【Minimalist】3 Reasons Why College Students Quit Being Minimalists

Three reasons why minimalist college students quit being minimalists

I was a so-called extreme minimalist, but now it's becoming a simplist.

In the past, I tried to increase the cost of food to 2,000 yen per month, or use Mercari to fit my belongings into 100 kinds.

This time, I will write why a minimalist university student wanted to become a simplist.

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Minimalist Cymplist

People who reduce their belongings as much as possible and live with only the minimum necessary items. It is a lifestyle born newly in the present age society of mass production and mass consumption by the idea that it is possible to live rather abundantly by having only the thing which is really necessary for me. A coined word derived from minimal, which means "minimal".

Because the influence of the minimalist Mr. Shibu is large, it buys as many clothes as you like and wears, and the meal is a simple image.

Some people define their belongings as the minimum necessary, and others define them as what they really like.

Is the simlist "a person who lives a normal life, but has few things and is refreshing overall"?

Why I quit minimalist

Because I got calm.

In conclusion, I was a ita university student who felt smart after reading the so-called self-development book.

When I say I'm minimalist at first, Eh! I feel that I was happy to be told.

However, even though I didn't talk to myself, my friends sometimes pretended to be people I met for the first time.

I feel like I've been labeled like a yaba guy sooner or later, and I sometimes find it difficult to move.

In the end, I realized that it was easier to be inconspicuous in the majority than to feel narrow-shouldered in the minority.

There's also a way to not care because I'm not doing the wrong thing, but I couldn't…

To give QOL

I noticed that when I tried to reduce my belongings more than necessary, the quality of life gradually decreased.

Wealthy minimalists let money speak and reduce their belongings, while those without money shave off their lives.

In extreme cases, you can eat only retort food without cooking at all, or use the nail clipper of a Tokoku knife.

Some minimalists sleep on one diet or on the floor a day from an old eating habits and medical point of view.

However, even if living without futons or eating one meal a day is good for your health, the habits you have acquired in 20 years will not be cured.

I began to think about whether there was joy in living long with alcohol, tobacco, and all the entertainment.

To touch something new

If you live a life that is surrounded by the minimum necessary things and satisfied with the status quo, you will lose your desire overall.

The idea of minimalism is to avoid being swept away by the wave of capitalism at the world.

However, not touching something new is synonymous with being completely left in the times.

Regardless of the person whose life has passed the turn, if you live like that as a university student, it may be life-threatening …

Therefore, recently, it is blind that the number of belongings increases when touching new things.

Recently, I was interested in cooking and VR, so various seasonings and "Oqulus Quest 2" have been added to my belongings.

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Don't claim to be minimalist

There is no definition for minimalists, so from someone else's point of view, this may be minimalist enough.

I feel that my daily life has become easier by just stopping calling me a "minimalist".

By calling myself a minimalist, I was tied to myself as "Minimalists should be like this."

It was caught by the idea oppositely though it was sure to be minimalism not caught by the thing.

Neither Rei Ayanami nor Rei Kiriyama, and Mr. Jobs, no one named themselves minimalists.

Real minimalists could find even parting with the "minimalist" title.

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