【iPad Keyboard】Elecom's TK-SLP01BK is light/ thin / cheap!

【iPad Keyboard】 What is the reputation of ELECOM wireless keyboards? Review the thin and light "TK-SLP01BK"

I've been thinking about making an iPad into a laptop since the iPad OS came out.

I am looking for a separate keyboard that can be used as a tablet or PC, and I purchase it because ELECOM is good.

This time, I will write about the newly purchased ELECOM wireless keyboard!


Purchased keyboards

This time I purchased ELECOM's "TK-SLP01BK".

After thinking about about 2 hours around 4 home appliance retailers in Akihabara, I pochied on Amazon.

There are also point returns, but it is still cheaper to purchase on the net!

It is like this about the specifications.

  • Dimensions: 257.0mm×142.0mm×7.2mm
  • Mass: About 211 g
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Estimated battery usage period: 300 times
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Key pitch: 17.2mm
  • Keystroke: 1.4mm

The good point

Compatible with Windows keyboards

The keyboard of the laptop I had used so far was the Windows method.

Many of the products sold as wireless keyboards for iPads are Mac.

The deployment is Windows, but you can also switch for Mac.

Thin and compact

It's a thickness that other wireless keyboards don't have, and you're worried about whether the battery is in it.

Perhaps the thinnest keyboard that doesn't take power from your iPad?

I don't care at all even if I have it overlaid with the iPad.

The key size is large

This keyboard is separate from the main unit and the stand on which the iPad is erected, so you can devote a lot of space to the keys.

This makes typing as close as possible to a laptop. (@ is a little narrow)

The point is sober that the Enter key is neatly shaped like Tetris!

The bad thing is.

It looks from the back. Slick.

The sound of the keystice is loud.

It is a pity that the sound at the time of input is relatively noisy, perhaps because of its thinness.

There is a sound even when you move your finger up without pressing the keyboard, so you may feel stressed and you may feel it.

Well, I wonder if I will get used to it unless I work in a very quiet place …

Too light

It may be too light to shift from position while working, so you may want to put a non-slip.

I'm also worried that I'll leave it somewhere because of the lightness.

I don't know how much battery is left

The scariest thing about Bluetooth devices is running out of battery on the go.

This non-battery-powered keyboard is likely to cause catastrophe someday.

I would appreciate it if you could at least display the remaining amount even in the screen …

Symbols may not correspond

The symbols on the keyboard may not match the symbols that are entered when you actually press them.

(Although it may be only when windows is supported)

It doesn't mean that every time you press it, it becomes a different symbol, so if you get used to it, I wonder if it's particularly embarrassing …

Impressions of purchasing

I say it myself, but it's really easy to use because I think about it for two hours.

Personally, I'm concerned about the sound of the keyboard, and there is no problem at all.

I wrote this article on iPad immediately the day after the keyboard arrived!

I was able to write up as fast as a laptop!

I want to use the iPad instead of No Paso, but the smart keyboard is expensive and out of reach … I recommend the purchase to the person who says!

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