【University debut】What to do before entering the university, what to do after entering the university


I'm writing articles for college students who have been in college since spring and college students who are no longer in need of what to do.

I tried to summarize what I want to do while I am a university student (I would like to continue to do anything in the future)!

Why don't you start with what new college students who are not sure what to do or university students who are attending school like?

We've ruled out anything with high hurdles like blogging and put together that you can get started right away!


Study English

If you are studying because you are in science, you will suffer from English thesis in the graduation research of the 4th grade.

The accuracy of the translation site has improved, but it is good to be able to quickly read and determine if it is necessary.

In job hunting, you can mainly see TOEIC scores, so I think you should study with your goals as a main goal.

Recommended is "Gold Phrase (Basic)" → "Mini Imitation Test Triple 10(Break-in)" → "Supreme Imitation Test (Production Practice)"

If you want to improve writing and Speaking, it is interesting to have a different experience when you receive IELTS etc.

Recommended for university students, we introduce not only TOEIC but also english study methods that can be really used!

In addition to TOEIC, we recommend taking the IELTS exam for university students' English, which is also available in addition to reading and writing!

Quantum Mechanics Concept

The concept of quantum mechanics at the end of high school physics is a factor that most college students stumble upon.

There are many people who cannot accept the absurd premise that light is both a grain and a wave.

It is also a factor that it suddenly becomes an uncertain theory by the probability theory from classical mechanics which was able to fully predict the position of the ball after n seconds.

It may be easier to understand this place if you are a middle two disease or a sci-fi anime otaku.

Schrödinger's cat in "A Certain List of Magic" multiworldly theory of "Stein's Gate"

We recommend "Tengen Tora Glenn Lagann" and the special feature of quantum mechanics of the scientific journal "Newton".

touch typing

When you enter university, you have more opportunities to touch your personal computer, unlike when you were in high school, so you need to get used to it.

You can teach me Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc., but I learned blind touch by myself.

Some people may be able to type quickly while looking at the key, but transcribe, etc.

I started practicing in my first year of university, and I was able to go to this level over four years.

Now you can type at about half the speed of speaking a blog post.

List of things you want to do

University students are freed from constraints by being separated from their parents and adults, and it is the best period of time, physical strength, and opportunity.

However, if you spend time without thinking about anything, valuable university life will be consumed with a terrible momentum.

It is essential to create a "list of things you want to do" to open when you can't think of what you want to do.

If you list even the smallest things such as "eat 00", the action will speed up.

It is advantageous for finding employment because you can visualize what you wanted to do in your heart and what you have done so far!

part-time job

It is a part-time job that it is said that the university student is often related to the next class.

It is very important not only to make money, but also as a place to learn common sense and how to interact with others.

It is also an advantage to be able to study socially about labor law and taxes while being in a protected place called a university.

It is more educational to be involved with people of different backgrounds than in places where there are many people in similar situations.

Logical thinking skills

Unlike high school, it is necessary to communicate with people who do not share the same values at university and part-time job.

It is necessary to tell what was transmitted in somehow atmosphere in order.

In addition, if it is not something that everyone can understand when writing a graduation thesis, it will not be accepted as a research.

I was also convinced to hear that the most important thing in studying until high school is japanese.

In addition, when collecting information described later, you can feel uncomfortable with the opinions and dialects that have made a leap forward.

Information gathering

A university student who suddenly comes to be treated by society as a full-fledged adult from the existence that had been protected by parents until now.

There are many people who are aiming at such immature people.

If you just believe in the information that came in front of you without thinking about anything, you will always be in pain somewhere.

You are required to defend yourself by checking the source, supporting it through multiple media, knowing fraud tactics, etc.

This is also related to the Labor Standards Act and tax payment after job hunting and employment, so I would like to acquire it now.

Driver's license

Even if you think that you will not ride a car in the future, you will still be soured if you do not have it at the time of job hunting.

It is also good to take it from high school to university entrance, or you can go get it with friends on a long vacation.

However, if you do not leave it early, you will be busy with graduation research and job hunting, so be careful!

【Tottori Sightseeing Trip】I went to Tottori Prefecture after a license training camp (Tottori Sand Dunes, Conan Station, Aoyama Gosho Furusato Memorial Hall)

Let's do what we do!

I've put together what I've had to do and what I should have done after I spent my college life.

As I have said many times, a university is the most convenient opportunity to "challenge while being protected".

I hope you will have a meaningful time so that you will not regret it after four years of college life!

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