【University student recommended goods】Useful goods for university students who can live alone easily

【University student recommended goods】Useful goods for university students who want to live alone easily

When I start living alone after I'm a university student, there's a lot more to do than I expected.

It is important to use goods, services, and products that can eliminate small inconveniences from everyday life.

This time, we will introduce convenient recommended goods and services used by university students who live in Tokyo!



I have been interested in tablets since I entered university, and after being lost for about 2 years and 3 months, I bought the third generation of Air.

In conclusion, I think that buying is the correct answer, and it may be the best shopping in university life.

Take notes, draw pictures, and use them as a portable PC with the keyboard described below… And a big success!

【iPad air3,Apple pencil】Introducing the procedure that college students purchased at a cheap cost!

Bluetooth keyboard

I didn't like the feel of the touch, and I gave up on the original iPad keyboard because it was expensive.

It is purchased from the thinness and lightness that is the same as the iPad, the area occupied by the keyboard is large, and the battery life is good.

If you don't run research software, this is enough to replace your laptop!

【iPad Keyboard】 Review ELECOM Wireless Keyboard

Mobile battery

It is a product I learned in a minimalist blog, and the charging adapter and battery are the same.

It comes with USB ×2 and micro USB, and it can charge a large capacity that can be fully charged four times with a smartphone, and can also charge an iPad.

It also supports fast charging, and is a gem recommended for those who are full of bags with cords and batteries.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000(Amazon)


Many college students living alone do not put a TV in their room because of space problems and NHK collection.

You can watch TV by pointing this device to an iPhone, iPad, or pc without a one-segment and launching the app.

It can record and does not have an additional fee, so why not consider purchasing it because it is a product that seems to be quite in demand?

Scientific Calculator

A high-performance computer that supports various calculations of science science, which most science college students possess.

In EXCEL calculations, troublesome fractional input and equation calculations can be easily calculated, so you can not let go.

I'm sorry that the awareness of the humanities is low, so I made an article about the goodness of scientific calculators (I've read quite a bit)

【Scientific Calculator】Useful functions of scientific calculators talked about by science university students! Recommended models popular at the university are also introduced!

Folding umbrella

I always carry a folding umbrella with me because I want to go out without worrying about the weather.

This Nifty Colors is light enough to forget that there is an umbrella in your luggage, but it is durable.

By using carbon fiber, it is an excellent one that combines weight reduction and durability!

Nifty Colors Folding Umbrella Black 60cm

Rakuten Card

It is useful because you can receive a 1% return regardless of store (currently 2% LINEPay card is the main)

Points on rakuten market, or return rate may increase in campaigns.

It is more convenient to use Rakuten Bank's cash card than rakuten card alone because it can also correspond to cash.

Rakuten Card

Industry Map

In addition to my love of reading newspapers, I became interested in companies by job hunting.

Even if you are looking for a job, it is easy to know in advance what kind of industry and company there are.

It is fun just to look at the company that you know well, such as taking a cooperation system with an unexpected company!

Company Quarterly Report Industry Map 2021 (Amazon)

The world's most delicious omission rice

This is the first recipe book I bought with a sense of crisis about not cooking too much in my boarding house life.

The first recipe is quite beginner-friendly with boiled eggs, but there are many menus that you will want to eat.

It is recommended for those who are troublesome to cook because it emphasizes making it with the use of the range and fewer steps.

【The world's most delicious omissioned rice】 Review by university students living alone!

Money College

A book that summarizes the blogs of both presidents(@freelife_blog)who have been following Twitter for a long time in an easy-to-understand manner.

The story of money that I do not teach at school was illustrated in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners, and the story of taxes was a scale from the eyes.

I'm reading a book with a little more advanced content because I've become able to understand the written content to some extent.

【Get real freedom Money College】A book where you can learn the basics of money


Kotomo ALCO (Arc)
Kotomo ALCO (Arc)
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ALC, an English publisher famous for "Kikutan", has shifted the sound source from CD to download version.

This app is a large-edition behavior that all ALC sound sources can be listened to as much as you want, and some teaching materials can be viewed with e-books.

The usage fee is free, you can adjust the playback speed, etc., and recently you have stopped purchasing teaching materials other than ALC …

【ALCO】The English app is an all-you-can-download ALC audio teaching materials!

Eijiro on the WEB

Eijiro on the WEB
Eijiro on the WEB
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I switched to the web dictionary provided by ALC because it was more ad-free and easier to use than Weblio.

When you register the searched word on the web, it automatically syncs to the app and displays it as a word book.

"pro lite", which can be used for free, can be registered up to 100 words, and there is also a paid version.

Click here for ALC's campaign and recommendations


Mendeley (PDF Reader)
Mendeley (PDF Reader)
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With an app for researchers, you can organize and save your read papers by genre.

Information such as the year of publication, author name, and published journals is automatically read and entered.

It is also possible to put out a list of registered papers in Word so that they can be written as citations when submitting papers.

Mendeley – Reference Management Software & Researcher…

P.S.: Currently only on the web version


DeepL Translation
DeepL Translation
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Google Translate appears to be a playful translation site and app using AI.

On the site, you can start automatically with "Ctrl + C 2 times" or translate Word / PowerPoint / PDF.

It is recommended to use it when you want to read a research paper roughly, and to read it while checking the nuances of the details.



Receipt is an app code (code) that changes money
Receipt is an app code (code) that changes money
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You can create a household account book just by shooting a receipt, and you can accumulate points.

There are many similar apps, but the difference is that every product has a chance to accumulate points.

In order to shop with a credit card, it is important to know the money spent during the month.

【Household Account Book App】Household account book is essential for university students to save money! Easy to manage with the app "CODE"!

Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos
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If you leave the photograph taken on your smartphone as it is, the capacity will fill up immediately.

Google Photos has free storage and unlimited use, as well as features such as album creation, retrospectives, and inversion suggestions.

If you use Google Lens, which can be accessed from within the app, you can also search for document translation and building name, which is super convenient!

【google photos】There are many other useful functions of the photo storage app that is convenient for traveling!


A questionnaire app that can be used as a gap time, ideal for those who want to earn pocket money in addition to part-time jobs.

As a questionnaire company, it is only a very large company, and it is superior to other apps in terms of personal information and compensation.

If you work hard, you will be able to earn about 5,000 yen a month.

Macromill | point get fun in gap time

Prime Student

Amazon Prime is a member of amazon that offers many benefits.

If you are a university student, you can use this service at about half the price in the form of "Prime Student".

I use it for free shipping of the product, all-you-can-watch prime video, kindle free manga, etc.

Amazon Prime Free Trial


Amazon's Prime Video is just not the only piece you want to watch, but charging for other services…

If you use U-NEXT, you can try it for free for 31 days, and you can also watch paid works because you can also pay points for 600 yen.

Even after the free period ends, after a while, you will also receive a free campaign notification again for 31 days, so it is super good.

Japan's largest video-on-demand < U-NEXT > free trial now!

Rakuten Market

Until recently, I did not use it without knowing the amazingness of the Rakuten economic zone, so I did a very useless …

The return rate when shopping is up to 44% (usually about 7%), so it is more advantageous than other sites.

Just by using Rakuten-related services, you may receive points for 4,000 yen without realizing it.

Rakuten Market


I like to read books, so I can buy it at Mercari and enjoy a new book at a low price by selling it when I finish reading it.

If you are quick to finish reading, you can read a book of about 1500 yen for 200 yen in real terms, so it is really convenient.

I think that it is electronic money comparable to Suica because the points that I earned can also be used for iD payment as Merpay.

You can get points worth 500 yen by entering the code "HRXKUV"


It is a service that can rent cameras, cleaning / beauty equipment from a minimum of 2 nights and 3 days, and I used it before VR purchase.

Operated by telecom giant DOCOMO, shipping costs are all company, and unintentional damage is quite good with no repair costs.

Why don't you consider it when you want to try it before buying expensive equipment, or if you want to temporarily use the device for a trip?

DOCOMO's device rental service "kikito"

I'm also writing an article like this.