【Links】How to use SNS that allows you to send and receive virtual currency for free

Links: How to use free send and receive virtual currency SNS

"Links" was officially released with the message "Implement "Japan" in the cryptocurrency era".

After a month of β testing, a new attempt called "virtual currency × SNS" has been released to the public.

Here's what Links is, what links can do, and what it does!

Links - The Next Generation Messenger With Bitcoin
Links – The Next Generation Messenger With Bitcoin
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What is Links?


Links is a next-generation SNS app with free sending and receiving of virtual currency (crypto assets). By realizing "cryptocurrency remittance more easily", we will provide the following usage scenes.

・ Providing corporate services using micropayments for small payments of 1 yen or less
・ Virtual currency such as Bitcoin as incentive rewards for point sense ・ Realizing
"value communication" with chips (tossed money) etc.


Links is a next-generation SNS with members who are representatives of cryptocurrency information site "coinpost".

The main features are the following.

  • Free transfer fees within Links
  • Transfer from 1Satoshi (0.00000001BTC) is possible
  • Chat anonymity with blockchain technology
  • Easy to implement on media media

As a feeling that I used roughly in the β test, it was LINE that can easily throw money.

Because there is free distribution of virtual currency, attention is focused there, but the aspect of SNS may be large.

I felt that it would become a "super app" that can be talked about in China and other places, as well as media, payment and exchange.

P.S.: I will explain the basic operation in ordinary sentences and the developmental part in this frame, use it separately!

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The first name input has a field of last name and a name, but it is not recommended because it is reflected in everything if it is a real name.

There is SNS authentication by phone number in the application, and when you log in to another terminal with the same number, one of them logs out.

It's not a 15-word sort that's common in wallet settings, it's a 6-digit PIN code.

I decide for myself, but if you forget it, you will not be able to withdraw the virtual currency, so it will be confirmed 6 times.


At this time, the username that you entered in the first part of Links is reflected in the username.

If you've registered with your real name, we recommend renaming it to protect your privacy.

If you don't change both, your real name will be known to the other party, for example, when sending money.

We haven't found a way to change the two names at once at the time, so you need to set them up.

The first is to tap the icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, then tap the mark next to the icon that appears.

Since your information comes out, enter the name you want to change from "Change Name" and complete it with "Change".

Other changes can be made: "Self-introduction sentence" and "Plouff image (camera for shooting, start file by selection)"

Changing the phone number requires SMS authentication with the new number after entering the pre-set PIN code.

The second is a robo mark next to the input field in the group> the profile below> pencil mark next to the name

Change it in "Change display name / self-introduction" → tap "Sync name" in the upper right to log out once.

Press the login button in "Linkers Chat" displayed and rename it with "Allow" is complete.

* There are reports that changes will not be reflected in the contents of previous posts, and that it will take a little time to prosper even after the change.

It is better to refrain from saying "It was my real name until a while ago w" just because I changed the name!

Using the name of the entire chat display and the name at the time of tapping are different, etc., to have message nature, etc.

Since there seems to be no particular meaning that there are two types of display names, will it be possible to set them in one place in the future?


In the exchange of cryptocurrencies described later, the cryptocurrency you hold is displayed in the "wallet (wallet)".

You can check it from the wallet mark at the bottom of the home screen, and if you are not registered, you can set it by tapping.

You will be asked to decide your own 6-digit PIN code, and you will be asked to confirm it when you send money after registering.

There are six pin codes entered in total, but it is not a problem, so let's enter the same one.

If you forget this PIN code with a notification from the operation, you will not be able to access the wallet and there will be no relief.

You can send money by tapping the cryptocurrency mark and using the "remittance" that appears on the record of the exchange.

You can withdraw from the minimum amount of 0.0001 BTC by entering the account address of the remittance destination.

Withdrawals are under review, but withdrawal fees seem to be 0.0005BTC

Mute notifications

There are so many active users that it can be noisy to turn on notifications.

If you choose not to allow notifications in the pop-up immediately after logging in, that's fine.

If you have tapped "Allow", you can do it by "Set >Links > Notifications > Off Notifications".

Or tap the icon in the top right corner of the group to slide up > mute.

Talk function

Log in to links chat, where everyone is using Links for the first time.

Basically, line and how to use it are very similar. Post completion and read are double chuck marks at the bottom right.

  • Reply with a slide to the left of the comment (it is also possible to reply after entering sentences)
  • You can enlarge sentences and copy sentences with two taps
  • Long press to delete comments from your or the whole
  • Mentions by @mark are also possible

There is also a convenient point of the call function, and information that it was possible to contact overseas without problems has come in.

  • Sound quality is good and can be heard by a large number of people
  • You can specify who to hang in a group
  • If someone stays, the call continues in relay form

Images, stamps, contacts, location sharing, and URLs are disabled in The Entire Group (Linkers Chat).

It seems to be a solicitation countermeasure, and it is visible to the contributor, but not to others, so be careful.

There are restrictions on consecutive investments (5 times per minute), some NG words, and cryptocurrencies other than external bots and BTC.

Five minutes before distribution, Links chat will be muted and comments will no longer be reflected.


Currently, in the "Linksβ version", you can operate and make money for cryptocurrency by users.

Bitcoin distribution, which was the centerpiece of the recruitment of β testers, is from 3/13 to 14 days, every day at 12:00 and 20:00.

Five minutes before distribution, links chat will be muted and comments will no longer be reflected.

First of all, tap the message displayed as "Uketotte!" and tap again when it comes out with "Open".

If you don't get a toggle to load the screen, you'll receive the virtual currency distributed by the contributor.

At the moment, this "Uketotte!", it has become an early winner, and it seems to depend on the line and model.

You can check the "number of open / distributed" under the amount, but the confirmation method in the chat column has not been found.

On the contrary, I am Ukette! If you want to tap the robot mark on the left from the icon in the upper right.

Select the change to be thrown in the group, enter the total amount, each quantity, the number of distributions and the message, and tap "Send".

When you enter a 6-digit PIN code, you will see your name "Ukette! " in the group.

Uketotte is possible even from the robo mark next to the input field in the chat field!

If you distribute it to a large number of people (500 to 1000 people), it is often swept away in comments before completion.

Ukettete of operation! The front and rear are the easiest to open, and usually about 100 seems to be good.

Run and create your own group, Ukette! transfer and repost at a later time.

This method seems to be good at the moment, ukette! It is also effective for saving comments as well as.

Ukette at the moment! Only BTC can be used, but in terms of UI, other currencies are expected in the future.

It is possible to attach a URL in the comment section, and it seems that there are no restrictions on guidance at this time.

Personal remittance

Tap the person's name when you want to send money to a specific person, not to a random person.

Press the leftmost of the icon that came out to send the remittance quantity and message.

Select a remittance from the menu that came out, select the amount, enter the PIN code and send money.

Group creation

There are two ways to create groups: how to add them one by one and how to publish a URL.

For the former, tap the mark on the right of the home screen > add members in create a new group.

In this case, only the person who "added a contact" after tapping the name in the chat can choose.

Once you've selected a member, name the group and you'll be able to create a room.

If you want to add people to a room that has already been created, display the member list after tapping the group icon.

Select the member you want to add from "+" in the upper right or select "Invite to group with link".

Member management is only for the owner who created the room and those who have been granted "managerial authority" by the owner.

If you tap the name in the member list, you can grant manager authority and withdraw from members.

Integration with coinpost

Links function has been installed in the comment column of cryptocurrency information site "CoinPost".

"Log in" from the comment section linked to the news article on CoinPost

QR code login in pc version, links is launched automatically for mobile version.

You will be paid BTC for comments with a large number of likes by entering comments in articles on the site.

If the media and the user are using Links, it is convenient because it can be linked simply by reading the QR code.

In the future, new corporate approaches that do not rely solely on advertising may appear!

Its multifunctional


I'm not familiar with the benefits of logging out, but I'll post it as information.

Log out the robo mark next to the input field in the group→ the profile at the bottom of the screen→ the three mark next → name

User search

Search by the member → the number of people next to→ the input column in the group


Robo… Extensions such as being able to send multiple uketotte to a designated party

Super lucky … Randomly distributed at ukettotte distribution. For future campaigns?

floating… You can minimize the specific screen, and if you put a link, there are other pages.

Kudo… A mysterious function to send money to the operation. Donations to operations, forecasts of proprietary currencies within Links, etc.

P.S.: Kudo, which means Greek "praise," was a visible personal transfer. It was also announced that Kudo for operation is not recommended.


Based on lessons learned from information and merchandise stores and open chats, the operation has been announced as prohibited.

If you scroll after tapping the name, there is "Report", and you can block the report by tapping.

[Prohibited matters in Links Chat Robot]
In order to prevent nuisance, there are prohibited items at the time of use.

1.Acts of soliciting or conducting business
2.Acts that slander
others 3.Acts of using the Service by impersonating others
4.Criminal acts (fraud, business interruptions, etc.) or acts that induce or incite such acts

Added: Added to official release

Links has anonymity except for the groups created by the operation, so there are also scam cases.

Please note that each room created has affiliates and cryptocurrency scams!

Rising improvements

This is the improvement hope point that has been raised at the moment. Permission has been obtained from contributors.

  • Comment pin function, according to LINE notes
  • A room that comes from operation only
  • Chat loading is from the latest
  • Distinction between pre-distribution and pre-distributed uketotte
  • Write search for a specific user
  • Past log DL before login
  • I want you to make the name change all at once.
  • Comment stay time and color change by sending amount
  • Ukette is also muted when the operation is muted
  • Mention that the name you entered will be displayed
  • Wallet and sent amount are different
  • I do not see the input field and conversion candidates covered in android
  • Each time a person enters the group, the official contacts you.
  • I want you to be able to check your balance when sending money
  • So that it can also be used to collect donations such as disasters

The deposit and remittance fees are high, and is it close to the point that is turning in the unique economic zone at the moment?

I wanted the app alone to pay and exchange cash more smoothly.

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