【University student study site】Free study site recommended for review and self-study!

【University student study site】Free study site recommended for review and self-study!

When teaching at a university or at a cram school, formulas may not come out at any time.

In such a case, it is an academic site that is useful, and recently the number of sites that are trusted even for free has increased!

This time, I will introduce the merits of review and recommended sites that can be used not only for review but also for self-study!


Benefits of review

They gain a better understanding

What I learned for the first time is hard to keep up with and solve problems, and it is difficult to understand well.

However, as the school year progresses, you may acquire knowledge that you have never known before, and as a result, you can discover the mysteries of the past.

As the grade progresses to some extent, you will be able to understand systematically, so if you learn again, it will be very refreshing.

In particular, the higher the grade, the more understanding of the past advances in strengthening only by memorization without explanation of the premise.

Some people re-enroll in college in order to become more interested and relearn their understanding.

They are taught to a person

I thought of working part-time as a cram school lecturer, but when teaching people, I need my own understanding more than usual.

If you obscure the question that remains, you will be confused by the person you are teaching regardless of the other person's reaction.

On the other hand, if you understand the thing properly, it should not be too difficult for the other person to understand it.

Studying from the perspective of "teaching people" needs to think about different things again, and I feel fresh.

Notice the fun

It may be close to deepening your understanding, but when you learn, it is rare to be desperate and aware of the fun of itself.

At the time, I had no idea why high school math teachers talked about calculus so happily.

When I learned Newtonian mechanics in calculus at university, I was impressed by its convenience and what formulas meant.

In addition, it is often understood during the class of the university that the story that the teacher was explaining developmentally was not understood at all.

Recommended sites, etc.

It is information on the net that was said to be not credible, but there is also an advantage that mistakes can be pointed out and corrected.

The appeal of the site is how to convey information that is too common and commonplace.

We will introduce the site, books, and many other things for frequently used review and self-study.

EMAN Physics

A physics site run by a self-proclaimed "man who only graduated from a master's degree in physics"

From the development of high school physics to university physics, we widely explain the formulas of physics.

The parts covered in physics are wide, and we are very much indebted to "quantum mechanics" and "thermodynamics".

Unlike esoteric sentences such as textbooks, it is very easy to understand.


Books are also available.

Beautiful story of high school mathematics

This site mainly deals with the basics of high school mathematics to the development of the university field.

We're constantly updating mistakes, so we can trust the information and make it easier to understand.

It is convenient because it can be used as a dictionary when you forget the formula of mathematics or its derivation.

High school students may like math more if they read it in their spare time!

This is also a digest version of the book, which summarizes easy-to-understand things.


Structural Mechanics Learned by Architectural Students

It is a site that was very helpful in the material mechanics of the university, and it is a site specializing in structural mechanics.

There was "cross-sectional secondary moment" in the popular article, and I felt nostalgic (I actually took care of it)

We also sell PDF articles and architectural glossaries, and it is a fairly sophisticated site.


10min box

Nhk's program explains science, society, japanese, etc. in a 10-minute video per unit.

There are Japanese history, world history, geography, etc., and the main points are summarized in 10 minutes, so it is just right for the gap time.

In addition, nhk educational programs can be watched for free from the website, so if you are interested, please come.



It is a well-known Internet encyclopedia, and it comes out if you look into most things.

How to enjoy examining interesting words and pulling words that you do not understand further in the commentary is 0.

When eva and the forbidden book were stuck, it wandered for half a day in the term of the religion relation.


Self-taught University

An encyclopedia that focuses on "how to self-study" rather than what you study, and summarizes how to study.

I can't tell you just by the cover, but it's thicker than Harry Potter, and it's worth reading.

When I'm stuck studying on my own, it's a book I want to take out of my bookshelf and read it.

Learning Manga

Manga based on children's learning, including the history of the world, is still the best way to read.

The "○○ Secret Series" and "Biography Series" supervised by related companies are also interesting.

The others were interesting, "Conan's Reasoning File" and "The Adventure of a Country That Forgot Arithmetic".

Manga Science

This manga is a manga in which children work with experts in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and other sciences in general.

We use parables to explain your child's pure questions in an as easy-to-understand manner as possible.

There is also a gag element where the character who made a reckless proposal is driven out to the experiment and comes back in tatters.


An introduction to science that conveys science and mathematics in an easy-to-understand manner through abundant illustrations and step-by-step explanations.

It is fun to be able to understand "super string theory" and "elementary particles" that seem impossible to actually understand.

In addition to this magazine, there is also a brief summary of "Newton Light", etc., and if you read it according to the level, it is 0.

Quiz Knock


Quiz Knock, a quiz group by University of Tokyo students, is an entertainment but also a learning experience.

It gives viewers new knowledge while quizzing various topics in various ways.

Jokes and bokeh by Izawa-san and other people with fast-paced head can not be understood without prior knowledge.

Mathematics and Physics at University


It is an ally channel of the graduate school entrance examination operated by Takumi, known by commonly known as "Yobinori".

I had the impression that I was attacking a considerable niche field, but when I look at the number of views, the demand is large.

There are also videos for high school students and collaboration videos that you can enjoy without knowledge.

Elemental Science


An account that tweets useful trivia about "elements" that are familiar but not conscious.

I also have deep interaction with my followers, such as providing long-text advice to students who are lost in their career paths when they came to the question box.

He is also involved in elemental testing, and in May, he began selling a book titled "A book that shows elements overflowing with familiar things in three hours."

It's a thought.


An account that introduces news such as familiar science / engineering in an easy-to-understand manner and with opinions.

I know the outline in the newspaper and the news, but if you want to know a little more, we recommend following.

In addition to scientific news, note also considers Vtubers who are active outside of Twitter.


Ayae Rie


An account that explains a little niche field that is likely to be published in GIGAZINE etc. among science news.

There are also sources that explain from english papers, which are primary information, so if you are worried, you can investigate further.

Since it is an account with a large amount of replies, if you want to read quickly, we recommend a summary of notes.


If you want to study harder…

If you want to study even if you spend money, we recommend using communication materials and video classes.

I have also used the hands-on classes of "Study Supplement" and "Toshin High School" in video classes.

The good thing is that you can do it at your own pace, look back as many times as you want, and study anywhere.

Why don't you go back to your original intentions and review your school studies? Farewell!

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