【Google Photos】Effective for lost smartphones on overseas trips! Translation and image search

【Google Photos】An app to protect data from smartphone loss of overseas travel! You can also translate and search images from saved photos

Have you ever had a lot of storage on your phone full of photo data?

By devising the storage of data, you can fully use it even with a smartphone with a small capacity!

I'm writing for someone like this.

・ People who take a large amount of photos with a smartphone while traveling
・ People whose smartphone is squeezed by a lot of data ・ People who are troublesome to organize photos taken by

Google Photos


Google Photos
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Get backups while you travel

Accidents are a thing to do while traveling.

It is also possible to steal your smartphone and lose not only the main body but also all the photos you were taking.

Launch the app while traveling to save your photos and videos to your online storage.

Even if you eliminate or break your smartphone, you can access it from other terminals such as A COMPUTER.

Automatically archives unwanted photos

The system automatically determines the wrongly shot scotment and displays it as an archive candidate.

Since it can always be checked before archiving, it is safe because it is not archived without permission.

○ Tell me what happened today before

It is difficult to have the opportunity to look back on the photos you take.

When you start the app, it will display today's photos of ◯ years ago irregularly.

It is a recommended function personally because you can touch nostalgic memories regularly.

look up about what's in the picture

You can launch "Google Lens" from the icons lined up below when you select a photo.

You can see the names of buildings and plants on the screen, and translate foreign language text into Japanese.

Since you don't need to download a new app, you can easily look up the information in your photos.

Search for photos by location or building name

Even if you don't remember the date you took, you can turn on GPS to search for photos at the location you took.

In addition, it automatically determines the photos that are being taken, so you can search by the name of the sightseeing spot you visit.

Other features

  • It automatically corrects and corrects
  • Can be a photo book
  • Share photos with others
  • Save space on your phone

Grouped by month

When there was a photo I wanted to look for, I could not find the photo of the album without moving it down one by one from the latest date on my smartphone.

However, with google photos, you can fast forward month by month by moving your finger over the right cursor.

It is useful because you can save the trouble of searching for photos one by one!

Automatically select photos with a different orientation

Google Photos suggests whether to make corrections for the direction to the users by listing photos that are judged to be out of orientation.

It's really troublesome to select and edit one by one!

Since the correcting is made by selecting from the candidates, the correct orientation will not be corrected without permission.

It is convenient to use because it is correct with considerable accuracy.

Easy to paste images on the Hade's blog

When pasting an image into a Hase, it is usually necessary that the image to be pasted on the computer is downloaded.

However, google photos can be downloaded and pasted directly to the Gote blog.

Along with monthly grouping, it is quite useful when pasting old photos.

If you are doing hatenya blog, I recommend using it by all means!

Unlimited capacity

Some people may have a smartphone capacity full of only photos.

You can save a lot of space by managing your smartphone's photo data in the cloud.

You may not have to buy a smartphone with a lot of capacity …

Google Photos is free

How was it?

I think that there are certain people who hesitate to use cloud storage services in terms of personal information leakage.

However, I don't think Google can afford to extract personal information from huge photos. 

At best, is it used as a random image for deep learning?

Let's release a large amount of photo data that squeezes smartphone capacity and regain the original specifications!

Google Photos


Google Photos
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