【Experimental Report】For University Students Who Never End! Tips for writing to finish quickly

【Experimental Report】Must-see for university students who never end! Here are some tips on how to write to finish the report quickly!

A college student screamed that he didn't want to write a report anymore or that he wanted to finish it early and do what he liked…

For science university students who suffer from experimental reports, we will introduce "How to finish the experimental report quickly".

By reading this article, you will learn how to write experimental reports efficiently!


Configure experiment reports

There are some differences between universities, but the composition of the experimental report is shown below.

  • Cover page (experiment content and experiment group, student ID number and name)
  • Background (history of experimental fields, application fields)
  • Principle (basic principle of the experiment content)
  • Method (the actual work done on the day)
  • Results (data obtained in this experiment)
  • Consideration (examination of what can be considered from the results)
  • Conclusion (derived from the data of this experiment)
  • References (exhibition of theorems used for experiments and considerations)

The trick to finishing the report quickly is to dabies the cover, background, principle, method, and references.

This time, I will explain it separately from "preparation" to be performed before the experiment and "same day edition" from the experiment.

How to write a report (Preparation)

Make sure you do your pre-experiment preparation

The reason an experiment report doesn't go is that you don't know the purpose of the experiment you did.

It is faster to read it before the experiment than to reread the reference book when writing the report.

  • Creating notes that you can experiment with just by looking at it
  • Experimental simulation in the head

By doing preparation, you can see what students are required of in the experiment, and it is easier to create high-scoring reports.

Make an input field in Excel

In the experiment, the value of the measurement result may be assigned to a definition formula, etc. to calculate the value.

You may take a note and calculate later, but let's create a table that ends when you enter a numerical value because of the short time.

In addition, if you make a graph, you can enter a value during the experiment and complete the graph for the report in no time!

Write down what you can write

There are several places in an experimental report that you can write before you experiment. Examples include background, principle, experimental method, etc.

Just by entering it before the experiment, the report is close to completion, and it will also be a preparation for the experiment.

Principles and methods are useful because you can insert them in word, etc. even if there are additions or changes.

Secure references first

In university experiments, multiple people perform the same experiment, so after the experiment, the scramble for references occurs.

If possible, go to the library before the experiment starts, or immediately after the end of the experiment at the latest, and borrow the literature that seems to be usable.

In addition to university libraries, there are few people who borrow academic books at local libraries, so it is an aim.

Create and save the report's temper first

Because the form of a report takes up time to set up, you can't work on the report immediately after the experiment is over.

It is troublesome to set the size of the characters, fonts, margins, etc. every time, so let's create and save a temper.

When writing a report, you can skip the tedious setup work by typing it in the tempre and selecting "Save as".

How to write a report (same-day edition)

Ask questions during an experiment

If you have any questions during the experiment, ask the professor or senior who supervises the experiment.

It is rare not to answer questions, and on the contrary, the willingness to experiment can increase the reputation.

If you write a consideration based on what you have taught, the report will be deeper.

They take a picture

If allowed, it is a good idea to take a picture of the object related to the experiment with a smartphone.

For example, the whole picture and model of the experimental instrument used, the cross-sectional view of the sample, the temperature and humidity of the day, etc.

You may need to fill out a report, so don't stop working because you don't have enough information while writing.

If it is a photograph, the characters are dirty and can not be read, and it is easy to share information with the experiment group.

Take advantage of shortcut keys

The content of the report is also important, but if you write slowly, you will have a hard time writing the report.

Once you get used to working with blind touches, shortcut keys, and Excel, you'll be twice as efficient as writing.

You can make the most of your report writing time by simply holding your hands off the mouse.

Useful shortcut keys used by science university students when creating reports

About past repos

Perhaps if you are writing an experimental report, there are people who are writing based on your senior 'past repo'.

"Kopirepo (copipe some or all of the past repo)" should also be stopped, but kopirepo should never be stopped.

The introduction of check tools is also progressing, and the punishment of universities is becoming severe, and above all, it is the worst act as a researcher.

The only thing I would use would be to check "what kind of experiment" and "is there any omission in my report item?".

Let's start the report early.

Many university students go through while suffering.

Depending on the university, there seems to be a weekly imposed area, and I think that there are many people who are suffering.

What I introduced this time was mainly a method of "making a difference in preparation".

Rather than looking for an easy way to write a report, stack up small things and write your report in less time.

For those of physics experiments, "Basic Physics Experiment Report that can get Evaluation A" is recommended.

Since it covers almost all the experiments conducted in the early days of university, you can understand what to write if you read this book.

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