【Science University Students】From how to choose a laboratory to how to read an English paper!

【Science University Students】From how to choose a laboratory to how to read an English paper!

Science university students and graduate students are assigned to the laboratory and lead a different life from the lower grades, where there were many classrooms.

I conduct research in a short period of 1 to 3 years, attend academic conferences, write papers, and even job hunting …

In order not to fail in selecting a laboratory, we will introduce the recommended method to make a difference around after being assigned.


How to choose a laboratory

Do you have your own desk?

If there is no personal desk, students may spend a day by the experimental equipment or go to school less.

Another thing to check is whether the desk of the professor or assistant professor is in a separate room.

Personally, I think it would be better to have a desk because I think I'm going to go to university and there is also an exchange between students.

Time of delivery of the machine

In the university laboratory, there is also equipment of ○○ billion yen, but let's check the delivery time with the paper affixed to the equipment.

If it is too old, there may be many failures or performance may not be very good.

Recently, there are laboratories that use common equipment, and owning equipment in the laboratory is not necessarily a plus.

Personally, repairs etc. are troublesome, but I think that it is better to have equipment in that it can be used when you like.

Research Content

It is important to prioritize your interests when choosing a laboratory, but it is also important to check what you are currently doing.

For example, I want to do research on metals, but in fact, it is research that classifies tissue photos by deep learning.

Imagine what you want to do vaguely, and deepen your research content through the laboratory website and talking with your seniors.

Choosing a laboratory because it seems easy makes it difficult to do it when asked about research in job hunting.

Employment Opportunities

As a laboratory, it is recommended to actually ask about the results of previous job hunting because the job destinations are good.

How long you can go to the internship in the summer as a laboratory, and what kind of industry can it be easy to recommend?

The content you want to research and the industry you want to find a job in, the closer you get, the easier it is to find a job.

Number of meetings

In the laboratory, students and professors sometimes gather to hold meetings as progress reports.

While it is necessary to conduct frequent research if there are many, it is also possible to correct the direction early.

On the other hand, if there are few meetings, you can do what you like, but there is also the possibility that it is a let-alone principle.

Personally, it is easier to study if you have many opportunities to consult with professors, so I think that there are many meetings.

Number of papers published

If you have enough time to check how many papers will be officially published from the laboratory.

If there are not many papers, research is not going well or it is not emphasized as a research field.

On the other hand, if a large number of papers have been published, students may be single-mindedly doing what is supported.

If the content is highly competitive, it may be important to collect experimental data using human-sea tactics anyway.

Scattering of research content

Depending on the laboratory, there may be more than one research content.

While you can get various perspectives if you have a lot of research content, there may be few seniors who can consult about research.

Personally, new ideas are created and meetings are fun, so I like that the fields are divided.

Number of seniors

It is also important to understand how many seniors will take care of your research theme and the content of your research.

If you don't have an expert around for a new theme, you'll need to look up a little bit of things yourself.

In graduate schools where there are many external students, there are cases where understanding is shallow, such as only people from completely different fields.

In a highly specialized laboratory, an environment where deep discussions can be made to grow.

Academic attendance rate

A high attendance rate at an academic conference proves that you are conducting enough research to make a presentation at an academic conference.

If the same person conducts academic conferences many times a year, it is possible that research is progressing at a fairly high pace.

Basically, we talk about things that we have not made at academic conferences yet, so we need to proceed with further experiments after the presentation.

Some laboratories participate in international conferences, and the number of international conferences is likely to increase in the future with the support of remote.

Core time

If you have core time, there are advantages such as adjusting your life rhythm and increasing the probability of meeting seniors.

On the other hand, you can conduct research with your own rhythm, you can flexibly adjust the schedule, etc.

It is also ants that you hear in laboratory introductions, but it may be said that there is no core time in the table.

There is also a way to see if the desired laboratory has electricity when you look at the university from the outside in the morning or at night.

How to spend time in the laboratory

Talk to professors and seniors

Hou (report) Len (contact) saw (consultation) with seniors and professors is important, and it is a good idea to actively talk with synchronization.

Even people who do not have a relationship with the field may come up with ideas from unexpected places such as sleeping devices.

When research stalls, works, questions, etc., input and output!

Keep basic data together

Let's make a slide that roughly summarizes the basic data of the materials handled, JIS standards, research purposes, etc.

It is often quite useful when explaining to people who are not familiar with research content, such as laboratory introductions and job hunting.

Also, if you want to look back on the data for a moment, it will be easier because you can save time and effort.

How to read English papers

First of all, let's read Japanese such as senior's thesis and "Tokoton easy series" about the research theme.

If you do not understand at the time of Japanese, you will not get any content even if you read an English paper, so study hard.

First, you can understand the main points of the paper from Absrct and conclusion, and then roughly read the data from the graph.

If you read while using the tool and summarize the results for each paper, you can save time and effort when experimenting and writing graduation thesis.

【Research tools】Sites used by science university students for graduation research such as graph making

Fine ingenuity

If you remember shortcut keys and blind touches, it will be much easier to present academic conferences and write papers.

If you only want to find data from an English paper, you can search for words with "Ctrl+F", and you may not need to read it.

English Ctrl +C > No line break in URL column Ctrl +V > All selections with Ctrl +A > Also tech such as starting DeepL by pressing Ctrl + C twice.

【Research tools】Sites used by science university students for graduation research such as graph making

All notes are in research notes

Instead of writing down your research notes on paper, write them all in your research notes.

You can save yourself the trouble of finding out where you went, and after you graduate, you can say to your juniors, "Everything is written here."

Some data that you don't announce

Instead of hiding or falsifying data, it is a good idea to experiment to confirm your hypothesis.

In laboratories where progress reports are severe, there is also a way to delay reporting by one week for when there is no progress due to business.

after that of the laboratory

Manual creation

In some laboratories, it is not uncommon for people to verbally tell each other how to use the equipment used for research.

Even if it's been accurately communicated for a few years, the meaning of the operation and the correct procedure tend to be lost.

Create manuals in writing and update them day to day based on the responses of readers and the results of teaching juniors.

Keep materials always organized

If you classify experimental data on a daily basis, it is easier to notice mistakes in data and calculation mistakes.

In addition, there are laboratories where you have to make materials for juniors, so it is absolutely easier to do it steadily.

In addition, I do not know when the data will disappear, so be sure to take a backup to USB!

Take the entrance examination for an external graduate school

If the current laboratory does not fit or you want to conduct further developmental research, there is also an examination of an external graduate school.

Even at universities that were not accessible at the time of university entrance examinations, the difficulty of graduate schools is reduced and educational background is also attached.

In the world, it may be called "academic background laundering", so I tried to summarize the advantages and disadvantages!

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