【University laptop】Science university students recommended capacity and specifications

【College laptop】Science university students' notebook PC recommendations and points checked at the time of purchase

Laptops (notebook PCs) are becoming an essential item not only for science college students but also for humanities university students.

It is important to understand how many specs are actually required for a college student's computer.

This time, we will introduce the points and recommended models that science university students want to check when purchasing a PC!

If it is a direct sales model, you can purchase it at about 70% of the list price! [Lenovo Web Advertising Only Store]


Specifications required for a college student's computer

In conclusion, high specifications are not required for university PCs at all.

Unless it is an information system that performs some advanced machine learning, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet browsing.

If you want to work while watching videos, play games, compose and edit videos, you'll need specs.

There are few software in the laboratory with a large capacity, and there seem to be many remote control and PC payment.

After all, it's about how much pc you have the opportunity to use other than your university class!

What I valued when purchasing a PC

When I was in my first year of university, my reports were handwritten, so I was able to make it well on my university computer.

It was not until I was in my second year of university that I purchased a personal computer, and I decided on some evaluation points for myself.

We summarize the points that say "I want to see with caution here!" effective for narrowing down the model!

In addition, when actually purchasing, we strongly recommend that you see the actual machine at the store, such as Yodobashi Akihabara store!

Is the price too high?

Because it was the first PC, I considered something that is cheap and reasonably usable rather than expensive like a Macbook.

While using cheap models, I was planning to move to a second pc and a second unit after listening to the stories of synchronized PCs and detailed people.

As a result, it was found that even cheap models can be used sufficiently, and that university students' PCs do not have to be expensive.

I think that it is good to purchase a model of or 50,000 yen that waits without buying if you do not know what to use it.

Is it easy to carry?

College students have reports and research, so you can say that laptop ownership is almost 100%.

It is possible to search even with a smartphone, but depending on the class, it is OK to open a notebook PC even if the smartphone is not good.

I always intended to carry a laptop with me, and I was looking for a model on the condition that it was light/ small / thin.

11.3 inches is too compact to be left somewhere, so the presence increases from around 13 inches.

Since it will be carried in a backpack every day, the weight is also necessary to consider!

You like the design.

Since university students come face-to-face with their personal computers every day, design is more important than expected.

Because the favorite PC becomes polite and lasts long, I recommend the design emphasis even if the price is put.

The plastic model on the surface is light / cute, but it also has the disadvantage of looking cheap / fragile.

If you have room for the surface and the shape of the corner when folded and held on the side, it may be a good idea to worry.

Is it easy to type?

The shape is easy to type the keyboard to check the same as the price or more.

It's up to the keyboard how fast typing increases when you learn a blind touch.

In addition, a keyboard that does not fit not only feels uncomfortable with the fingers, but also adversely affects health aspects such as stiff shoulders and tired eyes.

Mainly check the feeling of keys, the feeling when pressed, the arrangement of enter keys and control keys!

There is a limit in online purchase, so it is a fixed rule to actually check at a home appliance mass retailer and go home.

Number/type of external ports

Don't forget to check external ports such as USB, SD card, HDMI, etc., which may be more important than the specifications.

University students often present on a pc, and if there are few external ports, an optional conversion adapter may be required.

At least two USB ports (one USB port with a wireless mouse) should be side-sided from the back.

On the other hand, there are models that reduce external ports in exchange for the lightness and thinness of the main unit, so check there.

I personally think Apple products are very disadvantageous in this regard.

Models examined

Lenovo thinkpad


The model that was actually purchased

1nd generation: Lenovo ideapad 120s

I purchased "ideapad 120s" of cospa emphasis because it was the first laptop.

Because it was a direct sales model, I remember that I did not go 50,000 yen without Office.

I used it for a while after I was assigned to the laboratory, so there is no problem at all even in terms of specifications.


  • The price is cheap … Exceptionally cheap of about 50,000 yen even though it is a famous manufacturer
  • The design is good … The exterior paint is metallic and does not look cheap
  • Easy to carry … 11.3 inches is not a burden to carry
  • Even without a mouse … Scroll, right-click, etc. can be operated by tapping
  • Many connectors … USB×2, type-C, Earphones, HDMI, microSD


  • Slow processing … The work while watching Youtube is tough
  • Not office installed … No problem because it was supported in Office365
  • Small capacity … I use the cloud, but the software installation is hard

People who are suitable for ideapad 120s

  • People who have a personal computer for the first time
  • a person who is not so multitasking
  • People who want a cheap laptop
  • People who do not play games on their computers
  • a person who thinks the presence of mice is disturbing
  • People who want a standard model

2nd generation: iPad Air 3

I purchased it for use as a class notebook rather than a second-generation PC.

Now it's always in a wireless keyboard and backpack as a portable laptop.

If you use it everyday, you can use it enough on an iPad (I post all this blog on iPad)

【iPad Keyboard】 Review ELECOM Wireless Keyboard

■ Benefits

  • The app is available … This is not the way it is in Windows.
  • Start up quickly … Get ready to use at the touch of a home button
  • I can draw … Apple Pencil is useful for notes and notes


  • Not supported by USB … Experimental data etc. are exchanged via USB
  • Not compatible software … Special calculation software is not supported or difficult to use
  • Camera position … A sideways video conference shifts the viewpoint.
  • No mouse pad … It is convenient but troublesome to touch the screen

People with iPad Air 3

  • People who want to use it as a pc other than
  • People who want to use apps etc.
  • a person who emphasizes crispy movement
  • People who prefer intuitive operation

3rd: Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 550i

I was going to use the first one for 3 years and use it even after I was assigned to the laboratory, but downloading many software was a little troublesome.

In addition, I thought that I would add video editing, Unity, Photoshop, Irustrator, etc., so specifications are required.

I liked the first one quite a bit, so I bought a Lenovo product with the same operation and key arrangement.

I was able to purchase it for a little over 90,000 yen by making a high-spec model of 140,000 yen as a direct sales model.

■ Benefits

  • The capacity is large … You can download the software without hesitation
  • Cpu is high performance … No delays or freezes on core i7
  • Fingerprint authentication … Unlock by simply touching the power button
  • The screen is big … Better visibility than all models
  • SD card … Both USB and SD cards are convenient
  • Cospa strongest … There is no other spec within 100,000 yen


  • Big heavy … It's a little hard to carry around.
  • Limit to the opening angle … I'm not in trouble, but I'm a little worried.
  • The lumpy … Less rounded than all models

■Who is suitable for "Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 550i"

  • People who engage in creative activities and games on a computer
  • People who want a pc with good performance anyway
  • People who were told that they could buy their favorite PC within 100,000 yen

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