【List of things you want to do for university students】How to find 100 things you want to do

【List of things you want to do for university students】How to find 100 things you want to do

College students are the most free time to spend as much time as they like.

However, if you spend every day without thinking about anything, your college life will be over in no time …

This time, I will introduce the merits of making a list of things you want to do and a list of things that science university students want to do!


The benefits of making a list of things you want to do

It makes it difficult to waste time

Many university students sleep and dadle at home, but personally I think it's a waste.

Even if you have something you usually want to do, you may not be able to remember what you want to do only in your spare time . . .

You can write down what you want to do and do it in your spare time.

By making it into words, it becomes feasible.

Some of the things you want to do in yourself are mixed with things that are not real.

I think that it is unlikely that they will come true just by keeping them hidden in the chest.

There is a feeling that "dreams come true when you put them into words", and declaring creates an awareness that you have to move.

People who think it is difficult to say to people are different just by putting them in blogs and diaries like this.

Character analysis through lists

If you make a list honestly to yourself, you will know where your inner desires are coming from.

By knowing your personality through the list, you will be able to see what you prioritize.

We believe this list will also be useful for job hunting and future self-analysis!

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Tips on how to make a list of things you want to do

To-Do List To-Do List with Reminders
To-Do List To-Do List with Reminders
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If you think it's okay to do a little, list it.

If you've ever wanted to do something, add any little thing to your list.

If you write only big things, it may be stressful because you can not put it into practice easily.

Let's list what we want to do, from the small things we can do right away to the ones we can't do yet!

You don't necessarily have to publish it.

The need to make sure everyone can see the list of things you want to do isn't really that important.

It is important to be able to confirm immediately in your spare time, and to be motivated by declaring to people depending on the content.

It's also a good idea to separate the list for publishing to people and the list you want to keep only within yourself!

Make it a tangible goal that is visible

I'm not entirely made by myself, but the contents of the list should be specific and quantitative.

The reason is that it is not clear how far to do it, and it is not possible to check when it does.

Quantitatively presents up to 00 pages by not the content but the number such as 00K and 00 pieces or more.

It doesn't have to be 100 pieces.

Japanese people like "3 major 00" and "100 △△", but there is no basis just because they look good.

I think that it only has to write the thing which wants to do as much as I can think of, but it seems to be better to have a large number.

Think as much as you can, as a small number of things can't be done.

Examples of things to do list

For those who don't think about what they want to do, we will show you the path to think like this.

If you write up and write up your daily small desires without forgetting them, you can list what you want to do if you notice.

When I turned to the desk and thought, "Come on, I'm going to do it!" and it was impossible to think about 100 pieces at a stretch (experience story)

  • What you want to eat (delicacies, high-quality ingredients, popular sweets, etc.)
  • Where you want to go (country or region, specific buildings, pilgrimage to holy places, etc.)
  • People you want to meet (entertainers, actors/voice actors, idols)
  • The author of my favorite book, my acquaintances on the net, etc.)
  • Works you want to read (note the title you were worried about at the bookstore)
  • Works you want to see (movies, paintings, anime, sculptures, etc.)
  • Childhood Dreams (You can study roughly on Youtube)
  • New services (e.g. new SOCIAL media and innovative services)
  • Genres you've never touched (e.g. what your friends are interested in)
  • Goals that can be put out numerically (0 kg thin, 00 yen saving, etc.)
  • The goal is to get through (keep going for 00 days, finish something, etc.)
  • What you want to do (busy or hesitant)
  • What you want (with the goal of buying with less waste)

List of things college students want to do

As an example, I will list what science university students who are interested in various things want to do.

It is troublesome to exclude the finished ones, so I write it down as it is without limiting it to 100 pieces.

There are many books I want to read and animes to watch, so I also put them together in a separate list (unpublished)

When you become a member of society, you will be busier than your university life, and it will certainly be difficult to do what you want to do.

It's a good idea to do what you want to do while you're a college student with a lot of free time!

  1. Enter the Tower of the Sun
  2. Go to moma museum
  3. Go to the Smithsonian Museum
  4. They go on a space trip
  5. Go to Uyuni Salt Lake
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. They bungee jump
  8. They skydive
  9. Play a real escape game
  10. Eat about 3,000 yen per meal
  11. They have a solo camp
  12. Go live
  13. Pass Adsense
  14. Write the first place article searched
  15. Make braised beef muscles
  16. Attend a lecture
  17. Go to The Ushino Terrace
  18. I go to see people I only know on the net
  19. Get them to mention it on other blogs
  20. Go interns
  21. They get a job offer
  22. TOEIC 730 points
  23. go to an izakaya alone
  24. Go to a deserted island
  25. Crowdfunding
  26. They fast
  27. They cultivate hydroponics
  28. Go to Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
  29. I'm going to Australia.
  30. Go to North America
  31. Go to South America
  32. go to the African continent
  33. Conquer the Five Continents
  34. They hitchhike
  35. They do yakiniku alone
  36. Create an app
  37. Create a web page from 1
  38. They fish for smelt on the ice
  39. They fish for octopus
  40. Lure fishing
  41. They take part in a marathon
  42. They go to Osaka
  43. get a driver's license
  44. make 10,000 yen in blog revenue
  45. One net novel post
  46. See the finished Sagrada Familia
  47. Go to the Comic Market
  48. Play survival games
  49. Go to book café
  50. See slaughter
  51. Climb the Sky Tree
  52. Enter the Imperial Palace Forest
  53. get treatment research
  54. Do TRPG
  55. Do FPS
  56. Eat three major delicacies
  57. Ride a paragliding
  58. Post videos on Youtube
  59. Be able to introduce yourself in Esperanto
  60. take bookkeeping level 3
  61. Go to ABC Space
  62. Go to Blober
  63. Use Movie Maker slowly
  64. Buy Bitcoin
  65. Enter 5 stores you've never entered
  66. Drink tapioca tea
  67. Eat American Burgers
  68. Eat a pod
  69. Eat scorpions
  70. Eat a 100%.
  71. Do Navra Operator Game
  72. Make your own computer
  73. Read Harry Potter in English
  74. Make GPA 3.3
  75. Eat a sleac
  76. Eat squirt
  77. live on self-sufficiency for a week
  78. Build a hut
  79. Go to Morohashi Museum of Modern Art
  80. Go to Utsukushigahara Kogen Art Museum
  81. Go to Las Vegas
  82. Go to Dubai
  83. Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert
  84. Learn Russian
  85. I'm going to Russia.
  86. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner
  87. Climb Mt. Fuji
  88. Go to team Lab
  89. Get a Google gun
  90. Sell things at Mercari
  91. Go to Ichihara Lakeside Museum of Art
  92. Bankart Studio NYK
  93. Go to the former Edogawa Ranpo Residence
  94. 3331Arts Chiyoda
  95. Gallery Cat Street
  96. Read "Animal Farm"
  97. Read "1984"
  98. Watch War in your Pocket
  99. Play VR Games
  100. Google Adsense transfer amount achieved
  101. Upload 3D models to VRChat
  102. Turkish March will be able to play
  103. Buy VR Goggles
  104. Finish all cookbooks
  105. Draw 100 illustrations
  106. Vocaloid Fiddles
  107. SSL of blog
  108. Bouldering
  109. Go to e-typing "Ninja"
  110. Insta-automation in Python and selenium
  111. Go to the Island Tower
  112. they smoke a water
  113. Attendance at academic conferences
  114. Go to Kusatsu Onsen
  115. They eat a blowg
  116. Blood donation 50 times
  117. U.S. Individual Stocks
  118. Nordic Travel
  119. India Travel
  120. TeamLab
  121. Memorize 100 Spanish words
  122. Memorize 100 Russian words
  123. Memorize 100 Korean Words
  124. Solving common tests
  125. Added 30 blog posts
  126. Make your own recipe book
  127. draw 100 pictures
  128. read 100 books
  129. Kyushu Travel
  130. they make a primary bookkeeping
  131. read 30 Papers in English
  132. Learn the top 100 tickers in the S&P500
  133. Touch MMD
  134. Go see the rocket launch
  135. Sign up for a PayPay card

What I did with the list of things I want to do