【Internet Fraud】 The Latest Methods to Attack Bloggers and Countermeasures for Each Type!


Did you know that people who are just starting out on the Internet are targeted by scammers from all sides as money grabbers?

You should be “net literate” enough to be able to make your own decisions about who to believe.

Here are some of the typical scams that college student bloggers have been solicited by, that are often found online!



Developer Tools

Anyone who knows how to fake huge sales of bank accounts and information products, which are common in money distribution accounts, can do it.

On the page you want to rewrite, press the “F12” key to start the developer tools, and go to the cursor mark in the upper center of the screen.

Click on the location you want to rewrite, and the code for that location will be displayed on the right side of the screen, so you can type it in again.

Now anyone can be a millionaire! There are many people who don’t know about this, so I hope it becomes more widespread…

Stealth Marketing

A method of advertising that deceives consumers and aims for the bandwagon and Windsor effect by hiding it from consumers without stating that it is an advertisement and pretending that it is a non-commercial word of mouth with favorable reviews.

Stealth Marketing – Wikipedia

An image that has become much more famous thanks to the flames of celebrities and influencers, commonly known as “steaming”.

Recently, Youtube has started to receive comments saying “This video contains promotion.

Products in the past have included supplements with no medical evidence and night bras with no effect on breast augmentation.

The bandwagon effect is “because everyone is buying it” and the Windsor effect is “because someone else introduced it”.

Cash gift planning

You may be asked to enter your email address or be directed to a line for a gift project.

You may be asked to enter your e-mail address or be directed to a line. “You can make hundreds of thousands! and other email newsletters…

This is due to “opt-in affiliates” who get paid for introducing people to their email newsletters.

The best way to prevent this is to create a separate account with a free address such as gmail for suspicious emails.

Opt-in Affiliates

You may be asked to enter your e-mail address or be directed to LINE for a gift plan.

If you notice”You can earn 000,000!” and “△△ Investment technique!” As e-mail magazines are sent …

This is due to “opt-in affiliates” who get paid by introducing people to e-mail magazines.

As a countermeasure, create a separate account with a free address such as g-mail for suspicious emails.



Most of a blogger’s income comes from the following two sources

  • Google Adsense,” where you get paid for having people look at your ads.
  • Affiliates,” who get paid when people buy the products they are introduced to.

The products advertised on the blogs that you have researched may be the ones with high referral fees.

Some people introduce really good products in order not to ruin their reputation, but you might want to think twice.

A good way to find out what affiliate products bloggers are using is to register with an ASP that offers product introduction services.

The link I posted above is one that will give you a few percent of the products purchased by your readers, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Adsense Mutual Click

Many people who run blogs on their own domains put up ads called “Google Adsense”.

This pays the blogger based on the number of people who see the ads and the number of times they are clicked.

Of course you can’t click on the ads yourself, but asking others to do so or reciprocal clicking is also a violation.

There is a whole group of newbie bloggers calling for each other to click on ads! This can destroy a whole group of newbie bloggers…

Spam messages

A thinly veiled message of praise, which could be said about any article, may be written on your blog.

This is because by approving the message, the blog that was written with it has received a “link”.

A link means “cited by other blogs” and is used to measure the usefulness of a blog.

Receiving a large number of links will increase your rankings in Google and other search engines and make it easier for people to click on your blog.

It is probably best not to approve messages with blog links in the address or body of the message.


Information products

As the Internet has permeated our society, there are more and more products that are not accompanied by the reality as before.

Among them, there are more and more “how to” products being sold on the Internet, and these are called “information products”.

Some of them are good and some are bad, but some are just out to make money and have a bad image.

There is a lot of trouble with these products because you cannot check the contents beforehand, and whether they are useful or not depends on the person.

It’s easy to get caught up in products like “How I made a million dollars in a few days! It’s best not to jump on the bandwagon of a product like this.


The trouble with resellers is that they don’t just sell PS5s and Switches at high prices.

They use the “self-back” method to get samples of cosmetics and supplements, and then sell them on sites like Mercari.

Under the corona, people who are unaware of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law also sell alcohol and iodine-based gargles.

You should not do this, as it will not only harm others, but also get you in trouble with the police.

Ponzi Scheme

You will be introduced to products that can give you an amazing percentage return as an investment story, but be careful.

It is good to remember that Warren Buffett, the god of investment, is around 20% per year.

However, there is a method that can produce great returns, the “Ponzi scheme”.

  • Collect money from many people.
  • Distribute a small amount of the collected money as investment profit.
  • The number of investors increases due to the high profit margin (repetition)
  • The operator runs away with the money at a reasonable price.

If you collect 100 yen from 10 people and hand out 30 yen each, calling it profit under operation, that’s a magic method that gives you 30% profit!


An account that makes amazing sales () that comments when newbie bloggers tweet about it.

When you follow them back, they immediately send you an automated DM or something to bring you closer, and then you can talk more on line! And then we’ll talk more on line!

He told me an inspiring story about how he too had failed to make money, but found a mentor and started making money.

You need to make an initial investment in order to be successful, and I can introduce you to a mentor, and then invite you to join an online salon or an expensive cram school.

It’s suspicious that his profile on Twitter is “rock bottom -> not doing well -> met a mentor -> great success.


This is the practice of buying and selling by taking advantage of interest rate and price differences to earn interest margins.

Arbitrage Trading – Wikipedia

The case of a fraudulent group selling expensive USBs to college students is still fresh in our minds, but the word appears alongside FX and virtual currency.

There is nothing wrong with the words themselves, but we need to remember what they mean in order not to get carried away by words that sound difficult.

For example, in virtual currencies, different exchanges charge different fees, so you can make a profit if you buy and sell on different exchanges.

You can increase your profits by programming it to do so automatically, but what is in that USB?


A form of sales defined in Article 33 of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions. In Japan, it is colloquially known as pyramid selling, and there are many cases where it is closely related to infinite chain schemes (so-called pyramid schemes), which are separately prohibited by law.

SYR – Wikipedia

It is an abbreviation for multi-level marketing, also known as pyramid schemes and network businesses, of which Amway is the most famous.

The business itself does not seem to be banned, but hype and cooling off are strictly enforced.

There are no problems with the products, and the problem is often simply the persistent solicitation by the sellers?

Incidentally, the reaction to MLM overseas does not seem to be as bad as in Japan.

Knowledge is a weapon.

If you read the article and thought, “I can’t trust anything,” you are right in the Internet world.

In the world of the Internet, you are right. In a world where anything can be fictionalized with impunity, you have to decide for yourself what to believe.

Fake news has become a big topic of conversation, but without knowledge, you will just be danced around by the information.

In order not to become a “victim” or a “low-information person” who will continue to be exploited, please come to this online salon.

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