【Science University Students】Introducing why I decided to go to a science university

【Science University Students】Why did I decide to go to a science university?

When job hunting, I summarized in chronological order why I decided to become a science.

Originally, I should have liked humanities subjects better, but when I noticed it, I wondered if I was going to science.

For childhood, elementary, junior high, and high school students, we pick up only the things that are likely to be related to advancing to science.



I was playing outside, building insect removal and secret bases, lego, LAQ, Pythagorean switches, etc.

I was not interested in cars or trains at all, and I let my father down.

Did you like nature, such as flying the head of dragonflies with a warily gun and breeding lizards and alligigoks?

I was also taken to science museum and museum events, but I wasn't that interested in science.

My dream for the future was a police officer.

■What influenced you

LEGO, Pythagora Switch,

elementary school

His main hobbies are crafts, reading, and stone collections.

I like to read books, and sometimes I read them at a pace of three a day, and most of them are novels and biographies.

It meets "Wonder of 00" series and "Devil of the number", and it comes to think that the science seems to be interesting, too.

The biography is da Vinci and Chihiraga Gennai, and sf is Jules Berne, etc., but it is not directly connected to the dream of the future.

My dream for the future was a "mediocre" salaryman (what's mediocre?). )

■What influenced you

○0 Mysterious, Manga Science, Leonardo da Vinci, Gennai Hiraga, The Devil of Numbers, 20,000 miles under the Sea

Junior high school

The elder brother in the vicinity who had always brought "Science of 0 years" went on to the technical college and participated in Robocon.

I feel that I became a little interested in robots from around this time.

The asteroid probe shown to parents saw hayabusa's newspaper article, and went to see the rush capsule.

I read books and watched all three movies, and I was quite inclined to science around here.

Around this time, the huge Pythagora switch of the Science Museum was interesting when I started visiting the Science Museum.

I went to a technical college to see it, but I couldn't say that I still liked machines, so I went on to the regular course first.

My dream for the future was an engineer.


Plastic model, Zaku pictorial book, Hayabusa's great adventure, Science Museum, Tsukuba Expo Center, Robocon,

senior high school

In the Dark Ages, the days of study pickles. I started watching anime, but it didn't directly lead me to my interest in science.

I am not very good at science subjects, and I realize that mechanical engineering seems to be tight, especially because I struggled with physics.

In the humanities, I was thinking about interpreters, cultural anthropologists, or UN staff, but I chose science because there were few places to find employment.

I hardly read any books, and when I invited researchers to high school, I was reading the word book below.

If I had been able to live from a broader perspective, the path I was walking might have been a little different.

My dream for the future was a researcher.


scanning electron microscope, a certain science super-electromagnetic gun,


As if to catch up in high school, I read books and deepen my interest in science.

In anime-related topics, I became very interested in topics such as quantum mechanics, dimensional theory, and nothingness.

For a year, I played with nature in Hokkaido, and in my laboratory I wrote a graduation thesis about heat-resistant alloys used in space materials.

My dream for the future is a machine tool manufacturer.

I was closer to science than I thought.

I liked reading and English, and I thought that I suddenly became a science course, but it was not surprisingly so.

I wonder if science (especially natural science) has always been around me just because I am not conscious of it.

By the way, my parents were both in the humanities.

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