【There are university students】Science, remote classes, laboratories, etc. that become a story

[There are college students] are general college students! In addition to that, there are "there are science college students"

I would like to take up the annual "There is a university student" in the university student blog.

It may be unique to science university students, but I don't know because I have never been there other than science.

I know this "there is" in addition! If you have a person, please comment by all means!


Are there college students?

Touch student ID card

University lectures are attended by touching your student ID card before class. There are always college students who come home with only touch.

Tuition for what…? It seems that you can hear the grief of the guardian (there is also the word unit fee)

Some people touch their student ID cards on behalf of others, and they may have other people's student ID cards like cards …

Professor's Measures

As a countermeasure, professors may also retouch in the middle of the class, read out the list of students, and confirm attendance.

On the other hand, some professors do not have to attend, all are only test results …

The student who had the student ID card like Trump was lost, and all students' IDs seem to have been confiscated.

Drop-single mount

In the classroom before the lecture, there are many boys. Isn't it embarrassing "I dropped the unit of ○○~!"?

It is still good if it is only me, but there are mysterious people who say things like dropping units to others.

I think that I want to take another class than just drop it and take the same class again these days.

Battle of Kopirepo

The professor's words at the time of admission" "Copying and using other people's reports is the worst act as a researcher"

It seems to be checking the content until not only the person in question but also the credit of the senior is deprived, and the machine is introduced according to the university.

There is a person who just drops it though it does not leak because it copies it without thinking though it does not understand that there is a report of the senior, too.

Morning Cut

The boarder was unable to get up in the morning due to a breakdown in his life rhythm, and inevitably cut off the morning classes.

I wake up in the morning, eat lunch, go out of class, go back and go to bed. Well, I think it would be nice to be able to take the unit.

Some people adjust to avoid entering classes in the morning, and some people enter part-time jobs in the morning.

Seat polarization

Since the university lectures are free of seats, the population density is polarized to the front and back with a willingness to teach.

In addition, the person who sits in front of is often divided into the left and right because it is easy to be touched in front of the professor in the class.

It is a strange phenomenon that the person sitting in front of you is motivated but not necessarily excellent.

I didn't listen to the class.

During class, if you look around, there are people who do not see the blackboard.

Awareness is flying into the dream world created by a small palm-sized computer.

It's selfish to do anything, but you don't have to be in the classroom. I think I can work without touching my smartphone when I enter the company in the future?

The test is tested by human power.

Exams are team play, so to speak, except for those who are doing their studies perfectly.

It is also important to share roles, such as those who obtain past questions, those who make model answers, and those who consider model answers.

If you don't become a person who can be useful in some way, you may be inspired by friends who do not feel the benefits.

Is there a science system?

blame for error

Blame all the errors when you make a mistake.

It may also round up even digits or round down odd digits.

All night before the report

Science university students often have experiments, and it is mandatory to submit experimental reports.

Getting ready and remembering shortcut keys can help you reduce the amount of effort you put into reporting!

I want to use what I learned.

they are in a discussion in a matter of matter

If you are enrolled in science, you will always be exposed to logical thinking and discussion.

Therefore, it may heat up to things that you do not have to talk so seriously.

Be careful that too bad can be logihara (logistics harassment).

Navra Operator Game

"Navra Operator Game" is a game that science university students are happy to play.

A card game developed by a math geek that the opponent also differentiates all the mochi bills to 0 wins? are.

Science college students try to do this all the time.

Stumbling on quantum mechanics

The first difficult problem in science is "quantum mechanics", an academic discipline that is discussed under the assumption that light has both particle and wave properties.

Those who like science and have entered the school first stumble upon this "quantum mechanics", and depending on the field, they may think about everything in quantum mechanics.

I can't write kanji.

Science university students always write Greek letters or numbers, so the level of kanji becomes hopeless.

Since report writing is also often hit in words, there are many things that I do not understand once I drive into the word and check it.

Kanji conversion goes wrong

Conversions occur that do not appear in ordinary people's phrase conversions.

  • Nitrate → win
  • Materials → Samples
  • Trend → fluorescence
  • Cost → ratio
  • Lecturer → Lattice
  • h→ℏ

USB is a must

Because the experimental equipment is old, data is sometimes left on the floppy.

Apple followers can struggle in many ways.

Remember the amount of units

If you notice the amount of credits that are common in class and in trouble, you will memorize them.

Even though it is always given at the beginning of the problem, you may remember it, and on the contrary, you will be deducted.

I miss the chart expression.

Many university professors do not have a teacher's license, so classes are often difficult to understand.

In addition, there are few problem collections that are systematically summarized, and I miss the problem collection including the chart expression.

Recently, university charts and macema-style, which is convenient for graduate school entrance examinations, have permeated.

I love non-science like that.

Are there remote college students

It has a microphone.

Some professors set the microphone to turn on when entering a class meeting.

If you don't notice it, your voice will be out of the way to everyone who is taking classes.

If it is a little chat, if you think about speaking ill of the professor or the class …

Suddenly the line gets worse.

A person whose radio waves suddenly deteriorate when nominated as a professor or when it is your turn to make a presentation.

Sometimes the timing is too good, but sometimes the radio waves are really bad.

Some of them seem to be unsying to try to earn presentation time as an excuse for the communication situation.

Lots of chat questions

When asking questions at classes and briefings, it was common for people to not ask questions that much in the face.

Chat has been introduced in question formats, making it easier to ask questions anonymously.

It is very helpful for those who are not sure but are embarrassed and can not listen!

I can speak fast.

The only scene where you eat a bento behind a textbook is the world of manga and anime.

However, if the camera is turned off in remote classes, you can now speak quickly in a dignified manner.

It is miserable when suddenly nominated, so if you want to challenge, ascertain the class!

howling that's the same room

Sometimes I howling when I put on a microphone for group work.

In many cases, there are people in the same group who are from the same place.

It may be better to check before class to see if there are people in the immediate vicinity who are taking the same class.

Someone I'm always with

When I separate a room with three people from a room where everyone is, there are always the same people for some reason.

When the camera is turned off, there is also a relationship only for names that you do not know the face but know well.

I wonder what kind of person I am, but when the class is over, I forget it.

The number of academic societies increases.

"Academic Society" is a famous event where seniors in the laboratory come back with souvenirs from travel destinations.

Not only did remote events cause fun trips to be lost, but the number of conferences participated in academic conferences increased.

The hurdles to participating in international conferences have also been lowered, which has been quite difficult for each laboratory.

Briefing session behind the class

Job hunting students can receive briefings online without having to visit companies.

When the camera of the class is turned off, there are actually people who secretly participate in the briefing session behind the scenes.

Even with the camera ON, it seems that you are participating in classes when you participate in a briefing session on a PC.

I can't get you into class.

If you are late for class because of line problems or overslept, it may not be easy to enter the room.

If you allow entry, professors who are enthusiastic about classes may not notice at all.

Stay in the room before class starts, or rely on participating friends if you can't notice them.

More meeting apps

Classes and briefings often use different apps depending on the university or company.

If you notice, there are many apps on your computer such as Zoom, Teams, skype, and more.

In addition, there are things that do not know the name, and unification is desired.

Remote drinking party is difficult to do

The biggest drawback to zoom drinking is that when one person speaks, everyone has to listen to it.

Like a real drinking party, each one can not get excited by another topic, so it is soberly tired.

If it is a game or VR, the voice may change depending on the sense of distance, so it may be easy to have a drinking party!

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