【Science Report】Shortcut keys, typing sites/tricks, etc.

【Shortcut key】Recommended by science university students, convenient shortcut keys and tricks when creating reports

Science university students are more troublesome than writing sentences normally because there are also special characters, formulas, subscripts, etc. in reports.

This time, a university student who has been writing an experimental report for three years carefully selected only 10 shortcuts that science really uses!

In addition, we will introduce typing sites recommended for blind touch and tricks such as Word / Excel / PowerPoint!

【University laptop】Science university students recommended capacity and specifications


Frequent Shotoka 10

Ctrl + A 

Select all the contents of the page.

Use it when you select and cut and paste all the sentences typed in Word etc.

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected content.

The copied contents are often used in combination with "paste" described later.

Ctrl + S

Save what you are currently recording in Word, etc.

Let's use this because it is troublesome to call "Save" from the menu one by one.

Ctrl + V

Paste the contents of "Copy" or "Cut" to the selected location.

Please try to use it in combination with "Paste from right click" where you can specify the paste format.

Ctrl + X

Cut out the selected content in sentences, etc.

The selected sentence remains in place in the copy, but the selected sentence disappears from the place in the cut.

Ctrl + Z

Return one action forward.

A last resort useful when you accidentally erase the contents when you select everything!

Windows + D

It is a shortcut key that minimizes all open pages on your computer, and is useful for resetting once when you open too many pages.

Because it is minimized, it is safe because the open page does not disappear.

Windows + L

Lock the screen.

You can lock the PC crisply when you leave your seat for a moment, so it is sober and convenient.

Windows + arrow keys

You can change the size of the selected screen.

When writing a report, it is recommended when you want to use the screen half at a time, such as when writing while doing research!

Windows + number key

Launch the app that is pinned to the taskbar.

The number from the left of the taskbar corresponds to the number key, but what happens after 9?

Science Essential Shotka

Top/Subscript (W)

Shift + Ctrl +「+/-」

Insert Formula (W)

Shift + Alt + 「=」

Number (W) in formula

"#(Number)" after formula insertion

Line selection (W, P)

Fn + Shift +「→/←」

Fix number to be assigned (P)

"F4" in the selected cell

Function (E)

  • SUM
  • STEV. P
  • PI

Add Cell (E)

Click "+" next to the cell

Multiple Selection (P)

Shift Press to click or select range

Grouping (P)

Ctrl + G


What I Did (Beginner)

I practiced "ability check" of e-typing at 9 p.m. twice every day.

I practiced with the priority of being able to type with the right fingers rather than being able to hit without looking at it.

In addition, I try to improve my level by writing a blog post of about 300 characters every day in about 30 minutes.

「。」 The problem was to strike without looking at ", "-" and "-", and the division of "t/r" that I was not good at.

E-typing (external site)

What I Did (Intermediate Level)

Etyped shifted to "long text > original", and I was thinking about TOEFL, so I sometimes input english characters.

When I get tired, I practiced with "sushi uchi" and "plate hitting (it's no longer Flash)" etc.

I try to input without looking at the hand as much as possible, and it came to be enough that S comes out in a long sentence.

The challenge was to memorize places such as "c", "x" and "v" that I do not use easily in Japanese.

Sushi Uchi (external site)

What I've Done (Advanced)

Along with accuracy, you want enough speed to hit people's stories in real time.

In "Typing Tube", you can practice typing according to youtube songs.

Although accuracy is reduced, it is recommended because the result of etiping after doing this is considerably extended.

The problem is typing words that are lost for a moment, such as "D" and "Fi", and "g/h" and "f/j" that I am not good at.

Typing tube (external site)

Net Tricks

The image turns black when you make it a PDF

A clever way to avoid the phenomenon that the image disappears or becomes dirty when you pdf powerpoint using images and transparent backgrounds | IT Kiosk (xsrv.jp)

This site converts oxps to PDF

Oxps to PDF Converter. Online Free — Convertio

Create a table of contents in Word

【Definitive Edition】How to make a table of contents of words and how to set links | PC labo (pasokon-labo.com)

Timetable pie chart in Excel

Make your Excel daily schedule a pie chart (tipsfound.com)

Free software




Let's get used to computers early.

Some college students may buy a laptop only after entering college.

If you don't know how to use your computer even though class has started, you will be much behind your surroundings.

If possible, before becoming a college student, we recommend that you purchase it as soon as you become a college student at the latest and get used to it!

【University laptop】Science university students recommended capacity and specifications

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