【Anime English Words】English words learned outside of class (anime, manga, etc.)


Some of the students may mention memorizing English words as one of the hardships of their studies.

It is a must keep memorize thousands of characters that I do not usually use endlessly, and there are many examinees who break their hearts.

This time, I will introduce tips and familiar English words that make memorizing such English words easier even a little!


Recommended English word study methods

Perfect one-on-one

At first, learn only one Japanese translation for one English, even if there are multiple meanings.

Instead, one-on-one is perfect word by word (e.g., "persuade", "persuade", "convince")?

Since it is a waste to make a word book, we recommend books that divide English and Japanese by left and right.

First of all, if you do not know even one meaning, you will not be able to read sentences, so the others study separately as analogies or polygom.

It is easy to use targets, etc., which are assigned to English words in concise Japanese.

I don't see example sentences.

The word book is uselessly long, but it is not necessary to memorize English words.

The use of words is about idioms and group verbs because you can learn how to use them while actually solving the problem.

If you want to memorize by all means, even if you memorize the ultra-short sentence of the system English word as if it were an English word.

Absorbed from around the body

Learning is faster by studying not only from English words but also from foreign words that are common around you.

Item names of anime and games, product names, high-awareness words unique to IT and the navy blue tag industry, etc.

In Japan, English is at an unnatural level, so there are actually many words that I know.

While checking that the loan words may be a mixture of Dutch and Portuguese after isolation.

Anime with many English words

A List of Prohibited Books of Certain Magic

It is a work on the theme of a combination of religion and science and technology, and you can learn about myths and chemical reactions.

The ability person who appears is applying the katakana reading to the Chinese character like "super electromagnetic gun / rail gun", and it is full of two diseases in the middle.

There are many magic that motifs not only Christianity but also Norse mythology, and it is a level that you can spend the day on Wikipedia.

Sword Art Online

There is only a story that makes me unable to get out of the VR game, and all the surroundings of the main character are setting the game.

You'll see many names like ability values, bosses, and items in medieval action games.

There are a lot of elementary words used, but it can be a little dull.


I feel that the name of the Pokémon that I call casually is actually based on English words.

English surprises such as Hubalide (Towa Thunder) and Dryuzu (Earth Dragon + Dragon Head) are also hidden.

I haven't touched Pokémon lately, so it's unclear whether Pokémon based on English words are still being born.

English words learned from everyday life

Basically, I will post english words that I knew before studying (because there is no time)

Since there are many new English words learned from anime, words will be updated at any time.


Absolute Duo (Anime)

accelerate: Accelerate

One-way/Accelerator (from anime and a certain magic book catalog)

apex: vertex

Apex Legends (FPS Game)

bullet: bullet

Black Bullet (Anime)

Decompose: Disassemble

Decomputer (from anime "Psycho-Pass")


Dominator (from the anime "Psycho-Pass")

eliminate: Remove

Illuminator (from the anime "Psycho-Pass")


Enhanced Armament (from the anime "SAO Alicization")


Exploration (Anime "Bless This Wonderful World!) "From)

glacier: glaciers

Gracia (from the anime "Pokemon")

gluttony: binny

Gratney (from the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist")

greed: greed

Greed (from the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist")

illegal: illegal

Ilegal (from the anime "Brain Coil")

incubate: hatch

Incubator (Anime "Magical Girl Madoka Magica")


Investor Z (Investment Manga)


"Exactly" (from the anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure")

fate: Fate

Fate (Anime)


Prohibited Book Catalog / Index (From Anime "And A Certain Magic Book Catalog")

lethal: deadly

Lethal (from the anime "Psycho-Pass")

melt: Melting

Melt (Vocaloid)

melancholic: melancholy

Melancholic (Vocaloid)

paralyze: paralyzing

Paralyzer (from manga "Cyborg 009")


Perth Ader (from "Kino's Journey"

scar: Scratch

Scar (from the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist")


Summoned Beasts/ Summons (from Lanobe's Idiot, Test, and Summoned Beast)


Steele (Anime "Bless This Wonderful World!) "From)

stray: stray

Bungei Stray Dogs (Anime)


Terminator (Movie)

wrath: Rage

Lars (from the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist")

supply chain



informed consent

Anime, Manga, etc.