【Tokyo University of Science】Is the Oshamambe Campus closed? What happens to the Faculty of Engineering Science?

【Tokyo University of Science】Is the Ostekabe Campus closed? What happens to the Faculty of Engineering Science?

Inside the campus of Tokyo University of Science, there is the “Oshamambe Campus” in Hokkaido.

Have you ever heard of a science examinee from a special style of living in a dormitory system in Hokkaido for a year?

The system of the Oshamambe campus will be changed in 2020, so university students from the Oshamambe campus will talk!


Ohyamambe Campus

Chang manbe campus

Tokyo University of Science has campuses in Kagurazaka, Noda, Katsushika, and Oshamambe.

The Oshamambe campus and Noda campus do not exist in Tokyo while calling it “Tokyo”.

The Oshamambe Campus is located on a hill in Oshamambe Town, which has a population of about 5,000 people between Sapporo and Hakodate in Hokkaido.

Oshamambe town once prospered as a hot spring town, and “Crab rice” and “Crab festival” held in July are famous.

Nagamune-cho homepage (external site)

Faculties going to the Ohyamambe Campus

Faculties going to the Nagamakube Campus

Only first-year undergraduate students of Tokyo University of Science who go to the Oshamambe Campus are in the Faculty of Engineering Science.

The Faculty of Engineering Science is a slightly specialized faculty that aims to train scientists in the fields of fusion of physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Department of Bioengineering (TB)
  • Department of Materials Engineering (TM)
  • Department of Electronic And Applied Engineering (TE)

Every year, about 100 students from each department and about 300 people from all faculties come to the Oshamambe Campus to replace them.

After the second year, students will move to the Katsushika Campus even after recuing, so they will always live on the Oshamambe Campus for one year.

The number of science university students in Oshamambe Town is overwhelming, and if the right to vote at the age of 18 is granted, the winner can be decided only by the student!

(In fact, nothing major incident happened from the interest in the movement of resident card and student elections .) )

Features of the Oshamambe Campus

Features of the Nagamakube Campus

Dormitories system and cluster

Speaking of the characteristics of the Ostakube Campus, it is a system called “Dormitories system” and “cluster”!

All students of the Faculty of Engineering Science, no matter how close their home is to the university, are determined to live in dormitories.

The dormitory was basically a room for 4 people, 16 people from 4 rooms was regarded as a group called “cluster”.

Each cluster shared a lounge, TV, kitchen, washing machine, computer, etc., and lives together.

My colleagues who live together for a year do not know until the entrance ceremony, so I’m looking forward to it until that time …!


Activities unique to Hokkaido

Taking advantage of hokkaido’s rich natural location, there are also golf classes on campus and ski classes in resort areas.

It has a deep connection with Oshamambe Town, and there are also mountain climbing, cherry blossom viewing, and elementary school science courses that are joint with the townspeople.

During the two-month long holiday, the dormitory is closed, and you can try farming part-time jobs and hokkaido trips in Hokkaido!

They have no vertical relationship

Only first-year students of the Faculty of Engineering Science study at the Oshamambe Campus.

Only the first-year students who came to the Oshamambe campus are at the Oshamambe campus to go to the Katsushika campus even after the year.

For those who find relationships such as seniors and juniors troublesome, is the special environment of the Oshamambe campus attractive?

Since there are no seniors, students plan and execute the start-up of the circle and the plan of the dormitory festival from the beginning.

The Daily Life of Oshamambe

I am very happy that many people read the article of The Oshamambe Campus that I wrote somehow!

However, I found it difficult to tell the good parts of the campus in the article that outlined it.

Unfortunately, the tradition of the Oshamambe campus was discontinued by this corona riot.

In order to convey the charm of Chang manbe more, I wrote about everyday life about “fishing”, “snow” and “wildlife”!

Let’s go fishing.

The Oshamambe Campus is quite close to the sea, so some students are new to fishing.

In Oshamanbe Town, it seems that it is so good to catch righteye flounder so that the origin is “O (estuary) Shamanpe (righteye flounder) in Ainu language”.

However, there are only two fishing tackle shops, and it takes 30-minute walk to the breakwater, and can cook only at the Esor Hall.

In addition, there are a certain number of salmon hunters every year, and you can also see them carrying fishing rods on weekdays without classes.

While many go home empty-handed, those who brought big salmon with great pride become celebrities, and the night meal becomes “Ishikari nabe”.

In addition to curfews, fishing became popular, and we decided to make a rule on what time in the morning it was good to leave the dormitory.

It is a science university that the thrust comes out to the rule “It is qualitative and unfounded” after the surroundings become bright.

It has been changed to “○ lux (I forgot)” and “brightness that can visually check the 10 yen coin in the palm of your hand”.

It’s snowing.

The real pleasure of Hokkaido is snow, and in winter, except for niigata people, the snow scenery of the entire area is just returned to the child’s heart.

If you look outside the dormitory early in the morning, you will see a huge snowplow with a yellow lamp running in front of the dormitory.

Make snowmanes and snow houses, throw snowballs into people’s rooms, freeze wet shirts…

Some of them skied on the slopes on campus and piled snow on the stairs to build a jump stand!

I got a big hit from my mother in the dormitory, and the slope of the gymnasium → Building 3 was lit with a “no skiing” tag (laughs)

In addition, there is only a communal refrigerator in the student dormitory, but in winter the double window of the room cools down to kinkin.

It was very convenient to put a drink between the windows and it became a natural refrigerator that was readily accessible.

The way to dinner in the dormitory is a battle, and if you relax even a little, your peers will throw you out onto the snow.

The rules of the Nagamanbe Campus, “Do not drink alone in winter”, is an important rule that is transmitted many times to students.

In winter, Hokkaido freezes and dies when sleeping outside, so there is also an instruction to go on a two-man cell when drinking or eating.

Meeting animals

The Nagamanbe campus became famous for the incident of “I met a bear while playing Pokemon GO”.

Bears are rare (just people meet), but sometimes you can meet animals that are rare in Honshu.

The most witnessed was a fox, and there was actually a fox’s nest that appeared in “The Story of the Oshamambe school dormitory”.

In addition, a large amount of seagulls and crows gather every morning at the track and field field on campus, and the lawn has a strange scenery.

In addition, I was taken to the nearby “Firefly Village” and saw a lot of fireflies.

During part-time farming and traveling around Hokkaido, you can meet red-crowned cranes, bears, deer, mice, hawks, etc.

Oshamambe Campus Abolished?!

Nagamage Campus Abolished?!

Due to the special situation, the Faculty of Engineering Science and the Oshamambe Campus have been loved by high school students and university students.

However, due to the university’s management policy, the Faculty of Engineering Science at the Oshamambe campus will disappear in 2020.

The Faculty of Engineering Science becomes the Faculty of Advanced Engineering, and instead, the Faculty of Business Administration and international students study at the Oshamambe Campus.

It is difficult to understand “Advanced Engineering”, why it is too mysterious why foreigners who came to Japan are isolated … I look forward to the follow-up report!

Establishment of a Base for International Education at the Oshamambe Campus

(1) In April 2021, the Faculty of Business Administration will open a course (approximately 120 students per year) to study international management. The first year of the course will be conducted as a dormitory-based education at the Oshamambe Campus.

(2) In April 2022, a course for international students (about 80 students per grade) will be opened in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The first year of the course will be conducted as a dormitory-based education at the Oshamambe Campus.


P.S.: Students disappear from The Oshamambe Campus

With the spread of covid-19, the Faculty of Engineering Science in 2020 is conducting all classes at the Katsushika Campus.

Before the foundation work became an advanced worker, a new classification was born called “The Faculty of Engineering Science that did not go to Oshamambe”…

I wonder if the students of the Faculty of Engineering Science who went to Oshamambe have stopped in the 33rd batch …?

Former of the Oshamambe Campus

In addition to the vast nature, there was an environment on the Oshamambe Campus where people could take on the challenge of living in a dormitory system and various things.

It is recommended for those who want to challenge various things in a good space without worrying about the eyes around them.

My life in Oshamambe, including my bicycle trip in Hokkaido, changed my way of thinking afterwards.

Therefore, it is a great pity that the Faculty of Engineering Science will not be able to go to the Oshamambe Campus!

If you have any questions, we will answer to the extent that you can understand, so I would be happy if you could comment!

Oshamambe Campus Reference Material (laughs)

Nagamune Campus Reference Material (laughs)

The Oshamambe Campus has been featured in many media because of its uniqueness, and we will introduce some of them.

I would be happy if you could learn more about the Oshamambe Campus from these materials!

Many are written by science university students, but it has become content with many self-deprecating topics with love.

It has been written in various ways, but let’s be careful not to take it seriously (laughs)

Personally, I like Uncyclopedia and “Tokyo University of Science Oshamambe Gakuryo Monogatari”!

Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Engineering Science WEBSITE

Due to the so much peculiarity, there are web of the Faculty of Engineering Science independently in addition to the web of Science University.

Since we re-shot it in 2018 (our generation), the image is roughly like this.

It was quite fun to fly a drone into the sky and run with all the students!

Tokyo University of Science, Mingbe Campus WEBSITE (external website)

Tokyo University of Science, Oshamambe Gakuryo Monogatari

This novel was written by a professor at the Oshamambe Campus, and tells the story of a year of students who came to Oshamambe.

It is quite faithfully depicted, such as student experiments, interaction with locals, and fox nests that appear in the work.

If you have actually spent time at the Oshamambe campus, you can absolutely sympathize with it, so it will be more widespread …!


It is completely a neta frame, but there are also places where you can read and nod.

The Oshamambe Campus is recorded as “Oshamambe Detention Center”! (Please do not take it seriously))

With the new covid-19 in 2020, it has been confirmed that the text has been added!

Uncyclopedia “Changmanbe Detention Center” (external site)


I’ve also seen 5channel, but it seems that there is not much slle yet.

I’ve picked up decent from past picks.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of decent slelets.

5Channel (external site)


It is a site that summarizes the information of Oshamambe, and the article of Tokyo University of Science inevitably increases.

This site published an article about the acquisition of 18-year-old voting rights by science university students and became a hot topic all over Japan.

In addition to the Oshamambe Campus, there are plenty of articles about sightseeing spots and events in Oshamambe Town.

Remanbe (external site)

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