【University students minimalist】Why minimalism is recommended for living alone

【University Students Minimalist】6 Reasons why we recommend minimalism for living alone among university students and introducing famous minimalists!

Do you know about the term “minimalist”, which has been popular since around 2015?

I’ve been nominated for the Buzzword Grand Prize for my lifestyle that followed the dissolution boom!

I will write about minimalists who are perfect for boarding college students, advantages / disadvantages, etc.!


What is a minimalist?

People who reduce their belongings as much as possible and live with only the minimum necessary items.

It is a lifestyle born newly in the present age society of mass production and mass consumption by the idea that it is possible to live rather abundantly by having only the thing which is really necessary for me.

A coined word derived from minimal, which means “minimal”.

https://kotobank.jp/word/ Minimalist-139265

There are many minimalist blogs and books published, so many people have only heard of it?

Marie Kondo’s “The Magic of Clean-up Where Life Is Exciting” became a bestseller in the world.

“Dissolution” was nominated in 2010, and “Minimalist” was nominated for the Buzzword Grand Prize in 2015.

In 2019, there was also news that “disconnection” appeared in chinese buzzwords.

Minimalists who were in the minority have been supported by those tired of mass-consuming societies.

Benefits of college minimalists

They save money

If you let go of what you don’t need and live in less, you will lose greed.

Thinking about whether you really need what you want will reduce waste and save money.

College students who are wasting money need to list things in the room to see if they really need them.

【Belonging management app】Does minimalist belongings fit in 100 pieces? Verified with “monoca”

they lose their belongings

In the minimalist room, only the things you usually use are kept in a reasonable manner, and there is no clutter.

If the room doesn’t get cluttered, what you usually use doesn’t go somewhere.

Even if you have something you are looking for, you will not have much to bring, so if you look back on the action of the previous day, you can find it immediately.

They make housework easier

If there are few things, housework such as cleaning, washing, and washing dishes performed using them will be easy.

If there are no cluttered things, you can vacuum immediately, and if there are few clothes, the amount of drying will be small.

By reducing the trouble of housework, you will be able to use your free time for yourself!

I started to spend my free time cooking, and I finished a cookbook because I couldn’t cook at all.

A university student without cooking experience finished one book of “the world’s most delicious omission rice”

Can use a small room widely

Even if it is not as big as a bed, what is placed in the room is surprisingly taking up space.

No matter how large a room is, if there are many things, the space that can be used is limited, and it can not be used to satisfy.

College students don’t rent very large rooms. Isn’t the idea of using the room widely important?

【Minimalist Room】I will introduce the room of a minimalist university student who lives alone in Tokyo!

Easy to move

Some minimalists have so little belongings that they can move by bicycle or taxi.

It is better not to increase the number of things in the room because it is understood that it will move if it graduates from the university and the graduate school.

If you live a compact life, there is no loss because you can easily move even for companies with many employment destinations!

You can spend your days fulfillingly

Minimalists value “living with satisfaction in what they are in, surrounded only by what they like.”

When you become a minimalist, you can live looking at the present rather than the trauma of the past or worrying about the future.

It might be a good thing to aim for a minimalist to live a bright university life without being trapped in the past!

Notice the little happiness

When you see beautiful scenery, eat delicious food, and be kind to people, you will feel happy.

To be noticed by the decrease in what I have not noticed in my busy life so far.

Life that keeps chasing what you want can be ambitious, but there is no end to it.

Instead, I think it’s one way of thinking to appreciate and accept what you get.

Disadvantages of college students minimalists

lose one’s greed

When you become minimalist, you will be satisfied with the current situation and your desire for your surroundings will decrease.

On the other hand, there was a “desire for abandonment” that wanted to reduce things, and there was a time when things were further reduced.

Money etc. come to accumulate, but the motivation decreases if there is no desire for the university student who wants to have the ambition.

In such a time, I think that it is good to find what you want to do by doing it by not things but experiences.

【List of things I want to do for university students】Here are three recommended ways for those who can’t find what they want to do

I feel lonely.

When I go back to a room where I’m minimalist and I’ve reduced things, I sometimes feel lonely.

The stereotype that there should be a lot of things in the room can make a room with nothing have a negative image.

However, there are many other benefits, so I think there is no point in this.

Once you get used to it, you will be able to feel the beauty in a simple room!

Maybe you don’t understand.

Understanding of minimalists is still in progress, and not many are particularly college students who wake up minimalistly.

Many people will be surprised if you do not tell in advance that you are minimalist when you call others to your room.

People who feel uncomfortable with the lack of things seem to feel uncomfortable with the idea of minimalism.

However, since this is a difference in way of thinking, I think that it is meaningless even if I care too much.

Become a college student minimalist

I’ve mentioned both the advantages and disadvantages, but personally I recommend college minimalists.

The meaning of a minimalist changes from person to person because you don’t have to let go of what you think you need.

Why don’t you get out of life where there are too many things and live a simple and fun minimalist life?

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