【Oculus Quest】 Cheap rental of VR Oculus Quest

【Cheap VR Rental】I borrowed Oculus Quest for 1 month! Review ease of use, drunkenness, etc.

I can't go out in such a situation during the summer vacation, so I tried VR that I had been worried about for a long time.

I was interested to see vtubers Meshis and Uka Tsuiki used it, so I challenged it.

I will write how to get it cheaply, what I actually tried, impressions I tried!

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Because it is too expensive, rental

This time, we used the popular model "Oculus quest" competing for one or two VR devices.

As far as you can find out, the choice of high-performance VR devices is "Oculus" or "VIVE".

What are the features of this "Oculus quest"?

  • Can be used alone without connecting to a PC
  • Remote control is left and right and has high degrees of freedom
  • Built-in tracking device
  • You can connect to your PC and do more advanced things

Simply put, it is an excellent thing that you can enjoy VR immediately if you have a main unit and a communication environment.

At first I thought about buying, but I used the rental below because I was too scared when I stopped using it.

Although it is limited to Tokyo, it is convenient to leave your hand by 24:00 on the last day with the shipping cost over there.

Considering that the main body is 70,000 yen, I think that 15,000 yen is quite cheap in 3 months!

What I tried

Specify the pick-up date online and pay by credit card.

It is convenient because you only have to send it back by cash on delivery as it is in the box received by courier!

I will introduce the content that I tried.

Beat Saber Trial

A rhythm game that I personally think is the most famous VR game.

Cut the block that plays according to the music with the la● to saver in the indicated direction.

It's more exercise than other games to avoid other obstacles (but that far?). )

The remote control vibrates and the game space is very realistic, so it can not be cleaned up with just a rhythm game.


The reason I experienced VR this time was because I was interested in "VRAA2", which Uka Tsutsugi serves as a judge.

I also wanted to create my own world by designing on 3D like OithIs.

In this time, various events are held on VRchat where you can freely upload the world.

I also went to Vket, but when there were many people, it was heavy, and the place where the booth was lonely felt that there was room for improvement.

In addition, the feeling of wearing an avatar and becoming a stranger was surprisingly real and interesting.

Prime Video VR

I was able to see it while sleeping, and it was more fun than I expected because the surroundings were properly set of movie theaters.

However, I wonder what makes my head hurt when I watch it for a long time …

There are very few VR-compatible works, so you should not expect them.


I tried all the free VR games, but beat saber was a great place.

Games that move around from a first-person perspective are tight at first because if you are not used to it, you will get VR drunk.

Others usually surf the Internet and watch Youtube.

Especially when I lie down, it is a good place that there is no burden on both hands.

I also took a nap in VRchat's sleep-only world because there is little discomfort wearing goggles.

What I felt when I was using it

The number of pixels is inferior to that of smartphones

When I look at the screen, it is quite beautiful, but I notice the roughness of the pixels compared to the liquid crystal screen.

The mesh-like patterns that make up the screen may not stand out or stand out depending on the type of game.

However, I do not think that it will affect the immersive feeling peculiar to VR so much, I expect it in the future!

I can't open another window

This may have been a way, for example, opening a browser while on VRchat and searching.

You can open a different window on your phone or tablet, but VR seems to need to close the app.

If you can't go casually usually, I still feel that it is incomplete as a virtual space.

I don't use hand tracking that much.

"Hand tracking function" that can now be made with the update of "Oculus quest"

Even if you do not have a remote control, the goggles recognize your hand, so it attracted attention.

However, in reality, remote control operation is easier, so there was little opportunity to use it.

There is a gap in the part of the nose.

Although it is a VR device manufactured for overseas, I am shocked that the nose of foreigners is so high.

There is a gap between the nose and the goggles for one thumb, and I am worried that light comes in from there.

It is effective as a peep window when working in the real world, but if you are worried, consider how to block it.

Code should be reduced as much as possible

The battery of "Oculus quest" is about 2 hours, so I often connect a cord and use it.

In addition, because I was using wired earphones this time, it was difficult because two cords were tangled.

I think that wearing Bluetooth headphones is more immersive and comfortable.

Comment: One step to virtual reality

"Virtual reality" has appeared in sci-fi works, including Sword Art Online.

It was a dream idea, but I felt that it might be coming to fruiting unexpectedly.

In particular, this coronavirus may spread as well as telework.

There are also many foreigners on VRchat, and you can also talk to them across the walls of the world in front of you.

With VR technology, it may not be long before humanity will finally overcome even "distance".

However, vr still has many problems such as servers, communication environments, full body tracking and screen sickness.

We look forward to further development of VR technology that will lead to the future!

If you are interested, why not try it once?

P.S.: I bought Oculus Quest 2! I introduce custom etc!

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