【University Student Study】10 ways to focus on studying

【University Student Study】10 ways to focus on studying

Studying at university is difficult to content and there are many temptations such as smartphones, so it may not be easy to concentrate on studying.

First of all, you don't have to study, so I want to make a habit of going to the desk for a certain period of time.

This time, I will show you why I continue to study until graduate school and how to concentrate on studying!


What do you study for?

What do you study for?

When you look at elementary and junior high school students at cram school lecturers, there are many people who have lost sight of what they study for in the first place.

I studied without thinking anything in particular, but when asked again, I sometimes got lost and thought in my own way.

Is the conclusion that came out in your own way is "to get the tool to increase the choice"?

Elementary school: simple tools

Studying in elementary school is one of the easiest ways to get adults to praise you.

There is no doubt that it is overwhelmingly advantageous to like it because it spends about half of the day studying.

All students have to study, and if they can do it, they will have a successful experience and motivation.

The difficulty is whether you can ride this positive spiral well, and recently the level of exams has also risen and it is difficult.

In my case, I didn't go to cram school in a world unrelated to junior high school entrance exams, so it might have been good.

Junior high school: Meaning of compulsory education

Learning until elementary school was an important super-basic knowledge at the level that "if you do not know, you may die".

Junior high school is a little progressive, but it is compulsory education to the last, and it is premised on the understanding of the Japanese people.

In other words, society is turning on the premise of studying up to junior high school, and if you can't understand it, you lose it.

In addition, knowledge called general common sense can be covered by studying until junior high school, and studying is important.

The reason for studying before junior high school is "to acquire minimum knowledge to live in society"?

High school students and above: Expanding the world

Elementary and junior high school students were given reasons to study, but education above high school is not compulsory.

I should have advanced to high school because I want to study, so I need to find the reason for studying for the future by myself.

The easiest and most common is to gain academic background, but I think this is also a great reason.

You can also deepen your interest, work hard in a high-level environment, make your dreams come true…

New facts can change your perspective and help you learn more.

I think it was good that I got to know things not only superficially but also in detail by going to university.

Three things that prevent you from studying

Three things that prevent you from studying

Mental/physical fatigue

Since studying basically uses the head, it is very inefficient even after exercising or in a state of lack of sleep.

When you study at the desk, you will learn what you have studied in a state where you are as energetic as possible.

The more serious people are about studying, the more they focus on their studies by keeping their diet, sleep time, and even relationships healthy.

My Inner Self

A genius who thinks about excuses not to study "I with horns and tails" that appear when it gets hard.

Some people don't feel like I'm in the mood today, I hope I do it tomorrow, and others are resting, don't you?

It is true that your physical condition and other schedules are important, but the important thing is to determine whether it is an excuse not to study.

Other things

Smartphones, TVs, manga, posters, and even reference books in drawers and bookshelves.

When studying becomes difficult, it becomes easy to lose to temptation, and even cleaning the room that you do not usually do seems attractive.

You can't see anything that's not related to your studies, and you can study in a place that's not at home.

How to focus on your studies

How to focus on your studies

I'll do it first in the morning.

There are morning /night types depending on the person, but it is efficient to get up in the morning and study immediately.

When I try to study at night, I can't concentrate on the events of the day and my worries after tomorrow.

On the other hand, immediately after waking up, there is still no idea, so what I learned comes into my head easily.

Let's do a high priority when there is no idea born and health is recovered by sleep.

In addition, it is difficult to be swayed by people's schedules in the morning, and it is easy to concentrate without being misled by emails and LINE.

Just 10 minutes.


No matter how unmotivated you are, you can continue for 10 minutes, so we will use it to introduce it to study.

If you can't concentrate, change what you do and let's extend your time for another 10 minutes if you're motivated.

Even if it is only 10 minutes of work every day, dust is piled up, so it is much more advanced than doing nothing.

Once you get used to it, use the pomodoro technique of "25-→ 10-minute break" to create an environment where you can concentrate.

Hunt yourself down

Minchare - A habitual app to keep going with everyone
Minchare – A habitual app to keep going with everyone
Developer:A10 Lab Inc.
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If you can't keep your motivation to study on your own, it's effective for Japanese people to involve others.

It is also good to declare a goal to others, to get a guidance, or to treat if the goal is not achieved.

You can drive yourself into a situation where you have to study by sacrificing pride, money, and evaluation from others.

If you do too much, you will get sick or get mentally tight, so it's enough to hunt yourself down.

To-do list

Before going to bed all day, write down your thoughts that you will do/answer the next day.

With this, I can't sleep, and when I get up, I'll start them right away.

The to-do list doesn't end when you do it from what you like, so don't think too much from above.

I try to erase the finished contents with a double line, and it is recommended because there is a sense of accomplishment.

Change the environment

Are you not interfering with anyone, surrounded by familiar things, and using it in an environment where you can't get angry no matter how lazy you are?

If you have all your study equipment with you, you will be able to study anywhere other than at home.

You can get drunk on yourself studying at a fancy café, or study on the campus of the university you want to study at.

It's also fun to find your own secret study space (small cafes, community centers, libraries, food courts, etc.)


Work hard with people

Studyplus for day-to-day learning management
Studyplus for day-to-day learning management
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Japanese people are more likely to be swept away by others, so if you study, your grades will naturally improve.

With the "Study Plus" app, you can share your study time with students nationwide.

I think it's simple, but if the study time is shown in a graph, it will naturally become motivating.

Organize your space

While studying, it is easy to shift your interest to other subjects, so let's keep things beautiful without putting things that are not related to study.

Ideally, all belongings can be carried with you, and you can reproduce the desk space anywhere.

In particular, smartphones have a lot of apps and inhibit concentration, so it may be good to put them in a different room.

If you study not only in the actual study space but also on your computer, don't forget to clean your desktop.

try to make the most of your studies

The most common number of elementary and junior high school students is those who feel pain in studying even though they have no goals.

Adults say that it will be useful in the future, but there is no way to imagine it, so it is important to get a successful experience.

I'll help you achieve small goals, teach your juniors, read related news and books, and more.

Comparing other people's writings with your own knowledge and discussing with others will deepen your understanding.



Because I study hard, I am motivated with my favorite study equipment.

It is also good to choose by design, but it is better to emphasize practicality such as writing comfort.

Take notes with an ink-heavy ballpoint pen or a thick water-based pen to feel smarter.

Plenty of rest

I still try to sleep eight and a half hours to avoid getting sleepy during the day.

An hour before going to bed, I began to read books on the screen of my smartphone or computer, and I became better off sleeping.

Also, taking a 10-minute nap during the day is more effective than drinking coffee.

It is easier to sleep and learn first thing in the morning than what you studied all night.

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