is something that amateurs come up with))

Use as a certificate

Since the information of the issuer is important, NFT seems to be able to use it as an admission ticket or a discount ticket.

In addition, the fake problem of NFT is solved by passing only NFT from a fixed publisher.

In addition, if the address automatically appears on the surface of the NFT, it will be valuable in itself.

Game Avatar

If you look at people who charge for Apex and Fallguys skins, this will become NFT in the future.

However, if you wear it in a virtual space or put it in a frame and decorate it, you will not be able to distinguish it from the copy.

In that case, it seems that it is necessary to narrow down the source of NFT that can be introduced and paste the certificate together.

Reality and Links

A set of accessories for reality and avatar found in the VRChat shop seems to be usable for NFT.

Even if NFT loses value, the real thing remains, so I feel that it seems to be more valuable than NFT alone.

The rest is a cold wallet, NFT items that can only be used when connected to a PC.

Goshuin book-like

Use all interactions to be recorded to make your interactions more valuable.

It is like "QSL card" that you can get when updating with an overseas broadcasting station on amateur radio and a popular "Goshuincho".

It seems interesting to have NFT and other interesting things that make you finally return to yourself via people from all over the world.

It seems to have the rarity that it was bought by celebrities and exhibited at a famous market.

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