【Digital Detox】How to distance yourself from your smartphone with minimalist thinking

【Digital Detox】Try to distance yourself from smartphone addiction and information overload with minimalist thinking!

Smartphones are a necessity in modern society, but how much time do you spend a day on smartphones?

Recently, new problems such as damage to eyes and shoulders due to excessive viewing of the screen and sns fatigue have also emerged.

This time, we will introduce the recommended "digital detox" for those who are stressed by smartphones and the like!

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What is digital detox?

What is digital detox?

Digital detoxification is an initiative that reduces stress by distancing yourself from digital devices such as smartphones and PCs for a certain period of time, and focuses on communication in the real world and connections with nature.


Collect information with news apps to keep up with the trends, reply immediately to SNS, kill time on YouTube…

I should have been using a smartphone, but if you notice, there are many people who are used for smartphones.

Digital detoxes are leading to minimalism in terms of "blocking excess information and reducing stress."

Minimalists are the idea of "eliminating unnecessary things and freeing them from stress."

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How to digital detox

How to digital detox

Find out how long you use your smartphone

However, it is good to keep a distance from the smartphone, but it is recommended to prepare a little to get awareness.

First of all, let's check how much time you usually spend on your smartphone of the day.

iOS has screen time, but Android needs to download apps.

Screen time setting / confirmation method [iOS]

Screen time setting / confirmation method [Android]

Check not only how much time you're using your phone, but also what percentage you're using for which apps.

It's easy to decide which time you want to reduce.

Decide the smartphone ban time

In the current world, I think that it is practically quite difficult not to touch the smartphone at all all all.

Therefore, let's decide how long not to touch the smartphone while consulting with the usual time.

Instead, let's have the steel intention that the time decided will never touch the smartphone except in an emergency!

I tried not to touch the smartphone except to check if I was contacted at 8 o'clock, 14 o'clock, 20 o'clock.

College students have few urgent requirements, so it may be easy to set a time that does not touch your smartphone.

People with weak wills and people with a high degree of dependence are involved by others or put them in a timed case.

Decide to do it instead


If you do not touch the smartphone vaguely, you will be free, and if you notice, the smartphone may be held in your hand.

Let's list what you can not usually do by touching the smartphone too much and what you want to do.

The following items introduce recommendations that can be done during digital detoxification, so please refer to them!

Digital Detox Recommendations


If you don't read books at all, or if you're usually just an e-book, try touching a paper book once in a while.

No matter how convenient e-books become, I think that paper books with weight and touch will not disappear.

If you make a card for a local library and make a reservation in advance, you can read the book you want to read without waiting.

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Looking at the screen also affects stiffness in the neck and shoulders, so it may be a good idea to rely on non-visual sensations once in a while.

Relax by listening to the radio in the app or listening to natural sounds and ASMR.

There is also a hobby of daring to borrow cDs, listen to them with a player, or listen to records.


When have you exercised properly lately?

If you don't usually do little exercise, you only need to take a 30-minute walk in the neighborhood.

I feel that my heart has become richer when I feel the season in the flowers and flowers of the park, and I feel it with the dog who is also walking.


Let's buy what you felt is "good!" with your intuition without relying on online reviews and reviews.

Also, if you take your eyes off your smartphone, you may find a small shop that you do not know yet on the road you usually go.

I'm sure that the products purchased from small encounters will be a good memory when you look back later.


At home, for free, try "cleaning up the room", which is a killing time that can be done forever, other than escaping before the test.

Check whether what you see around you is usually used, and go to a thrift shop or home delivery purchase that you do not need.

Also, just changing the place of the appliances and futons in the room makes you feel like you have come to a new place and you are excited.


It is quite a luxury to make elaborate dishes that you can't usually make because you are too busy to eat them deliciously.

It's also fun to invite friends to takoyaki and ajillo parties.

Of course, when you enjoy a meal, do not open your smartphone and taste it firmly with your own tongue!

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When you go on a trip to a place that takes a little time in an empty day, you will feel depressed when you see only the screen.

We recommend special exhibitions at the museum and museums in the open air.

It is also a nostalgia to visit the old-fashioned city that remains in Japan and the hometown where I was born and raised!

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Will others meet people or try new things…?

If you put together what you usually want to do in mind, you will not have trouble at such times.

If you make a list of things you want to do, you can spend a meaningful time, and you can also self-analyze, so we recommend making it!

Advantages of digital detoxification

Advantages of digital detoxification

Recently, the days that can not be separated from smartphones and tablets have continued, and I was about to become addicted to the net, so I actually tried to digital detox!

If you check in screen time, you spend about half of the week looking at the screen …

On Sundays without classes or part-time jobs, except for sns checks three times a day, I made it a day when I did not see the screen!

Here's what I actually felt.

Stress touching a smartphone

Word book, LINE and email check, point site 9 pieces

This is always what I do with my smartphone when I get up in the morning.

I had to look at a bright screen from the morning, and there was a selfish obsession that I had to open my smartphone, and it was stressful.

When I noticed it during the digital detox, I was looking for a smartphone, and I realized how I was tied to my smartphone.

From my minimalist point of view, smartphones can be combined into many tools, but I felt that I had to be careful about how to use them.

I can see the scenery around me well.

If you look only at the world in a small rectangle, the real world becomes invisible.

Even on the road that I should be looking at every day, there was a bakery and a cafeteria that I did not notice.

I was surprised at the narrowness of my usual field of view, and at the same time I was saddened by how many scenery I had overlooked so far.

think without asking for an answer immediately

When there was something I usually did not understand, I forgot if I thought about looking it later, so I was immediately examining it with my smartphone.

During the digital detox, I put together words that I did not understand in the book in notebooks, and on the spot I guessed the meaning and called it.

It's very convenient to get answers right away, but sometimes I thought it was important to think about them for a long time with my own head.

I was able to feel other benefits like this with digital detox!

  • Dry eye improvement
  • I can't worry about time.
  • Enjoy your free time
  • Notice your dependence
  • I can focus on things.

Aren't you tired of your smartphone?

So far, we've introduced what digital detox is, how to do it, and the benefits of doing it.

An information society that is said to process information for the life of the Heian period and one year in the Edo period in one day today.

Digital detox is very effective to notice that the smartphone is stressed without realizing it.

Please try it by all means!

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