【Nobuhada Kushino】Nobuhada Kushino's Outside Japan Exhibition in Tokyo Dome

【Nobuhada Kushino】"Kusuno Nobuhada's Outside Japan Exhibition" in Tokyo Dome! I don't know where art is.

Tokyo Dome has not only a baseball field and an amusement park, but also an art exhibition space called "Gallery Armo".

This time, I will write an introduction of "Kusushino Nobusho's Outside Japan Exhibition" that was exhibited there!


Favorite works



I like entertainers, and I have created as many as 1,000 groups myself. They are assigned all their backgrounds and neta, and the group is disbanding and reuniting.

Terumasa Ito


I couldn't go out because I had a heart condition, and I kept making 800 models of decotras without showing them to anyone. I am still working hard to make my favorite vehicle while working for the company.

Mr. Lather (Badger Hachiro)


He has developmental disorders, depression, and general atonia and comes to withdraw from home when he is in junior high school. There are no human beings in her work, and there are many mysterious creatures.

Shiki Yagi


When he was in elementary school, he liked to draw ultraman paintings, but in recent years he has drawn characters he has devised. His paintings are written with a ballpoint pen, and he writes three-dimensional pictures without drafts.

Yoneharu Inamura


The purpose was to help children with insect specimens, but in 1970, more than 5,000 insects created "Insect Nitta Yoshisada Statue", and more than 20,000 "Insect Preecumber Kannon statues" were erected for the memorial service of surplus insects. After that, they did not make insect images.

Strange Night


He is the owner of the private museum "Sosaku Kamenkan" in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture. When I meet people, I always wear a mask, and no one knows the true face. Although it was attracting worldwide attention, his career was also found to have been hidden in the mask "lie" after his death, and it has attracted attention.



He went to Tokyo to become an animator, but he was frustrated. After spending about 10 years at Aum Shinrikyo's derived religion Aleph, he left Aleph. Impressed by Picasso's paintings, he began to write "plants as self-portraits" with his teachings at Aref.



They draw a picture of their cleaning tools Here, sketches of rags are displayed every day, but only on the day when the sparrow and his friend die, the corpse and the hood are not drawn.

Tetsusuke Otake


He has been interested in digital characters since childhood, and has drawn trailers for programs on the back of notebooks and gum wrapping paper. He kept writing it without showing it to anyone.

Yoshitaka Tomimatsu


Commonly known as "Colorful Uncle". I draw all the patterns on my clothes and bicycles using paint. They have already donated about seven bicycles to those who praised them because they donated clothes and bicycles.

Fumiko Nishimoto


At the age of 72, he entered a photography class and continued to master Mac, Illustrator and photoshop to the time he could build his own home page. At the age of 90, he continues to make works.

Seiichi Ichinohe


In the mountains, they make models of huge creatures using waste materials. There is no reason in particular, and it is for the bokeh prevention. The work on display this time is a small (1 meter) spider created for the exhibition.



On this day, there was an explanation of the work by Mr. Kushino himself, the organizer of the exhibition!

It was fun to hear the backstory that can not be understood only by the panel!

Impressions of "Kusano Nobuhada's Outside Japan Exhibition"

↑Such an exhibition

Works of famous people, as well as ordinary people? I found the attempt to find and display works from among the works.

What was funny was that many of the exhibits were personal belongings received by Mr. Kushino from the creator, and there were many things that were embarrassed. It was actually sold in the shop and I laughed!

In addition, there is an art space created by Mr. Kushino called "Ushino Terrace" in Hiroshima Prefecture.

"Go to Ushino Terrace" has been added to the to-do list!


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